Control – The True Human Plague (Unconditioning the Conditioning Series)

Control – The True Human Plague

Unconditioning the Conditioning Series
Ayse Hogan

Currently, we are involved in a plague around the world called Covid of which, we really have no control and that is what is causing fear globally. The interesting irony of this is that the true
plague is actually…control. Control is something that has plagued the world….well…forever.

What is control really all about? Territory…and what is the territory? Well the let’s start off with something close to us…what I like to refer to as our avatar. This body that we travel in during this experience, this life…which besides our physical selves, includes our emotions, our intellect, and our aura. We also consider our territory as the events in our lives and all the aspects of those events that we strive to control.

Now if we expand this out a bit, it will include our family, our friends, our home, the land our home sits on, our street, our community, our city, our state or province, our country, and finally the world. And because we walk around with the shadow of control, this has plagued humans and caused more conflicts and fear than almost anything else.

As humanity, we also have this incredible misguided need to divide and conquer…we do this to have more control over such things like race, colour, culture oh and the new one that has just hit the market of life…vaccinated vs. unvaccinated.

The most hilarious part of this scenario is that we are all one organism of the creator and therefore, the idea of separation and segregation and control is ludicrous and always has been.

Let’s look at this through another lens…shall we?

Control has a frequency and a vibration which is very low and everyone in the thralls of control, whether it is the controller…who is a victim of this frequency of fear, or the controlee…who is the victim of this shadow. Confused?

I am talking about everyone from many of our “powerful” in quotes… leaders to all the flocks
being led. I know what I am saying is going to get some people pissed off…and my response to that is…it is about damn time…. and there is no room for this because, if we keep this up, there will be nothing left to control, we will cease to exist. This is not a joke. or a conspiracy…or I being controversial…this is a true fact and those of you are who are waking up…you know this to be our truth.

Food and Money are some the biggest culprits. Those that control the money and food,
apparently have the notion that they have all the power…it is only the appearance of power.
The controllers are interested in power and the controlees are playing their part and being
submissive This is a contorted and abusive relationship…however, it has been gone on so long
that we have gone beyond tolerating it and allowed it to be an acceptable way to live.

So what has this created…a hierarchy in our humanity…the haves and the have nots and everything in between. The classes, the castes, the segregated, those who are discriminated against and stereotyped.

If the controllers really had the best interests of their community in mind, then there would be no scarcity or hunger. Bear with me for a second…why do the ones in power desire more and
more, because believe it or not, they do seem to have the scarcity mindset, as much as they have, it never seems to be enough, interesting, don’t you think?

Many of them never have enough so-called power, control, empires, cars, homes, material possessions…they are living in fear of not having enough and the controlees…the victims of the victims… are fooled into believing that this is the way to live and if you don’t then you are not successful or worthy or some other low-frequency feeling of fear. Who said?

There is a higher frequency method of leading and I’ll talk about that shortly. I am not here to bash the system…I am bashing the conditioning that we have accepted for millennia…I will be offering another more expansive and fearless way to live.
Most of the controllers…have a personal agenda and their intent is misguided and not for the
good of all.

Then we have some visionaries popping up, I like to include myself in that community, whose visions are suppressed or choked because they don’t have all the power and the money. It
really is ridiculous…but the tides are changing my friends…the ripples of new earth are emerging. And where there is a big change, you will always find chaos. For this to happen,
things may get worse before they get better. Think about any big changes you made in your life…wasn’t it kind of messy first and then the order came…just like moving from one house to
another, until all the boxes are unpacked and everything put into its new place, it’s messy and
looks worse before it looks better.

Visionaries like myself…our intent, our paramount priority is not money and power or control, we want to serve and contribute to humanity, to our planet…we have the courage to move forward on our visions, no matter what sacrifices we have to make to get there, and our intent is to create something that will benefit many. Think of the people you know in your life, I am sure you all know a visionary who has been challenged, who has sacrificed. They are courageous because they don’t stop…what is courage?

