Magick In The Moment

Magick In The Moment

By Rowan Foxx

How To Cast Powerful Spells Anytime And Anywhere!

  1. What Is Magick
  2. All You Need Is Your Mind
  3. Sending Out The Thread of Energy
  4. Making The Connection And Energy Transference
  5. We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends
  6. A Bit Of Glamour Never Hurt Anyone
  7. Living A Magickal Life

What Is Magick

Magick is the art of creating change in your life. By focusing your attention on what you desire, you make that desire manifest in your physical world. 

The word Magick was coined by the infamous occultist and magickian Aliester Crowley. Magick is spelled with the letter “k” to denote the ability to create change in your life by directing your will toward your desire.  The word “magic” relates to entertainment, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat or the enchantment you experience at Disneyland.

We do magick all the time. Every time we think a thought, we cast a little spell. If you have ever wished upon a falling star, blown out candles on a birthday cake, or thrown a coin into a wishing well, you’ve cast a spell. 

Magick is happening all around us. If you listen to the phrases people use, I want…, 

I wish …, It will happen…

Every day magickal moments occur and magickal spells are being cast out into the universe. Magick is inherent to the human experience. It is the natural conversation we have between ourselves and the universe.

Sadly, most people are unaware of the potent magickal energies stirring within them.

You were born as a powerful being capable of creating your best life experience.

Isn’t it about time you learned how to use this potent magick to unlock your power and transform your life? Are you ready to have more magickal moments? Are you ready to experience less stress and more ease in your life? Are you ready to be a better partner, a better lover, a better parent, enjoy your career and live life to the fullest? Are you ready to step into your divine power and become a co-creator of your life?

If the answer is “yes”, there is a simple formula that can set you on your way to creating and building a life that brings you more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. 

This is not new information. It is ancient knowledge revisited for modern times. 

It is a sacred alchemical formula that can be applied under any circumstance and in any situation. 

In this ebook, I will teach you the secret formula along with a few exercises to help you develop your magickal abilities.

Get ready to allow your inner witch or wizard out of the broom closet!

It all begins in your mind and with your thoughts.

Mental Magick 

The most important tool any witch or wizard has is not a magick wand or a steaming cauldron, it is the ability to control their thoughts. 

All magick is mental. It all starts in the mind and your imagination is the key that unlocks the door to your magickal inner world. 

Let’s start with the basics;

  1. Magick is a mental process.
  2. Imagination is the initiator of change.
  3. Thoughts become things.

The most important of these items is number 3, thoughts become things. You are constantly creating your life based on where your thoughts are at any given moment. Thoughts are exceptionally powerful and will manifest in your world if you continue to feed them energy. If you focus on a thought for a considerable length of time, it eventually becomes a pattern. This pattern creates neural pathways in your mind that begin to draw experiences to you that support those thoughts and beliefs. 

The longer a pattern of belief exists, the more ensconced it becomes in the subconscious mind. A consistent stream of mental messages continues to flow out into the universe that reinforces the belief system. This is why you continue to have the same experiences over and over again in life. 

By learning how to change your thoughts, you begin to shift the messages that you are sending out into the universe. The universe, therefore, responds by mirroring your thoughts and sending back to you experiences that match up to your new thought patterns. 

Before I delve into creating magick in the moment by mastering your thoughts, let’s look at the alchemical conversation that transpires between you and the universe.  

What happens when you send a thought out into the universe? 

First, it is accompanied by emotion and that emotion fuels the wave of the thought. If the emotion is strong, the thought has more fuel and therefore more power. The universe hears it louder and it gets a bigger response. 

When the thought goes out, it is much like a google search. The thought goes out into the universe, accompanied by emotion, then it travels through various pathways and begins selecting opportunities and experiences based on that thought. These opportunities and experiences begin to bounce back to you and show up in your physical reality.

Let’s take a look at some examples of mental alchemy.

Let’s use money as an example.

“ I never seem to have enough money…”

“I am very underpaid at my job.”

“ I am bad with money. If I have a dollar, I spend it.”

This mental conversation is locking in a pattern of lack or poverty for someone. 

A lot of people are big on using affirmations to correct or create inner dialogue. Affirmations are great, however, be certain they are not starting from a place of what you are lacking.

Magick begins from a ‘ feeling’ place of already having achieved your goal. 

To turn this around, ask yourself a few questions.

  1. How much money would I like to have? 
  2. Now that you have that number, visualize your life feeling financially comfortable.
  3. Lock in the feeling of wealth. 

This is how you begin to shift your mental alchemy. Thoughts are very malleable. Begin to mold your thoughts in the direction of what you want to attract into your life. 

Another trick to use is to invoke your curiosity. Be curious as to how the universe will assist you to solve a problem. 

“ I am curious as to how _______________ will show up for me today.” 

This creates an expectation that the universe will respond to you and your request. 

