Even Cows Know When to Stop Drinking Milk

cows in the grass

Even Cows Know when to stop drinking Milk…Here’s why no one should consume dairy

Ayse Hogan

First of all, stop believing everything you read and hear and spend time doing your homework and honing your belief system. Being a Hypnotherapist, trained in NLP, Energy Healings and various other methodologies, I am very interested in the whole body approach which includes what we put in our bodies.

I’m very anti-pharma for many reasons.  Studies have proven that approximately 2/3 of the medicines you may be taking are placebo…meaning there is nothing in them except side effects and are harmful to your body.  You’ve been taking them because your doctor told you to…remember pharmaceuticals are big business, why am I telling you this…because so is dairy.

There’s piles of money to be made in the dairy industry but in order to make that money, “they” have to make you believe that dairy is good for you and has massive health benefits for you.  The loads of money that is made in the dairy industry is coated in loads of cow poop.

All mammals drink their mother’s milk during the first part of their lives, BUT then we are weaned off of it within the first few years and we move to other more appropriate food sources, as each mammal does depending on its specie and breed.  This is the natural cycle of things.  All mammals know when to stop drinking milk, EXCEPT humans…even a baby cows stop drinking from their mother as they grow up and start eating grass.  I suppose if milk was required, we would see adult cows everywhere, continuing to drink from their mothers.

Since we’re speaking about cows and their milk, let’s understanding another important point.  The chemical composition of the milk from cows, is extremely different then that of humans, which means that our body is not designed to break it down.   There is an enzyme that breaks down the sugar in milk, aka lactose, called lactase and our body stops producing enzyme between the ages of 2-3.  Why?  Because we are not supposed to be drinking milk from our mothers after that. 

Do you have poor digestion? When did you stop consuming milk products??

One of the arguments of drinking milk is that it contains dairy.  87% of cow’s milk is made up of a protein called casein and the second biggest portion is whey.  There is casein in mothers’ milk as well BUT there is 300% more in cow’s milk which gives them their huge bones.  Casein is also used in wood glue because of its strong binding properties…see where I am going with this.   How can something used to make, not only glue, but paint as well as plastic and fibers be just as good for us to ingest?  Really??

Here’s some information from various studies I’ve been reading:

  1. Casamorphin (found in Casein) can cause or aggravate autism
  2. Can double the risk of prostate cancer and up to quadruple the risk of metastatic or fatal prostate cancer.
  3. Proteins promote cancer growth, but of all the protein, casein, most strongly and most consistently promotes cancer and all stages of it.
  4. Encourages weight gain due to its highly acidic nature. Milk products will NOT help you in losing weight in those troublesome areas, ultimately keeping you from your health goals.
  5. Encourages our body to create too much mucus. Nothing is more powerful in promoting and forming mucus in the body.
  • Mucus is good for our bodies as it coats what needs to be coated and protects the surfaces of the membranes BUT when we have too much here is what happens. It surrounds and engulfs all the toxins from certain foods in our body and leaving that toxicity trapped in our body. 
  • Excessive mucus begins to build up on the intestinal walls and harden adding to whatever else might be in there making it harder and harder to release the sludge and waste from the body.

As soon as put but milk products in our body, our body begins to try and get rid of it desperately.  How does that manifest?  In the formation of phlegm, mucus and even pimples.  So, here is my question, if my body is trying so hard to get rid of it, then why should I ingest it in the first place.  Duh!!

Not convinced yet…ok, here is some more fun facts.  The dairy that we can buy in the stores in packed with hormones and drugs because they are given to the cows to promote long life and more milk. 

You know I have to talk about pasteurization as well.  This process heats the milk to extreme temperatures so that it can kill bacteria and that sounds like a good plan.  The problem is kills natural enzymes therefore making the milk even harder to digest.

You need calcium…that is a fact, so that we can build strong bones and prevent various illnesses like osteoporosis.  Studies have shown that where dairy is involved in the diet, so are the incidences of hip fractures and bone issues like osteoporosis. Women drinking milk suffer up to 7 times more broken hips…that is insanity.  The protein that is consumed…and remember how high the casein is in cow milk…the more calcium is lost. So basically, drinking milk is an OXYMORON.

If you consume around 75grams of protein, then you are losing more calcium in your urine than is absorbed in your body.  That means the calcium you are drinking to make you stronger is your worse enemy and you are losing calcium and opening yourself to illnesses such as cancer.

WAIT…I’m not done…there’s more.

Dairy products contain high levels of phosphorous, which binds to calcium making it impossible to absorb.

So, I’m going back to what I said in the beginning…stop believing everything you are told and do your homework.  Don’t even believe me…do you homework.

The question becomes, where can you get some awesome calcium that your body needs and can absorb.   Here we go; Bok Choy, Broccoli, Cactus, Cauliflower, Collard Greens, Cucumber, Kale, Romaine Lettuce, Sea Vegetables, Sesame Seeds, Spinach and Turnip Greens.

If you’re an avid dairy fan and nothing I’ve said here has changed your mind then, at the very least, change to goat’s milk products or sheep’s milk.  Goat’s milk is the closest to human milk that there is.  My additional suggestion would be a Nut Milk, Hemp or Rice Milk.

Look forward to your comments and feedback.



1 thought on “Even Cows Know When to Stop Drinking Milk”

  1. The title of your article is so true and I’ve never considered it that way before. Humans are the only animal that consumes milk beyond those early years? We take direction from many things in nature how come this got missed. I live near a large farming community and have lots of friends & relatives that own or work within the dairy industry so I am aware of the financial pluses of the dairy industry around me. As a society, I don’t think we’ll ever stop consuming dairy products, it’s just been engrained in our cultures that the creaminess of dairy products enriches foods which are then linked to experiences and memories are formed. Myself personally have made the choice to not consume as much cow based dairy products over the past few months and I am beginning to feel the positive effects of eating better and changing what I eat. I drink nut milks, eat plant based alternatives to dairy products like yogurts, sour cremes etc. but I can’t seem to switch to the lactose free cheeses ? Can anyone tell me if I consume less than 5 ounces of cheese products per week am I being counterproductive to what I’ve already changed?

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