Who Are We? What Makes Us Different?

We are Faculty rich in wisdom, who have created a collaborative community dedicated to sharing a thorough spectrum of teachings joined with advanced technology, creating IAUSM.

These teachings include highly sought traditional, ancient knowledge that is sacred and applicable to our every day lives.  We unite teachers, leaders, mentors and facilitators from all over the globe, on our supportive and specialized interactive online community.

We combine mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of personal and business development to to empower, mature and enrich the lives of our students. 

We are happy to host an online playground for learning, inclusive to all communities, all ages and all cultures alike. 

We offer several spaces for dialogue because empowerment and support is in all of highest interests.

P.S.  Please scroll down and read the Message from our CHIEF, Ayse Hogan

It All Started With a Vision in a Meditation

During this interview, our Visionary and C.H.I.E.F (Caretaker, Head of Integration, Education and Facilitation), Ayse Hogan shares how IAUSM was born and how it is different than anything out there.

Message From the Visionary & Caretaker of IAUSM, Ayse Hogan

Let me begin by saying that I am grateful each day to be the caretaker, the conduit and the visionary of IAUSM.  I have come to see her as my child, perhaps not of flesh and blood on the outside, but definitely filled with flesh and blood on the inside, as well as extraordinary energy of spirit and growth.

As an expectant mother, in her first months, I have spent my every waking moment nesting, preparing for her arrival. making sure that everything was in its proper place and exactly as she needed it to be for the path that lay ahead of her.

IAUSM is not one voice, but the voice of many as one. In history, there have been many single, yet powerful voices that spoke of change and a better way to live and BE.  IAUSM is a gathering of voices that speak of self mastery and empowerment.  She is the voice of the universe, of all within and BIG LOVE.

Millions will hear her voice and be enriched.  Their lives will be impacted because they chose to learn and adapt new skills, tools, capabilities and resources brought forth from ancient wisdom and adapted to our modern lives.

Each of you that CHOOSE this journey, is a HEALER.  A healer is not one who heals you, they are the known as facilitators. A healer is one who allows, who lays down resistance and who accepts healing into their being.

We are all blessed to not only be a part of IAUSM, but to gain the knowledge to execute our own self mastery.

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Intention Is Vital

We Want to Share Ours

Our INTENTION is that each student Discover and expand their inner treasures by taking action with sound judgement.  

We welcome students who not only want to commit to their personal and business mastery, but who also want to spread that new found knowledge by making an impact in their own lives and the lives of others.

With an open heart full of BIG LOVE, we are enthusiastic about calibrating the planet and humanity to a higher vibration.

We do this in a space of freedom.  Freedom from the noise of marketing, ads, bigotry and the constant interruptions that makes it difficult to hear our own hearts.

Join our Faculty

Do you remember why you started doing the work you are doing?  Do you spend more time marketing and less and less time doing what you love? 

At IAUSM we are a collaboration of passionate faculty whose purpose is to bring mastery to those ready to find their true meaning by giving them the the strategies, capabilities, tools and resources to get there.  If you are intrigued and want to learn more, then click the button and book your zoom call with our CHIEF and Founder, Ayse Hogan.