International Academy of Universal Self-Mastery

IAUSM - A Playground
for Mastery!

Remember, Reclaim and Re-Master
Who You Were Always Meant to Be!


To Your Growth and IAUSM Site Values, see FAQ's

IAUSM is a Collaborative, Supportive and Conscious Community providing spiritual, personal and business development for Students who are committed to growth and learning from passionate and heart-centred Mentors.

Our Community is Built Around the 4 S's

Safe Space is Paramount

Core Values of IAUSM are Respect, Empowerment,  Integrity, Equality, Open-Mindedness & Unity. You are always safe to connect and be you!

Share Your Thoughts 

You are never wrong and what you share may be exactly what someone else needs to hear. No judgement as your input matters!

Sacred Discussions

All interactive discussions stay within the respective IAUSM tribes and only available to members.  What happens in the IAUSM tribes, stay in the IAUSM tribes

Support on Your Journey

Get strategies, tips, discussions filled with coaching, ideas, thoughts and tools.  AHA moments and epiphanies guaranteed for everyone.

Imagine who you would be without all the noise from the outside, from that voice in your head, without all the judgement!  Remember, Reclaim and Remaster who you were always meant to be with the guidance and interaction with our committed mentors, therapists and facilitators.

We provide a supported, safe and sacred space for those wanting to reconnect to their deeper selves by remembering who and what they are.


Take part in a safe, supportive and sacred space where you can connect with like-minded people.  A place for you to grow and expand.


Our high-level faculty are passionate to motivate and guide you to take action with the new tools and strategies you will learn in their courses.


Our faculty, coaches and mentors are present inside the virtual walls of IAUSM.  It is paramount to us that we aid in guiding, motivating and holding you accountable in your personal growth


Take part in expansive and interactive quests (courses) and  tribes (groups) that will raise your frequency and vibration, as well as stretch you awareness.

Meet The Mentors of IAUSM that are Passionate about Being There for You!


To Your Growth and IAUSM Site Values, see FAQ's

We are moving from a fear-based world to a love-based world.  Competition and Judgement is becoming the way of the past as the New Earth is based on cooperation and unity.  Collaboration is the bridge, from competition to cooperation…which is the heartbeat of IAUSM.

The Age of Aquarius is about the Rise of Humanity, call it what you will but changes are happening.  This transition may be causing you discomfort, frustration and perhaps you feel in crisis.  As we try to hold onto the old paradigm of how we once lived, you may sense that we are shifting to a new paradigm.  This shift MUST be accepted with an open mind and heart.

AT IAUSM, our DIVINE MISSION plays a major role in raising the frequency and vibration of humanity.  We are a conscious and collaborative community, and we are committed to you!


To Your Growth and IAUSM Site Values, see FAQ's

Benefits of the IAUSM Community

IAUSM is a playground for Mastery. It is a powerful community that allows safe, supportive and sacred space for students to share and be who they were destined to be without all the noise from the outside and without judgement. IAUSM is a place for you to remember and reclaim who you were always meant to be with the guidance of our committed mentors for every area of your life.

All potential members and mentors of our community must adhere to the following core values.  Click Here

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Absolutely,there are many ways to get assistance.  Through our expert mentors, our vast site tutorial or reach out to our visionary and founder, Ayse Hogan.

Click on the Request Access Button and receive a list of our values.  Upon agreement,  click submit and within 36 hours you will be sent a link to come into IAUSM.


To Your Growth and IAUSM Site Values, see FAQ's