Dishonor and Grace – Resetting our Focus

Dishonor and Grace - Resetting our Focus

Dr. Rev. Ayse Hogan

What if I said to you that the mass of the population including those that are standing in their remembrance or awakening are dishonoring themselves and others? It is a massive struggle that humanity takes part in, and it would be wonderful if it stopped, of course, that would take effort by each of us and awareness.

Hi there, I am Rev. Ayse Hogan, the visionary of IAUSM -The international academy of universal self-mastery.  My mission for the rest of my life is to empower those that are stepping into their remembrance of who and what they are and wanting to understand more about it and have a hunger to dive deeper.

What does it mean to dishonor oneself? It means to not live to be the way you were meant to be and to create a life of judgment, self-hate, emptiness, and feeling unfulfilled.

If you know about the Gene Keys or Human design, you may be aware of the 22nd Gene Key. For those of you that have never heard of this, Gene Keys are your DNA, you have 64 strands of DNA that are evolving as we speak and the 22nd Gene Key or DNA has a powerful message. Our DNA is our programming so to speak, and each one is unique. The purpose of each of those strands is universal, however, and think of it in this fashion, it may make it easier for everyone.

There was a time when science stated that we only used 3% of our DNA and 97% of it was junk DNA…since when does the creator create junk. Especially in that capacity. Now we know different, so I explain it to the wonderful souls that come to me for guidance like this. When you buy a computer, it comes with basic software for what you need. Now you could function quite satisfactorily with that basic software, but most of us like to upgrade our software and access new software so that we can perform optimally.

Now what if I told you that we are walking around with access to all our upgrades that we can download, should each of us choose to do so.  Each software program of the 64 programs has 3 stages, the basic stage, known as its shadow stage, the upgraded program which is referred to as the gift and then the super powered upgrade with all the bells and whistles known as siddhi or divine essence.

Now remember there are 64 software programs and some of they work alone as well as they partner with another software program and can also be found being part of a group of software programs that work together for another purpose. It is quite fascinating really.

So, what if there was a way for you to access those programs. Some of them are very specific to you, however, you do have them all. Very interesting right? I think it is a freaking miracle myself.

For the next while, sharing this with you is something that I would like to do in bite size aha pieces as it takes time to really study this.

Today, we are going to touch on the 22nd Gene Key or DNA Strand or as human design refers to it as the 22nd Gate.

This is a big one…and major player in our DNA. The basic program or the shadow is known as Dishonour, the upgrade or Gift is known as Graciousness and the superpower or Siddhi is known as Grace. As I said, we have specific DNA that is a major player in our personal journey, but we all have access to all the programs even if they are not one our major players. This one happens to be one of mine. The interesting thing I found in Dishonour is that even though for years I spent my time guiding and helping others, I was still in a place of dishonor. As soon as I realized this, it was like someone threw a cold bucket of ice water right in my face.

Somewhere along the way, it became important to me to make an impact in this world, somewhere along the way, I wanted to be an influencer and leader, somewhere along the way I wanted to create legacy, somewhere along the way, I wanted validation from others and approval and pats on the back for the messages I was sharing.  Hmmmm…vanity…the 12th Gene key by the way, but we will talk about that another day.

Also, I was bringing my need for approval to the table, something that had germinated and grown in me since I was a child. Making choices so others would be comfortable, regardless of how it affected me.  Making choices and decisions to make the work I was doing fit acceptable norm of how it should be…should be according to who? I was suppressing my nature, I wasn’t listening to my body and my energy and my inner wisdom, I was running my life and my business based on what others said I should do and even though I have always coloured a little outside the lines, I didn’t allow myself to colour way outside the lines and allow my creativity to flow regardless of what others thought. 

I had been living my life and running my practice in a way that everyone else that I looked up to said it should be even though it felt wrong in me. I had decided that everyone else knew something I didn’t know and only recently have a stepped into the knowing that we each know deep down in our inner wisdom what is right for us, but we don’t listen. I decided to honour that inner council fully and my life changes in ways that I would never have thought possible, that I would ever do.

