I Am The Foundation

I Am The Foundation - Root Chakra "Muladhara"

Excerpt from WTF is a Chakra, by Ayse Hogan

If you are going through a hard time, feeling anxious, insecure and vulnerable, are unable to relax and let your guard down, then it might help you to clear and balance your first Chakra.

The Root Chakra, or the Muladhara (Root Chakra in Sanskrit), is the first of the seven main Chakras. It is the center for feeling grounded, safe, and secure in the world, and as such, it is the foundation for your health, wellbeing and for the development of all your other Chakras.

An unbalanced Root Chakra can lead to weight gain or loss, anemia, over or under active sex drive as well as many other negative symptoms. When the Root Chakra is balanced, you can get back on your feet even when facing challenging circumstances. You will feel relaxed, calmer and more secure and can let go of nagging insecurities and fears.

Front Side

The Root Chakra is critical to our survival as it is linked to our fight or flight responses.

This Chakra is located at the base of the spine. More exactly at the perineum (midway between the genitals and the anus). It is the foundation for the other 6 Chakras in this In-Body System and is of crucial importance, as it relates to the earth element, our body’s health, survival, material and monetary existence.

When it is grounded, the Root Chakra can manifest our needs and allows us to accept our limitations. This Chakra also receives basic programming from family genetics for such decisions as to our will to survive.

This Chakra regulates our ability to achieve our most basic and physical needs, which include money, housing, food, clothing, sexuality and passion. It regulates the physical area in which it resides which includes the intestines and our sexual organs.

The sciatic nerve that starts from our Sacral area and goes down our legs is the largest peripheral nerve in the body it’s about as thick as your thumb. This nerve acts like a Root for the nervous system. When our legs touch the ground, it connects us with the earth and with the force of gravity this keeps us connected to the planet.

The four-petal lotus illustrates the Root Chakra as it represents the 4 directions as well as the 4 elements. The small triangle in the middle represents the downward force of the Chakra. Inside the triangle is the Kundalini serpent wrapped around Shiva Lingam which points upward. The seven-trunked elephant named

Airavata symbolizes the heavy like quality of this Chakra and the 7 trunks represent the 7 Chakras.

If we do not balance this Chakra prior to balancing the other Chakras, our growth will be without roots, ungrounded, and will lack the stability required for true growth. Fear is an enemy to this Chakra as it counteracts the sense of safety. Facing our fear can help this Chakra open.

Back Side

The back side of this Chakra is in the lower-frequency dimension and contains all the beliefs and experiences we have ever held regarding our rights to manifest, create, and flourish on the physical plane.

Through this point, we can tap into our core belief systems that affect the nature of our being. The energy we ideally want to channel consists of red (or serpent) Kundalini energy. We ignite this ‘life flame’ through our Root back-side Chakra and open ourselves to our passions, drives, and desires.

When the back-side\Chakra is healed, we can receive all energies needed and we can then heal our physical issues, including addictions, blood diseases, and inherited problems. This allows us to open ourselves to abundance, worthiness, complete health, and belief in our own sacredness.

Attributes of the Root Chakra


Lower-frequency dimension. Based in the universal pool of physical matter from which all life springs.

Physical attributes

Programs DNA. Regulates the body’s chemical balance in reaction to beliefs about being deserving and worthy.
Coordinates genetic coding
Functions as the access point to the globe of humanity and the human drive for procreation.

Mental Attributes

Holds the key to our beliefs about deserving physical life and well- being.

Leads us to the necessary realization that we are a manifestation of divine source energy, and we deserve all that our essential self requires for full expression.

Feeling Attributes

Allows universal love energy to enter through the back side of this Chakr which is the basis for the primary feelings shown through the front side of the first Chakra. If we disbelieve our own goodness, we will stop up the flow and experience rage, hurt, pain, fear, etc.

Spiritual Attributes

Serves as the physical meeting ground for the sacred. Our true essence is breathed into this Chakra, where it is shaped for physical experiences.

Healing Applications

The back side of this Chakra is shaped by all of our prior experiences and beliefs and those of our fellow human beings.

We want to eliminate the blocks in this Chakra, and erase or transform the beliefs that say “I don’t deserve a fully happy life”.

Becoming willing to open to the divine source’s belief system will allow unlimited amounts of manifestation energy into our first Chakra and spinal system.

Inner Sphere

Is regulated by your soul’s relationship with the divine.

Outer Sphere

Your movement in the world. Over functioning causes hyperactive behavior. Under-functioning creates laziness.

Contains & Source

Our Roots, family values, beliefs, heritage, original feelings about ourselves, right to exist, right to occupy space, right to be loved, right to get our needs met, our basic needs; shelter, food, water, love, sex, air, material energy for achieving life’s purpose.

