10 Ways Journaling Can Enhance Your Success

10 Ways Journaling Can Enhance Your Success

Olivia Whiteman

If you are new to journaling, you may not know where to start.

How about starting with writing prompts to increase your emotional well-being, your finances, your physical health, or just about anything you think would be a cause for celebration.

How do you begin?

Get a pen and paper or use your computer and add a few writing prompts to get you going.

Writing prompts can be simple as:

What would I like to achieve?
How would my life be different if I achieve ______ (list your goal here).
Whom do I know who has done this?
If they can do it, so can I….

Or add a quote that inspires you.

I am inspired by Aristotle.

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Now that you have a few prompts here is some advice.

1. Schedule a time to write. First thing in the morning, before you call it a night, or sometime in-between. Make a commitment, to whatever time you decide. Studies show solutions and insights to problems appear more easily when written down.

2. If you are more of a visual person, write less and draw more or use icons to represent what you want to record.

3. Start with a small commitment. Ten-minutes is a good start and if you feel compelled to go longer, do so. Yet, if five-minutes is all you can do, then do it. Five-minutes a day is better than no minutes a day.

4. Be consistent. Keep journaling. You will be glad you did.

5. In addition to journaling about your action steps, record your emotions. You will gain valuable self-knowledge. It will help you gain focus and stay focused on what you need to do to move forward in your goal.

6. Consider adding your to-do list to your journal and checking off what you complete. When you look through your journal it will give you an accurate picture of your progress.

7. If you notice, there are no entries in your journal for a few days, find an accountability partner whether it is a friend or a professional.

8. Be kind to yourself.

9. Do not just share fears, worries, shame, blame, anger, and fear. Always remember to find something good to share. Ending on a good note will make you feel better and inspire to do more.

10. Take a course on journaling. You will gain new insights and have an opportunity to connect with like-minded folks.

I trust some of the things shared will help you with your goals. When you are successful, please share it with me (Olivia@91daysformore.com), I’d love to help you celebrate!

– Olivia



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