An Arrow is Straight and True

An Arrow is Straight and True

Ayse Hogan

Courage is one of the main ingredients to reclaiming your self mastery and self love. Your mastery also must include truth, common sense, care of your body, integrity and your connection to your source.

Our paths in life are purposely hard and can be grueling as this is what brings each of us wisdom. In many cases, we don’t get to that place of wisdom until somewhere in mid-life. By this time, you have a hint if not, you have begun to master your gifts and skills that you must use to contribute to humanity in a positive and high vibrational way.

If you have learned from your lessons, you will have also developed compassion and balance…just like the arrow, you will have balance, always aiming your arrow for good and being able to bend without dishonouring yourself and others.

The path of the arrow is straight and narrow and the target is the heart. Walking in total truth is our protection and grace.

Always find the truth in your circumstances and stand in that truth, and if you must bend then only until you feel resistance within you.

Remember, others thoughts and opinions are simply a point of view and by standing in your truth will you honour yourself.

Stand in a place of good intention, place your arrow of truth and protection into your bow of joy…aim with compassion and fire.



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