Crossing the Threshold At Mabon

Crossing the Threshold At Mabon

Rowan Foxx

The lusty winds of fall begin to stir in the air. The leaves on the trees begin to turn their beautiful colors of red, orange, and gold, shimmering as they fall from the branches of trees and onto the ground. On the woodland trail, you can see squirrels collecting their acorns for the future, storing them for the winter.

As we ride the wheel of the year, we notice that nature knows exactly what to do before we cross the threshold into the season of fall. This is a time of magic and mysticism as we enter into the darker half of the year.

The vision of the old world witch stirring a cauldron and concocting some spells comes to me at this liminal time. Spells for protection spells for abundance spells to ensure that the harvest lasts through the winter. The goddess shows us how to gracefully move in and out of transitional times.  The days grow shorter, the temperatures fluctuate, and bright sunny days give way to stormy nights. A time when the balance of light and dark is of equal measure. 

As mother nature begins to stir and brew her concoction in her earthy cauldron, we begin to stir with her. What does this mean for us? It means that we have entered a transitional time, a time for us to go within and to see what is stirring and brewing within us. The magic of Mabon brings us into a captivating time of shifts and changes.  It is a time to reflect on what we are taking with us and what we are leaving behind as we go deeper into the darker half of the year.

The spring equinox was a time of new beginnings and manifestation. A celebration of the goddess as the creatrix of the world. It was a time of asking ourselves, what is it that I truly desire? What do I want to create for the future?

Now, we rest at the threshold of the fall equinox, a time of harvest. The goddess becomes the intiatrix who guides us through the gateway to the underworld.  

Take a moment in deep reflection to honor the crossing of this threshold. Take a moment to reflect on all those delicious intentions that you set for yourself in the springtime at Ostara. Examine what has manifested in your life. How do you feel about it? Perhaps, you need to refine or adjust some of your intentions or goals. Is it time to leave some aspects of your life behind? Look to the aspects of your old self that need to be discarded before you journey into the transformative energy of the underworld.



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