Are your organs talking to you?

Are your organs talking to you?

Jules Hare, Experienced Body-Mind Travel Guide and Translator

An organ is a specialized group of cells within a living organism that work together to perform a specific function. Think of it like a mini community inside your body (anyone else instantly start imagining the kids book/movie ‘Horton Hears a Who’? 😉

I’m sure this isn’t new to you. What MAY be a surprise to some of you though, is that organs store memories. 

This brings me back to one of my favourite sayings from Cranial Sacral and Visceral Manipulation classes way back when:

 “There are issues in the tissues”

For those among you who find this hard to believe, there’s one historical case that I remember from when I was much younger: A organ donor was mugged and killed. The organ recipient continued to have dreams about the attacker. He was able to describe the man to the police and it lead to his arrest.

Sounds wild I know, but after being a somatic practitioner for over 30 years I have witnessed and personally had thousands of fascinating ‘conversations’ (verbal, tactile, telepathic etc) with various different organs!

Of note, my favourite ‘organ’ conversations have been with the uterus, the brain and the liver/gallbladder. Such depth of wisdom, stored emotion and capacity to love
(and be pissed off 😡).

The body’s wisdom is undeniable, and the more respect and honour we offer to it, the more available we are to our own capacity to love and grow.

When your organs talk, how do you listen? Need help, reach out to me I’d be happy to facilitate a special inner-reunion for you 😉



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