Remember to visualize the outcome, not what you desire or the process of how it comes to you. See it once you’ve already attained it. Feel what it feels like to have it. How does it change your life? Does it affect other people in your life? Does it shift your home or work environment? 

Begin to cultivate the energy of what you desire. Maybe it is more money, more love, more peace, more romance, better relationships, or a better job.

Think of something in your life right now that needs to shift for you to experience more happiness and joy. 

Once you have your goal, see it as if it has already shifted. Invoke your imagination. What changes as a result of attaining your goal? Now, feel the feeling of attaining your goal. 

Continue to feed the energy of the goal. Imagine all the beautiful changes in your life when you have achieved your goal. Begin to live it in your imagination. Surround yourself in your daily life with items that signify you’ve already achieved your goal. 

Helpful Hint: 

Having items in your life that represent the attainment of your goal act as triggers to the subconscious mind. The power of your subconscious mind begins to work in tandem with your creative mind, drawing your desires to you.

In the 1990s I was a single mom with a young daughter. I worked very hard but was always struggling with money. 

Every time I got in my car to go somewhere I would check the fuel gauge to make sure I had enough gas to get where I was going. I always kept just enough gas in my car to get through a few days or the week. 

One day I decided to fill the tank regardless of whether I had the money or not.  Shortly after, I had a very important epiphany! I noticed that I felt better! It alleviated my anxiety and increased my feeling of abundance. I tried an experiment where I kept my gas tank filled up, always topping it off. After about 2 months my whole economic situation improved! It was… you got it… like magick! 

I encourage you to look around in your life for things that could be potential triggers that are keeping you stuck. Look for subtle cues and pay attention to your inner dialogue as you move through your day. Take small steps in the direction of where you want to go.

Exercise to manifest a goal

Thread of attraction

  1. Form a solid intention of something you want to attract to you.
  2. Visualize this image on the screen of your mind. You already have attained your goal.
  3. Feel what it feels like to have what you want.
  4. Notice how your life is different now that you have attained your goal. Feel the feelings in every cell of your body. Let them flow through you. Allow the feelings to become stronger and stronger. 
  5. Feel the feeling 10 times more. Allow it to flood through you fully and completely. 
  6. Now, ask yourself what color your goal has. Just allow it to bubble up in your mind.
  7. See the color begin to form a thread from your third eye located in the middle of your forehead. 
  8. Allow the thread to carry the vision and feeling out into the universe. 
  9. Let it travel as far as it can go. Expanding out into the universe.
  10. Now, release it completely. It is complete. It is done. So mote it be!

The object of your desire

This is an exercise in energy transference.

You deeply connect with the object you want to attract into your life. This works for tangible items such as a car or a new house. It is fun to start with something small so you can see results manifest quickly. 

 Focus on something you would like to have in your life now. It could be a new outfit or new shoes. Start with something small. The caveat is that you can’t just go out and purchase it. It cannot be easy for you to find it in the store or on Amazon. 

Choose something a little out of the ordinary. 

I used to do this in my early twenties with clothes. I had a unique style of dress and liked more flowing gypsy clothes, not your typical fashion. 

I would get an idea of a dress or a scarf or a pair of shoes that I had to have in my wardrobe. I would imagine wearing the item. I also would put a reasonable price tag on the item since I was in college and didn’t have much extra money. 

My favorite manifested item was a flowing black lace Stevie Nicks’ style dress. It took me less than two weeks to find it in a used clothing store. The best part was that I wasn’t actively looking for it that day. I was just killing some time. I didn’t expect it to manifest quite that soon. 

Of course, many of us have had the experience of manifesting the ideal parking space. 

Once again, in the early 1990s, I would often drive up to San Francisco to visit some friends that lived in Haight -Ashbury. 

Well, it was nearly impossible to get a parking place anywhere by the house. The house was actually on Ashbury. However, I would always end up either right in front of the house or no further than around the corner on Waller Street. One friend asked me “How is it possible that I live here and have to park blocks away from my house all of the time, you visit occasionally and always find parking a few steps away from the house?” 

My answer to him was very simple. 

“First of all, I am lazy and don’t wish to walk too far. Secondly, I have an hour and 30 – minute drive to think about where I want to park when I arrive!”

This is how energy transference works. You focus on what it is that you want and the more you think about how it will happen or come about, the energy automatically flows to it. This connects you through space and time and begins to draw the item closer to you and you closer to it. 

Exercise in Energy Transference

  1. Focus on what you want to bring into your life. It could be an object or experience, like a parking place.
  2. Visualize that you already have the item or experience.
  3. Connect in with the object/experience and send energy to it.
  4. Receive a feeling back from the object/experience. This links it back to you. 
  5. Continue to exchange energy until it feels complete. 
  6. Release and let it go. 

Helpful Hint:

You can use this process to help “call back” a missing item. Connect through the same process to the item and then use a golden thread to pull the item toward you. 

