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Join Our Faculty Discovery Call

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February 26, 2021 @ 4:00 pm 5:00 pm EST

Do You Have Passion That You Want to Contribute to a One Of A Kind Social Interactive Learning Community

Did you know that Self Education is  forecasted to become a $319 Billion industry by 2025? That means that online courses will be selling at a rate of $10,300 per second? In 2019 the number was $165 Billion…you can see why you want to be a part of this

No successful enterprise is run by one person alone.  Become part of a collaborative community.  It takes a village to create massive change on a huge scale.

You may have a courses already, or you are currently working where you have to be present in every group session or class…and during our current pandemic situation, that can get dicey at times

There is a more profitable way to be doing this and still maintain your personal touch.

There are 3 things that will gain by creating profitable online courses on the right platform;

  • Time – Some things you can get back in life, but Time is not one of them. Once that time is spent, it is gone so why not create an ROT = Return on Your Time
  • Money – Your course is not a side hustle, it is an asset. You may already realize that there is a cap on what you are doing presently or you have a course and it is not doing as well as you had hoped…yet!
  • Freedom – Work from anywhere in the world. As your course is selling to hundreds and thousands of students, that give you the freedom to be anywhere, I mean let’s face it, who doesn’t want that.

Personally, I want to have profit to create and retain the lifestyle that I have dreamt about.  The only thing that scares me in life is that I won’t leave anything thing behind and my life will not have had meaning, so…..

AT IAUSM, we will help you every step of the way.!!   We can help you prepare your new signature course or courses, or make some adjustments to the courses you already have if that is what you need.

The main thing is to begin with your idea and the right platform. I have been through so many platforms and had the same frustrations

  • I either had to be tech savvy or in constant communication with the software support which is what happens with most plugin platform that you can have on your website
  • The platform is making the lions share of the value of your course and you don’t have the control of it that you want
  • You don’t have the flexibility in one place to have real time chats, conversations or contact with your students.
  • You feel like you are alone on an island and don’t have the support of a community as you will here…after adding your course,
  • I then had to figure out how to market it or spend loads reaching out to new people….well what if you could put your course in a place where there are students waiting to take it?

IAUSM includes a social networking community AND an interactive learning platform…in one.

My Dream has always been to create a community of people whose passion is serving others, to helping them reach their exponential potential, to giving them the capabilities, strategies and tools to be their best self…hence why the PHOENIX is our mascot.

Rise from the ashes of one life and reborn into a new way of being with so many more resources, while using the knowledge you had and adding it to the knowledge you learn and taking action can only equal progress. Guess what, progress equals long term happiness. What a great gift to be a part of in someones life. That is my reward and if that is yours too then, let’s do this thing and get you started here.

You first step is to reserve your spot in our weekly Faculty Discovery Call by clicking here.

As the Visionary and Founder of IAUSM, I want to know all of the education facilitators, I have to know if we share the same fire in our hearts. Let’s face it, lots of people have courses or ideas for courses, but do they have the passion? If you do, then I want to know you and I would be honoured to have you as part of the team here.

Also, during the zoom interview, you will be able to ask questions and be clear on how we operate in your best interest, our long term plans, all the options open to you on this campus and how we will support you every step of the way.


Fridays don’t work, then email Visionary Ayse Hogan at ayse@iausm.com to discuss options.