Our Appreciation Program

It Will Sustain Us All - There Must Always be An Exchange

For each individual who uses your APPRECIATION LINK, 30% of their enrollment fee whether they are a student or you’ve referred a faculty member!
That’s $39.60 for each student that is joins due to your referral.

At IAUSM, we are not only passionate about providing you with an intimate and expansive learning experience, as well as an empowering social community, but we are also ardent about making sure that everyone who enters through our virtual doors is appreciated and valued. With that being said, what better way to show you our appreciation than to pay it forward through our most familiar means of exchanging energy: money. 

How Does the ‘Appreciation Program’ Work?

Much like other ‘affiliate’ systems, IAUSM’s Appreciation Program operates in a way that revolves around others using your link as they enroll at IAUSM.  The same goes for every other person in the appreciation program, so there is no hierarchy or elitist structure that sets anyone apart from anyone else. Equanimity is empowerment, and empowerment is the key to mass transformation as we transition into this new paradigm of humanity. 

Imagine, if you will, if you get enough people to sign up with your link to show their appreciation for you showing them the site: that would pay for your enrollment! Allowing for you to focus on your studies and personal growth full-force, as well as feeling amazing that you have introduced others to a bountiful way for them to achieve their fullest potential as well. Your ability to be appreciated is always in your control.

What sets this apart from other affiliate strategies, is that no one else is profiting off your appreciation links! That small gesture of appreciation is yours, and yours alone. YOU are the one who is appreciated, and as such, YOU are the one who receives the gift. 

We Appreciate You!

As you enroll and create your profile, you will see a tab on your dashboard that says ‘Appreciation Program.’ Click that, set up your PayPal, and send out your link! It is that simple! We look forward to seeing you within our virtual walls and showering you with gratitude and appreciation. Are you feeling AUSM yet?30