Tatiana Cheremnykh

Like many people in the world, I reached a point in my life where I started to question the topic of “health” when my own health spiraled out of control.

There was a tough time in my life where I constantly struggled with a yeast infection. It was not a regular struggle … it was five YEARS of painful, constant symptoms! My whole body was infected with this “parasite.”

I knew that conventional medicine wouldn’t help because I already tried every possible medication that made the symptoms even worse.

Along with traditional trials, I did all kinds of diets, cleaning protocols, detoxes, herbs, medicinal tinctures, homeopathy – and guess what? I was 2-3 days candida free, and then all of the symptoms kept coming back.

Yeast infection is not just a symptom at your VG; it is a symptom that drives your mind crazy! The level of uncontrolled anger feels like it’s 10 out on a 5-point scale. You continuously have sugar cravings, mood swings, anxiety, anger … and all at the same time! It sounds unrealistic, but that’s what happens if the yeast is out of control.

I had moments in my life where I just gave up.

I didn’t do anything for weeks until it became really severe, and I went back to remedies that I already knew. Sometimes I told myself that if I did nothing, maybe it would just magically disappear. Sounds funny, but in the battle with any disease, I will assure you, at some point, you will have these thoughts.

One day, one of my friends gave me a link to the basic course about essential oils from Dr. Eric Zielinski. She mentioned that I told her a while ago that I wanted to learn more about essential oils. I already used essential oils, but primarily for flu season. I could never think about other ways of using essential oils.

So I finished the course, and I liked it. I felt that I not only learned great info, more importantly I was able to find information about my condition.

It was more than just a course … it was HOPE that with everything I now knew, I was ready to fight the beast!

After one week, I received significant relief from the symptoms, and after three months of the healing protocol, I was yeast infection-free. It was not just essential oils, of course! Along with essential oils, I went back to a particular diet protocol, cleansing protocol, meditation, sleep. Yes, lack of sleep may and will lead to the yeast infection if you already have a predisposition.

After I completed my first three months of so-called “yeast infection protocol,” I knew my lovely “yeast” wouldn’t come back!

My mom always called me a “book worm.” I started to read a lot. It was like opening a new world of possibilities, and along with options, I had a lot of doubts in terms of information I was reading.

I thought that joining a professional school will give me what I was looking for – correct information. I joined the professional school of aromatherapy, and it was the best decision of my life.

I hope that my story of the healing will inspire you not to give up!

It doesn’t matter what are you struggling with at the moment … there is always a solution, there is always an answer, there is always a key! You just have to find it.

You don’t need to try to find a single solution, only one remedy.

Any problem can be solved, but in a complex, as a WHOLE.

I teach my clients that essential oils are the gift of God, but we have to respect and don’t waste it.

If you have any challenges you are going through, please consider the following:

1. How many hours of sleep are you getting per day?

2. What is your diet look like? (What do you consume more: processed food or raw? Do you like more veggies or meat? Do you have any food allergies?)

3. Do you exercise (walking counts if it is at least 30 minutes) or you do not move a lot?

4. What is your psychological health (family dynamic, relationships with your co-workers)?

No matter what, I now start my day with my morning “Thank You – Meditation” and use my essential oil blend in the diffuser (sometimes as a perfume).

“Thank You – Meditation” Exercise.

1. First, turn on your absolute favorite music (every day is different, so is my music!). The music should not be loud. The music of your choice should let you concentrate on your thoughts.

2. Turn your diffuser on, or if you decided to use the perfume, apply it on your wrists, neck, under your ears.

3. Start your day with thankful thoughts. What are you grateful for TODAY? Your family, your health, etc? Maybe you’re thankful to wake up without pain or perhaps you’re thankful for your disease because it opened you up to a problem that you need to fix? Thank every single one, wish them well, smile to them.

The exercise doesn’t take too long, but you will see that by practicing it regularly, will bring a great feeling to you, the sense of the WHOLE person.

Next up is my favorite essential oil blend. The blend helps you to get this feeling of true yourself as a WHOLE person. Let’s do it together!

For a diffuser, use 6-7 drops for 100-150 ml of water, and 8-10 drops for 200-350 ml of water.

For a roller blend perfume, you’ll need an empty 10 ml amber glass bottle. Use 2-3 drops of the blend for 10 ml of carrier oil. Let the blend sit for a day or two. Essential oils need time to mix well with a carrier oil (I love to use fractionated coconut oil; however if you have an allergy, you may use any carrier oil that doesn’t have a strong smell).

Tatiana’s I AM WHOLE Blend

● 20 drops Grapefruit Pink
● 10 drops Rhododendron
● 6 drops Bergamot
● 1 drop Rose Otto



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