IAUSM's Grand Opening - Part 2!!

After months of construction and manifestation that can only be described as ‘miraculous,’ we are ready to open our doors to you! Our faculty are brimming with passion to teach you their wisdom, our rooms are ready to hold your attention, and our walls are ready to hold your best interests as you become the best versions of YOU. Come join us as we ring in this momentous occasion at our Launch Party on November 10th for Europe attendees and anyone else! 

Our faculty and council will be sharing with you what they have #iselfmastered, as well as what they will be teaching within our beaming walls! So whether you are curious, interested, or looking for a loving, purposeful community to welcome you with open arms, you needn’t look much further than IAUSM’s Launch Party! 

We are a community rich in wisdom and full of BIG LOVE, and as such, we are full of excitement at the prospect of sharing it with YOU. We look forward to seeing you and welcoming you into our library of souls, our courtyard of dreams, and our matrix of loving wisdom. Are you ready to be more than you thought possible? Are you ready to be AUSM?

Scroll the Page!  Bring all Your Goodies and Set up Your Area to be Celebratory and Win Great Prizes!!  Everyone wins something!  You Must Attend to Win!!

November 10th - 1 PM EST

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Create and Bring Your Own Sign... #ISelfMastered ....followed by one of your AUSM capabilities AND.....

Bring Your Sign, Bring Some Party Favours and Prepare Your Area and WIN!

Bring a glass of wine, a pint of your favourite brew, a cup of tea or a spot of fine scotch to bruise your palate as we celebrate the birth of IAUSM and welcome faculty and students alike!

We will have prizes for each of you that attend and stay for the full celebration!!  For the people who decorate their background and make it celebratory, we have special gifts for you.