At IAUSM, We Are On a Mission to Play A Major Role in Raising the Frequency & Vibration of Humanity IAUSM is a collaborative, supportive and conscious Community providing spiritual, personal and business development for Students who are committed to growth and learning from passionate and heart-centred Faculty.

We provide a supported, safe and uncensored space for those wanting to reconnect to their deeper selves by remembering who and what they are.

You Are Invited!

Open To Everyone!!

This complimentary session is designed to bring you powerful tools that you can utilize over and over in all areas of your life.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, or where you start, it only matters that you make progress.  The first step is clarity and motivation!  These two ingredients are imperative and your starting point each and every time, at each and every level!


It’s amazing how we have been CONDITIONED to think that playing small, and NOT LIVING up to your potential is acceptable.  Guess what, IT’S NOT!!  No matter who you are, where you are or status you’ve been given in your life, we all have the same basic needs!  

Certainty, Security, Connection, Meaning, Love and Ultimately to be in a place where we CAN Contribute Together!

We are all challenged in various areas of our lives!!  What if you BECOME THE INFLUENCER AND LEADER in your own life?  Are you ready to BECOME THE PERSON that you know is deep down inside you and you haven’t even scratched the surface yet?  Do you want to FEEL JOY more often in your life?  Are your ready to drop your objections, STOP CHEATING YOURSELF and SHOW UP instead?

Our social and interactive Community ensures conscious motivation, accountability and growth for self-mastery

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  • Huge Variety of Course Included from over 100 Faculty

  • Access to Events & Groups

  • Supportive & Empowering Social Online Community


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  • Huge Variety of Courses Included from over 100 Faculty

  • Access to Events & Groups

  • Supportive & Empowering Social Online Community

During this trying time in the world, the instances of suicide are on the rise and to do our part in providing better options, we will be donating part of your enrolment fees to suicide intervention.

Online Learning

IAUSM collaborates with over 100 Faculty to bring you the best possible learning experience and guide you through your journey to self-mastery!

Interactive Social Community

IAUSM is more than a place to learn: it is a place to BE. We thrive together in a space where there are NO ads, NO spamming and NO prejudice. A space filled with Big Love and Connection!

IAUSM Groups

Every course has an interactive discussion group so that you will be powerfully supported in your learning. Empowering you in your growth is at the core of our mission.

Listen To A Few Of Our Amazing Faculty Share Their Thoughts of Why IAUSM

Do you have Workshops, Seminars, Classes and feel they would be a beautiful fit for IAUSM?
Join the Faculty of IAUSM! It takes a village to create powerful change!

We are in search of amazing new faculty for our online social interactive learning community. We are creating a movement focused on collaboration, inspiration, and education with the purpose of guiding others to their own self-mastery.

We have 3 Master Categories that we are looking to fill workshops, seminars, certifications etc, and you can teach live via zoom or offer via pre-recorded content. 

If you are interested in learning more about being a part of our IAUSM collaboration, please register for our Friday Sessions where Visionary and Founder, Ayse Hogan, will be sharing values of IAUSM and how it all works. In addition, we ask that you share your story, and how you can bring your passions and expertise to further this movement into transformation and mastery.

Hope to see you Friday! 



Take a journey into the deeper realms of consciousness and awareness.


Taking a whole body approach to healing is what really works using powerful therapeutic methods


Build valuable business and money mastery skills and confidence.

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