Courage is making the desired changes, despite your fear.

I was having a bad day, a day where I believe all the effort, I had put into this collaborative unified academy was a waste of time…that nobody was getting it…and I found myself crying into my hands as I was speaking to a friend on the phone. I said, how could something that was created to help so many be so damn hard and come with so many challenges.

One of my good friends said to be just a few weeks ago when we spoke about how much I have sacrificed in my life for the vision of IAUSM…she said…Ayse, you have sacrificed too much, you are not Christ on a Cross.

I thought about that statement…first I was like…yeah…why am I putting myself out there…but I
kept hearing the statement over and over in my head…you’re not Christ on a Cross…and then it clicked…if we are all one and we are all connected and all part of the creator…and I am to
remember who and what I am…well then I am Christ on a Cross in some way…aren’t I…aren’t
all of us even if we can’t sense it within us as yet. It is not the way we have been conditioned to think but what if all the conditioning…are more lies that we have been living as if they were the truth.

There is a global misunderstanding around control and power. True inspirational leaders, lead
from a place of service…where there are no submissives, that everyone in the community of the vision wants and loves being a part of it, where their voice matters, where they work in unison despite their position as a synarchy…hierarchal processes are becoming extinct, less and less people want them anymore, they are disempowering and leave many unfulfilled, many times, even the leaders despite all that they may have achieved…synarchical processes are empowering and fulfilling.

So back to the question of plague…what the true human disease is…it is distrust of life. The fight for power and money and control is a major player in the outcome are symptoms of this plague.

When we remember who we are, and what we are…and it is coming…there is a giant evolution and involution right around the corner…the need to control life will cease. Let me just say something about evolution before I go any further…as humans, we have evolved
since the beginning of our time here. From how we started to where we are now, and we continue to do so and along the way, there were some big leaps. Whether you realize it or not, we are in the throes of one now.

I spoke to someone the other day and she said…oh yes, it coming but not in our lifetime…I said, why not in our lifetime, it must happen in someone’s lifetime, why not ours…my personal
prediction…is within the next 5 years…laugh if you want…but time will tell, won’t it?

Those of humanity that continue to hold onto control and fear…well you will find that you are not going to win anything…. again, time will tell.
So here is another question…I love questions.

When each of us leaves this life…what do we truly take with us…stuff…no…it is how we have grown…how we have enriched and empowered our spirit…the stuff…well I guess someone else gets to surround their existence with it…we want this life we are currently into the matter, it’s not how much stuff you have that matters…we have only been conditioned to believe that…it’s a lie…and it’s been a lie for so long, many have forgotten that it ever was a lie and believe it to be true.

We are one holistic family of humanity and as more and more of us realize and remember and reclaim their place in this family, we will understand fully that control has no place here.

So yes, there must be leadership, but that must be through the higher frequency of authority.
Where it is from the heart and responsibility of the whole community…where it inspires loyalty through love and service and not through fear and mistrust…and well hate.

Authority is a harmonic balance between seeing the way things are going and making choices and decisions to feed that intent of higher service to all.

Leadership through control is asserted using fear, leadership through authority gains true loyalty as it gains loyalty through trust and fulfillment. It unites, as opposed to control…where everyone involved is in service to each other…sure there is a core but the intent of all is the same. It is mutually beneficial and that is where true potential power is birthed. Where are choices are pure and for the expansiveness of the intent? It is a relationship where all involved surrender to each other with no personal agendas and in a place of trust.

The authority leader is there to keep the intent rolling and create connections with everyone involved to bind the group through inspiration. This is a relationship of kinship, not kingship.

In this new year, make commitments to be in a place of authority, to inspire, there you will find success and fulfillment. Success and Fulfillment to not go hand in hand. Many of the most successful people in the world are not fulfilled…but fulfillment always brings success. Success means different things…it is all about the intent.

What kind of leader do you want to be or what kind of leadership do you want to be involved in?



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