International Academy of Universal Self-Mastery



$11/month (billed annually)

15 Day Money Back Guarantee, see FAQ's

A One Of A Kind Online Social Interactive Learning Community Supporting Your Self-Mastery

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Have you noticed any changes in yourself that you don’t understand?

Are you having challenges, feel stuck, or struggle in your relationships?

We have stepped into a time of radical evolutionary change.  Everything is in flux,

which can include your energy systems, your beliefs, your relationships, your parenting and your life.

 IAUSM is a supportive and conscious community that will support you  

during your transition and nurture your expansion!


Take part in a safe, supportive and uncensored space where you can connect with like-minded people.  A place for you to grow and expand.


Our high-level faculty are passionate to motivate and guide you to take action with the new tools and strategies you will learn in their courses.


Included with your enrollment, inside the virtual walls of the academy,  are over 60 courses ranging from wealth, fitness, holistic therapies, spiritual modalities, creative arts and so much more.  More courses coming every month.


Be a part of the groups run by faculty members, filled with great conversations, learnings, interactive events and loads of content and support for you.

$11/month (billed annually)

15 Day Money Back Guarantee, see FAQ's

Expand and Grow by taking part in the inclusive and deeper dive courses  that are immediately accessible.  You can also register for upcoming live courses!



We are moving from a fear-based world to a love-based world.  Competition and Judgement is becoming the way of the past as the New Earth is based on cooperation and unity.  Collaboration is the bridge, from competition to cooperation…which is the heartbeat of IAUSM.

The Age of Aquarius is about the Rise of Humanity, call it what you will but changes are happening.  This transition may be causing you discomfort, frustration and perhaps you feel in crisis.  As we try to hold onto the old paradigm of how we once lived, you may sense that we are shifting to a new paradigm.  This shift MUST be accepted with an open mind and heart.

AT IAUSM, our DIVINE MISSION plays a major role in raising the frequency and vibration of humanity.  We are a conscious and collaborative community, and we are committed to you!

$11/month (billed annually

15 Day Money Back Guarantee, see FAQ's

We provide a supported, safe and uncensored space for people who want to reconnect to their deeper selves to remember you are.


We are challenged in various areas of our lives!!  What if you BECOME THE INFLUENCER AND LEADER in your own life?  Are you ready to BECOME THE PERSON deep down inside you?  Do you want to FEEL JOY more often in your life?  Are your ready to beyond any objections, and show up for yourself instead?

Certainty, Security, Connection, Meaning, Love and Ultimately to be in a place where we CAN Contribute Together!

Future Student Contribution Bonus!

Once you feel you are ready to teach others, you can move from being a student to becoming  part of our collaborative faculty, should that be something that appeals to you!

Our social and interactive community ensures conscious motivation, accountability and growth for the self-mastery


IAUSM is the International Academy of Universal Self-Mastery,  It is an interactive social learning community filled with heart based faculty that are here to support you in your personal growth, business growth, relationships.  Its about releasing the triggers, the blocks and barriers and bringing you into a state of awakening and expansion.

This is an online academy and therefore, if you have a device and the access to the internet, you can learn anywhere you are.

These are the courses that are included with your enrollment.  Right now there are over 50 courses and more are being added every single month by our faculty.  You can also join the faculty groups to get more assistance in your learning and all the support that you need.

These are deeper dives into the areas that that speak to you.  Created especially by our faculty to aid and guide you on your journey to self-mastery.

Absolutely, the IAUSM Council is always available to you.  Ayse Hogan, the Visionary and Founder of IAUSM believes in you and will be doing various interactive events to nourish and guide your growth, and you can reach out to her at anytime.  Ayse will always make time for you as will other members of the IAUSM Council.  Email our team at

Until the end of May 2021, the fee for IAUSM is only $11 per month paid annually.  Join Now and Enjoy the Savings!

Within 15 days of joining IAUSM, you are entitled to a full refund, if you find the academy is not for you.  Our goal is that you have a nourishing and expansive learning experience.  Take full advantage of all that is available to you.    Send your email to

You can cancel at anytime through your profile page under membership, and subscription, just click “Cancel”.  Select “Stopped” if you want to pause your subscription for a period of time.  Please note that there aren’t any refunds for unused partial membership periods as we have the 15 Day Guarantee policy.

$11/month (billed annually)

15 Day Money Back Guarantee, see FAQ's

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