Iridology: Your Eyes Tell Stories

Iridology: Your Eyes Tell Stories

Cheryl Millett BSc CCIr

Most have not heard about the science of Iridology.

Some feel it has to do with irrigation or water but it has everything to do with reading our eye or specifically the iris.

Say EARidology or say it like EYEridolgy. Either way, you would be correct.

A Brief Description of Iridology

Iridology is a diagnostic tool that analyzes the coloured part of the eye, the iris. This tool determines the person’s current health condition, their constitution at birth, and inherited weaknesses and strengths. Iridologists look at the colours, the various markings and signs, and how the iris fibers appear either up in an irritated state or down in a degenerative state. The reading is easy to do, quick and non-evasive.

Why Iridology?

After completing my degree in holistic nutrition, my being begged to take the course on Iridology. It started 20 years earlier while in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Iridology was on the list of spa package offerings and honestly, my curiosity got the better of me! The local doctor who did the reading held up a magnifying glass to my eye while jotting down notes. He was spot on and from that day on, the experience was embedded in my mind. After two exams and a thesis on colitis, a piece of paper hung on my wall.

An Iridology Presentation

In 2012, many people who had readings did not know what the practitioner was looking at so I created a presentation where I could show pictures to teach people how it works and what I am looking at in the iris.

I could also provide information on inflammation, my other favourite topic which blossomed into a book called All Guts All Glory – The Root Causes of All Disease. Wouldn’t you want to know how all disease happens? You see, all diseases have an inflammatory component and inflammation shows up in the iris. So you know, the iris is reading your body via your nervous and circulatory systems.

Your Eyes Tell Stories

Iridology can tell us many things but there are things it cannot tell us, such as if you are pregnant which is natural. Since names of diseases are just labels, Iridology cannot tell you if you have cancer but it can tell you the root causes of your condition, such as, if you have a congested circulatory system and if you have stress held in the body. Stress plays a key role in our health as does the mind-body connection and our lifestyle.

Some may hear me say, congested lymphatic system, sodium cholesterol ring, underactive stomach acid, toxic liver, or underactive skin.

The client’s eyes gives me insights on what is happening within their body that they may not yet be aware of (prevention) or a validation (confirmation). Symptoms are wonderful but to point out the root cause is ideal.

One of my favourites is stress rings. This and other markings will be included in the introductory course on Iridology for expanding your awareness.

Cheryl Millett BSc CCIr
Certified Clinical Iridologist

Iridology on IAUSM is part of a series called ‘Self Diagnosis Safely and Effectively’



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