Passion, raw and primal feelings which include rage, terror, joy, survival energy, material energy for achieving life’s purpose, what we deserve out of life

Causes, Symptoms & Addictions

Fear of being alive; deep alienation; being unwanted; feeling undeserving; no passion for life; someone doesn’t want you to live; primal shame, guilt, or terror, overly fearful about security and survival, flighty, habitual, difficulty letting go

Addictions and compulsions, sexual dysfunctions of all kinds, nervous system diseases or disorders, urinary tract disorders, rectal problems, weight problems, hemorrhoids, circulatory, skin or reproductive issues, headaches, family dysfunctions, gender role confusion, childhood abuse issues, money, career, shelter, food and basic needs. Hard drugs, alcohol, work, sex, being ill or sick, getting in accidents, exercise, cutting, sadistic or masochistic behaviors, spending, debt, milk, fat, and meat.

Health Tips & Fuel

Eat 3 balanced meals a day, support adrenals with plenty of water, B vitamins and minerals, daily exercise

Red foods such as meat, beats, grapes, strawberries, and cherries

Stimulated by Dance
Walking barefoot in nature

Surround yourself with pleasing, earthy smells, such as essential oils of cedar, clove, or patchouli.


Valerian, lime blossom, and elder are all healing plants that work to stimulate the Root Chakra. Elder and lime blossom are also good for warming the body


Garnet, hematite, red jasper, coral, onyx, rhodonite, ruby, and black tourmaline are all great stones for healing the base Chakra.


Red meats, dairy, sugar mixed with other substances, sometimes eggs, red fruits, animal products and proteins, wool, many air-and cloth-borne substances and toxins, soaps and cleansers, drug affecting the blood, as in some antibiotics or chemotherapy drugs, some heavy metals

Energy type

Fed by fire energy from inside and outside ourselves. It is the recipient of the kundalini, the raw earth energy that feeds our life force and our survival.

Physical Attributes & Communication

Seat of our genetic and human collective gene pools. Coordinates the genetic passage of the collective past passed in from the 10th Chakra – the Earth Star

Communicates physical and emotional needs through real life sensory impressions like aches and pains, physical awareness, touches, vibrations, smells, movement and feelings. Might even involve getting sick to make us aware of a problem

Mental Attributes & Psychic Communication

Core beliefs about worthiness of life and all that life has to offer. Through physical sympathy, sensations that are not there and belong to someone else; physical pain, illnesses, smells, touches, nausea that seem to come from somewhere else.


The act of reading physical objects is associated with this Chakra.

Spiritual Attributes & Intuitive Communication

Place where we realize that we are the model of God’s expression in the physical.

Causes us to experience an imaginary reality as if we were there by receiving or sending physical sensations directing us to make a significant lifestyle change

Feeling Attributes

Access point to energies that determine our primary feelings or reactions to others’ feelings

Meaning of Sanskrit Name

Muladhara – combines Mul, or base, and adhara, or support


Stability, Will to Live, Self-Preservation, Sense of Trust and Security, Focus


Base of Spine at the Perineum and in the lower frequency dimension

Color & Symbols

Ruby Red, the color of the longest wavelength and slowest vibration in the visible spectrum

The colors black, red and white as well as cultural death and life symbols; scythe, blood, ankh, cross, fertility signs.






Fight or Flight, Survival

Endocrine Gland


Other Body Areas

Legs, feet, bones, large intestine, teeth


Images of serpent, snake dragon or holy fire like the flame of the Holy Spirit

Yin Aspect

“Will to Live”

Yang Aspect

How we put ourselves out to the world


Saturn and Earth






Lodestone, ruby, garnet, bloodstone



Seat of

Existence on the physical plane and the will to live

Key Words


Mantra & Vowel

Lam & O as in rope

Healing Applications

It is shaped by all of our prior experiences and beliefs. We never want to clog up this Chakra by saying something like ” I don’t deserve a happy life”.

We can apply this raw energy to heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

Spiritual Messages

You deserve to be alive, safe, strong, and passionate

“I am safe.”
“The universe is a good place.”
“Everything is going to work out just fine.”
“The universe provides for meabundantly.”
“All is well and I can let down my guard and rest.”

Quote by Rosalyn L. Bruyer
Wheels of Light

“In the first Chakra, to be aware is to be tactile. Nothing happens until it happens in the first Chakra first; and nothing has happened until we sense it, until we feel it in a tactile way, until it touches us…Our interaction with our environment is dependent upon our own bodies ability to simultaneously record and make us aware of the occurrence of some event or experience”



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