I shut down my one on one coaching practice, it was painful and I felt like I had failed because I was supposed to help people, because I was supposed to succeed, that this was my calling and no matter what I did, I wasn’t becoming as famous as Tony Robins and Les Brown and Wayne Dyer and Dr. Joe Dispenza and and…even though I knew what they knew and I didn’t get it.  What I remembered and reclaimed is that we each have our own journey and contracts that we made coming into this life and I was so hung up on what success was supposed to look like that I was not honoring my role, in what my part of this evolution I was supposed to play.

I spent my childhood as the black sheep, and there was this underlying need for approval, to prove to the world that I am not a failure, that I have worth.

Isn’t if strange that someone who had committed to a life of helping others and contributing to others well being was not contributing to my own?  Isn’t that the ultimate purpose? In our search for purpose, we look at how we can help others but we continue to look outside of ourselves…the ultimate purpose is to look inside and honour our own role, it is for inner growth and betterment, it is for inner empowerment and mastery, it is to remember the power that we are and to step into it fully regardless what others are telling us to do, with their opinions and suggestions that might work for them, probably not and will certainly not work for each of us as individuals. 

Our ultimate purpose is to first honour who and what we are, to recognize the depth of it and to stop looking from outside of us for mastery and impact and to change our lens, our focus and look inside, there is a fascinating rich, loving, and miraculous world there full of possibilities and limitless. That inner universe is so much more than our outer world can ever offer. And by honouring that inner universe, our outer world can’t help but become better, happier, and full of joy. What we each require can not be attained with money, you can’t buy it, you can’t get stocks in it, you can’t read some self help book about it…it is as simple as listening and honoring ourselves and making choices despite if others agree or not.  It doesn’t matter, remember, everyone has their own fears, their own experiences, their own shadows to contend with and those aspects of them are not yours. 

You can honor that they are how they feel and that is what they believe…as you must…you must honor others where they are in their journey, their quest however, yours is quite unique.  Humanity has spent so much time listening to others, they have become deaf to the creator within them.  I am not talking about the ego that judges you and is just a lot of noise regurgitating garbage at you…but the deep inner voice, that is quiet and is a feeling, a knowing, a sense…that is our 6th sense, you can feel it in your body…it is our 1st sense.    We all have it…no one is without this because it is the creator in you and because you were obviously created, it is there. 

We were made in the image of the creator, as it says in many religious texts…well then, that means we are each a part of the creator, no one is less or more, we have simply made choices on the outside that has affected our connection on the inside, in that inner endless universe. Everything we have ever been taught to do is about being something on the outside and millions of ways of how to do that.

The secret has always been inside…you have always had it, and you have it now, it has always been with you and in some cases collecting dust waiting for you to pick that piece of you up and expand through it.

By being that, by stepping inside that is your first step to graciousness, it begins with being gracious to this life. To the dance, because you are not the dancer, you are the dance. You are not the clouds in the sky, you are the sky that leads to an expansive universe, and it is inside you, not outside of you. We have all been looking in the wrong direction forever.

So instead of going out, like my good friend and IAUSM Mentor, Patricia Maddalena says, let’s stay in.

Our first major step as humanity that is each of our responsibilities is to look inward, to honour ourselves, to honour others, wherever they are at, even if what they are doing is not what we would do, as each of us must find our own way to connect inward and we are each at different places in that journey but, and this is a great but, we will all meet on the inside, as we are all connected in this universe, there is no other way.

Thanks for taking this time with me today for this bite size aha moment, something to consider and meditate or contemplate and simply allow yourself to be open to the possibilities. Remember when we condemn something, we close doors to growth, remaining open to all the possibilities and how they can bring us mastery and growth, even if we don’t have the answer yet brings remembrance, awakening, ultimate purpose, and salvation. It brings the end to suffering and liberates us to a better and higher level of being instead of doing.

Join me inside the walls of IAUSM at and interact with mentors from all over the world that have made the choice to shine a light on your journey to the vast universe waiting for you inside your own self that is connected to all the selves and the creator.  How amazingly IAUSM is that?



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