Happy Beltane!!

Beltane Bliss 2022

The Goddess is Alive and Magick is Afoot!

The dusky evening breeze alights on the flowers and trees of the forest as it rhythmically dances throughout the land. It whispers an ancient call… a call that heralds the opening of spring. The moon rises high in the evening sky as the land is covered with a starry canopy.

All of nature is summoned to attend.

The earth opens with greenery, the water flows freely through rivers and streams, the air whispers… ‘ it is time..’

And the Goddess commands…

Light The Bael Fires!

The Nine Woods of Beltane

“Nine woods in the Cauldron go,

burn them quick a’ burn them slow.

Elder be ye Lady’s tree;

burn it not or cursed ye’ll be.”

Birch to celebrate new beginnings

Rowan for protection against enchantments

Ash to travel between the realms

Alder for building strong foundations

Willow for intuition and fertility

Hawthorn is the faery tree and represents the sacred marriage of Goddess and God

Oak lends stability as you cross the threshold into the deeper mysteries

Holly burns the hottest and encourages action

Hazel is the grail of innocence, the chalice of love and the seeker of wisdom

Walpurgisnacht (Beltane Eve)

The eve of Beltane, April 30th , is a night when the veils part and witches and wizards ride the hedges between the worlds. It is a bawdy lusty affair celebrated with song , dance, jumping the bael fires and young couples spending the night in the woods. The couples would return with the first blossoms of springtime. In olden times this practice was known as “to go a maying”.

Witches of Germany would celebrate May Eve as Walpurgisnacht. Walpurgisnacht is sometimes known as Hexenbrunnen to honor the victims of the witch hunts of medieval times. Germany experienced greatest loss of life during the burning times.

Witches still gather on Mount Brocken in the Harz Mountains to celebrate Walpurgisnacht. They dance with their brooms and jump bonfires. It is a time of releasing the old to make room for new beginnings. Ancient Pagans believed that the God Wotan married his beloved Freya on the top of Brocken Mountain on April 30th. In modern times, thousands of people gather at a plateau called Hexentanzplatz to celebrate by lighting bonfires, dressing in witch and warlock costumes. They usher in the spring and drive away the dark cold winter.

All of Earth’s creatures awaken on May 1st to celebrate the opening of spring known as Beltane.

The lusty spring winds blow, ushering in the promise of new life rising out of the darkness. The Goddess takes a deep breath and the natural world wakes up from its slumber.

The Goddess manifests as the May Queen. The God emerges as her consort, the May King.

The May Queen and King dance the Maypole to celebrate the Sacred Marriage or The Great Rite. Beltane is a festival of flowers, fertility, sensuality, romance, purification and sexuality.

The first of the fire festivals is celebrated with bonfires throughout the lands. In olden times, bonfires were built on the hills and animals were run through the maze of fires for the purpose of purification and blessings of fertility. The sacred ashes from the Beltane fires were brought home to light the hearth fire, ensuring happiness, health, fertility and other blessings for the year to come.

There is a closeness to the realm of faery as they join us in celebration. You may glimpse the dryads in the bark of the trees, see the sprites as they colorfully dance across the lakes and streams. Pixies lay in wait with their magick dust as unsuspecting mortals wander the moors in the shadow of Beltane.

It is a magickal season of enchantments, some for good and some for ill. A wise mortal will offer a blessing or a gift to the fae this time of year. The fae may bestow blessings upon you of visions, prophetic dreams or good fortune.

Always be wary when you travel the hidden paths to the other realms, not all faeries are friendly. The will o’ wisp will lead the unexpected traveler astray.

A few simple and safe ways to honor the spirit of Beltane; light a candle or a bonfire, cleanse your home with sage and lavender, enjoy a hike in the woods, make a floral wreath for your hair, a springtime wreath to hang on your door or create space in your garden for faery guests.

Black Moon Solar Eclipse Walpurgisnacht 2022

The spell is cast

The dye is wrought

Be careful weary traveler

Look to what you’ve brought

This is going to be an exciting launch into the spring and summer season as the cosmos ushers in new beginnings, sudden revelations and unexpected changes. A black moon refers to the second new moon in a month. The April black moon is accompanied by a solar eclipse which brings things to light and harnesses energy to move us forward on our destined paths. The black moon in taurus will focus on material matters, such as home, health, finances and natural resources. Taurus will also keep us steady through the chaotic eclipse season. The triple conjunct of Venus, planet of love with Jupiter, planet of expansion and abundance along with watery mystical Neptune, opens up the heart chakra and aligns us with our spiritual journey.

Now that I’ve covered the astrological aspect of the energetic tide, let’s look at the witchiness of it all!

Where does all of this energy take us? How should we ride the psychic tide of the season?

April 30th 2022 is the moment you’ve been waiting for… drum roll … curtain raises and its showtime!

Prepare yourself to step POWERFULLY into this energy. This energy is akin to receiving the nine of cups card in a tarot reading. The nine of cups is often referred to as the wish card. However, be careful what you wish for because you will receive it.

Do Your shadow work and exorcise your demons. Don’t bring them into this Beltane season with you. It is time to take charge and direct this energy. The energy is more potent this year, so be cautious about what you bring to it. How you enter this Beltane, metaphorically speaking, is how you live for the rest of this year. It is time to leave behind any fears or negative thinking. Dream big and focus on those dreams manifesting in reality. Whatever you are thinking, you will manifest in your future.

The spark of the bael-fires coupled with the black moon and solar eclipse propels you into new beginnings that are aligned with your individual sacred destiny. There is a purification and elevation of your soul light this Beltane. It brings everything into the open where it can be seen. It sheds light on your path whilst the black moon in taurus keeps you grounded, forming the container or cauldron from which you will emerge transformed.

You intimately return to the sensuality of the earth and nature herself. It brings you closer to the divine feminine and the creatrix of worlds. Whether male or female, you will be touching into your feminine side in order to birth new creative plans and projects into the world. It is possible at this time to awaken to the deeper mysteries and your true purpose. There is a lot of heart energy at play, so focus on what you love as well as what you desire.

Any magickal spell cast will be enhanced with this energetic alignment. Love, sex, business and home will enjoy some extra energy from the season and the cosmos at this time, especially if it involves trying something new or planting seeds for the future. Remember to incorporate the element of earth into your magicakal workings.

A great time for divination! Get your cards or crystal ball out. The veil is thin and you will be able to journey in and out of other realms to receive answers to your questions.

Rowan Foxx – IAUSM Resident Witch

Try her FREE course a Taste of Tarot here: https://iausm.mn.co/courses/5945617/content?autojoin=1




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