Magical Mabon

Magical Mabon

Rowan Foxx

This is my favorite time of the year! It is the beginning of ‘everything pumpkin’ and that gorgeous energy of the fall equinox. It’s time to settle into the darker part of the year as the days begin to shorten and there is more time for twilight walks in the woods. 

We are about to celebrate the second harvest, known as Mabon. Mabon was the original thanksgiving celebration, it is all about bringing the harvest to a close. The autumn equinox falls on Thursday, September 22nd this year.

It is the lead-up to the final harvest at Samhain. It is also a time for rest and reflection. I don’t know about you, but I have been working really hard these past six months and I am looking forward to sitting back and reflecting on all my hard work.

I have been working on several ebooks and a book on the wheel of the year, as well as classes for 2023! I’m excited to announce that I will be bringing my “To Cast A Spell” series to IAUSM in 2023! So get ready for more magick and enchantment! 

I’ll be posting more magickal ways to celebrate Mabon. Of course, I am always curious to hear what you love about the fall season and your favorite ways to celebrate.



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