Divine Feminine vs. Dark Goddess

Divine Feminine vs. Dark Goddess

Stephanie Carvalho with exerpts from Rowan Foxx

What is a Goddess?

A woman who is in the process to know, accept and lover herself of all levels, Mind, Body and Spirit.

A woman who, because she focuses on personal growth and self-awareness, experiences a life, increasingly filled with peace, love, joy, passion and fun.

A woman who understands that she has unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants.

A woman who is inspired to give to those around her because of her sense of gratitude and abundance.

The Dark Goddess

Evil. Manipulative. Controlling.

When one thinks of the Dark Feminine these are often the attributes that come to mind.

In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Over the last several decades, with the rise of the Patriarchy, female attributes of strength have not only been stifled, but have been twisted into a sordid, dark portrayal of what the Dark Goddess truly represents. In some ancient societies, powerful females were revered and celebrated, recognized for her ability to balance both strength and softness. Today she is labelled as cold and deviant, un-nurturing and void of emotion.

In truth, she is strength. She is power. She understands how to rise above conflict in times of crisis and how to maintain her integrity. She is a protector. She isn’t fearless – rather she recognizes fear for what is is, and doesn’t allow it to consume the love within her.

Without the Dark Goddess, women today would have succumbed to the roles they were “assigned”. They wouldn’t have questioned those who opposed their strength. They wouldn’t have held their Power.

Embracing the Dark Goddess within isn’t a political or social statement. It is simply being true to oneself and calling upon her in times of need. It is embracing one’s core being and returning to nature, while lighting the fires of transformation.

The Divine Feminine

Also known as the Sacred Feminine, she embodies attributes such as compassion, caring, beauty, warmth and unconditionally loving. She is often represented as a maiden, pure, unblemished, nurturing and a healer.

Unlike the Dark Goddess, she has been readily welcomed into recent society as the acceptable form of femininity. The very attributes which make her “sacred” are often confused with obedience, submissiveness and weakness.

But she is none of these things. She has an innate understanding of how her gentle, loving nature gives back to the world and helps to create a nourishing environment for those around her. She shares her strength without losing her power.

Far too often, women buy into the societal label of “weakness” and reject their own nature to nurture. Some movements openly reject the “softness” of the divine feminine in protest, and demand that women are not viewed as delicate beings. This extremism hurts the sacred feminine just as much as the labels themselves. It causes rejection of one’s true nature, which can have catastrophic effects to the feminine and those around her.

The loving purity of the Divine Feminine deserves to be cherished and celebrated. When a woman learns to embrace the love within herself, without shame or reservation, she creates a vibration that not only enriches her own being, but the lives of all those around her. She creates a pathway of light and subconsciously encourages others to elevate themselves to meet her frequency.

Mother Nature is calling us into a new awakening. Human-made conceptual structures are crumbling under this new vision of love and harmony.

Just as the moon phases between light and dark, so do we. Within each one of us is a cycle that begs for acknowledgement and balance. You cannot have light without the dark. As such the Dark Goddess and Devine Feminine are intertwined to call for the ability to return to a era where one’s innate natures are celebrated in unity, not separated.

A Goddess is a woman who has faced her inner demons and called upon her own strength to slay them. She is vulnerable yet she is fierce. She is an ever-evolving alchemist, continuously adapting her own unique formula of being.

A Goddess recognizes the light within herself and understands that at times she needs to close her eyes in the darkness to reach that light and radiate it.

She is a divine paradox.

“We all have a Dark side and a Light side…it’s what you choose to do with the gifts that all of us are given…I choose to use both of my gifts…I dwell in the Dark because I know it well to shine my Light” – unknown



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