International Academy of Universal Self Mastery

The Purpose of IAUSM

We are a community grounded in love for passionate learning, empowerment, accountability, encouragement, and BIG LOVE. Our mission is to create a safe space within our walls for teachers to share their wisdom, students to learn without inhibition, and for ‘community’ to take on a whole new meaning. 

As the energy in the world heightens, much of the folly in our ways is being brought into the light where it can be rectified by collective awareness and massive change. IAUSM presents an avenue where we will grow as a collective and bring about a new era of humanship that is available to everyone across the globe, and a readily available means for self-mastery and transformation that has never been seen before.

It is of no coincidence that you are here, and we are excited for you to explore the vastness within yourself through the many courses and resources available within these walls. Your development and healing is our purpose, and we are honored to be on this journey with you as you allow your best versions of yourself to come forth. 

It is with great pleasure that we open our doors to you. May you expand in awareness of who you truly are and become the you, you have always dreamed of.

The world is waiting. 

October 29th Launch Party

Be A Part of Something EPIC...BE a Part of IAUSM

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Online Learning

We host a plethora of courses for you to grow and become even more empowered in your self-mastery. IAUSM has collaborated with over 100 Master Instructors to bring you the best possible learning experience. Upon enrollment, you will gain access to a multitude of Complementary Courses, as well as Paid Courses for more in-depth growth.

Interactive Online Community

IAUSM is more than a place to learn: it is a place to BE. We thrive together in a space where there is NO marketing, NO ads, NO spamming and NO prejudice. This is a space filled with BIG LOVE and where connection means more than simply ‘friending’ someone. Each one of you is a gift, and you matter to us. IAUSM appreciates you!!

IAUSM Groups

Every course has an interactive discussion group associated with it so that you will be powerfully supported in your learning by other students, as well as your instructor. Know that in IAUSM you are never alone in our virtual classrooms. Our Campus groups are where you can take part in Academy events with like minded instructors and students. Empowering you in your growth is at the core of our mission.

A One of Kind Online Social Interactive Learning Community

Categories of Courses

Holistic, Spiritual & Alternative

Take a journey into the deeper realms of consciousness

Creative Learning & Arts

From mandalas to sound healing, a joy for the mind and body

Foods, Herbs & Oils

Various oils, herbs and potions can heal your body and tantalize your taste buds

Health & Fitness

Experience qi gong, yoga, rebounding, dance and many other techniques to soothe and heal your body.

Business, Technology & Finance

Build valuable business and money mastery skills and confidence.

Accreditations & Certifications

Yes, we have courses with official accreditation as well. Receive certificates to further your practice and purpose.

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New Courses, Articles and Events

Core Values of IAUSM


The IAUSM community respects the wealth of experience, wisdom, and knowledge that our faculty have brought forth in offering empowering courses to our students. Their time, videos, audios, and written work are regarded as valuable pieces of the IAUSM puzzle, and recognized as tools for learning by the student body. In turn, students are respected for their willingness to learn, grow and apply teachings that will result in positive lifestyle and/or business transformations. Finally, IAUSM respects the confidentiality of our student body and requests that all sensitive and personal information shared between students and instructors be kept private.


We hold self-mastery as the predominant focal point in which all courses, events, groups and conversations stem. We choose to engage honestly as a community, help people to evolve powerfully, and convey kindness in our interactions as a whole. We recognize and celebrate our differences, and utilize any discordant experiences as an opportunity to master the art of tolerance, and unconditional love, while preserving healthy personal boundaries.


We encourage growth and development of peers by supporting discussions in a constructive way. We also encourage empowerment, the ability to see each other as sovereign and powerful people, within ALL conversations. When we recognize another is at a sticking point, we offer our support and guidance WHEN we are equipped to do so.


Above all else, we are all human, and our differences are what make us AUSM. In that light, we are proud of our differences, including; our cultures, our languages and our individual AUSMness. In accordance with this, we treat each other with equal respect across the board, so that all faculty and students are given an undifferentiated opportunity to thrive in this beautiful community.

Open Mindedness

Perception and belief are very personal things. We are proponents for an open-minded approach, even in cases where we can agree to disagree. We understand that condemning an idea or thought, closes the doors to learning. Additionally, the diversity of knowledge presented on our platform will resonate with our students in accordance with their personal interests. We encourage students to expand their thinking and explore new thought-models that invigorate the mind, body or soul.

Join our Faculty

Do you remember why you started doing the work you are doing?  Do you spend more time marketing and less and less time doing what you love? 

At IAUSM we are a collaboration of passionate faculty whose purpose is to bring mastery to those ready to find their true meaning by giving them the the strategies, capabilities, tools and resources to get there.  If you are intrigued and want to learn more, then click the button and book your zoom call with our CHIEF and Founder, Ayse Hogan.  

IAUSM Launch Party October 29th

It is finally here and we can hardly wait!!!  

We are thrilled to spend time with you and share IAUSM’s Mission!!