Shifting Time 

I am going to let you in on a little secret. Time isn’t real. That’s right, time does not exist outside of our realm. 

This means that the crafty witch can manipulate time to her or his benefit. 

We have all had those days where the alarm doesn’t go off in the morning or we get stuck in traffic making us late for work. 

If you are simply running late and need time to slow down so you can catch up, try this exercise.

Slowing time

1. Look at the time on the clock.

2. Begin to see the numbers or the hands on the clock as they go backward.

3. Picture the time going backward in quarterly intervals, so every 15 minutes. 

4. It is advisable to give yourself a bit more time. Due to the fluid nature of time itself, this is not an exact science. In other words, if you need an extra half hour, visualize the clock going back an entire hour. 

Communicating with past and future selves

Visiting Your Past 

This is a great exercise to do if you need to plant a seed with your past self for the future.

This is good to use for a specific event, a job interview, first date, public speaking engagement, or any other experience where it would be beneficial for your past self to have a little prior advice or knowledge.

  1. Return to your past self that is currently engaged in the event.
  2. Give your past self the information needed for a better outcome. 
  3. Always send love and healing to your past self as well as the event.
  4. Return to the present.

You may not notice a miracle. However, you will feel lighter regarding the experience. Oftentimes, other synchronicities will follow and you will get a second chance under better circumstances.

You can also use this technique to amplify success. Perhaps you received an award at work, really nailed a public speaking engagement, had the most romantic night with your partner, or had numerous other “feel good” moments.

  1. Revisit your past self in the event.
  2. Allow it to play out again.
  3. Allow yourself to feel how amazing you felt in that moment. 
  4. Allow yourself to feel it in every cell in your body, expanding into your auric field. 
  5. Always send love and healing energy to yourself.

Visiting Your Future Self

The process is essentially the same for visiting your future self. Some reasons to visit your future self are to prepare for something that is coming up. It could be an important event like a graduation or a wedding. It could be a problem you are trying to solve and you are seeking knowledge from your future self to assist you. For example, you are purchasing a new home and wish to know if you will be happy there in the future. 

  1. Project yourself ahead on the timeline.
  2. Connect with the event after it has occurred.
  3. Meet your future self and ask any questions about the future place or event.
  4. Always ask for words of wisdom from your future self. 
  5. Bring the knowledge back with you to the present time.
  6. Make any necessary adjustments to secure the outcome you desire.

Sending Healing to the Future

There is a similar technique you can use to send healing to a future event.  I don’t like to fly so I always send healing energy to my future flight. 

  1. Connect in with the future event
  2. Call upon your angels and guides to assist you.
  3. Visualize a healing stream of energy going toward the event or experience.
  4. Set the intention that all will be safe and calm. Adapt this to the particular situation. If you are making a presentation, you may want to include that you will be eloquent and persuasive.

Crafting Chi Balls

This is a time-saving technique that you can perform ahead of time for those instances when you need a magickal boost. I generally craft chi balls for healing myself. When you are sick or injured it is really difficult to reiki yourself or to even do instant magick to help yourself. Having a chi ball that is pre-programmed and waiting to be called in can be a lifesaver!

  1. Rub your hands together vigorously.
  2. Sense the energy between your hands.
  3. Begin to separate your hands. At this point, you will feel the energy between your hands as it forms into a ball.
  4. Move your hands back and forth, feeling the resistance.
  5. Send an intention into the ball, such as, “ I program this ball with healing energy for ___(insert name)__________ to be called in when needed.
  6. Send healing energy into the ball. If you work with color magick, imbue it with the color green for healing.
  7. If you are attuned to reiki, place a symbol in the chi ball. 
  8. You can also place a magick sigil or symbol in the chi ball.

You can program chi balls for just about any want or need. Protection is another good one to have in your chi ball stockpile. 

These energy balls exist on the inner plane until you call them in and activate them to use.

We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends

Angels, spirit guides, guardians, totem animals, faery friends, and ancestors are some of the inner plane contacts that can help us navigate our lives. The caveat is that we have to remember to ask them for their help. They cannot just jump in because they sense we need them at that particular moment. This would be interfering with our free will.  

Spirit Guides

These companions exist on the spiritual plane and are with us to offer guidance in the daily travails of life. Spirit guides, unlike angels, have had an earthly life and are more sympathetic to our human struggles. Spirit guides have chosen to assist the spirit of another during their physical incarnation. Oftentimes an ancestor spirit will act as a guide. Spirit guides may come and go throughout your life. However, there is one life guide that is with you from when you take your first breath to your last breath.  

Ancestor Guides

Ancestor guides are linked by family lineage and connected to us through blood. Ancestor guides can be several generations removed from us. They come in to protect us and offer support and guidance. Ancestor guides will work with us to clear generational karma. 

Deceased Loved Ones

These are the spirits of people we have known and loved in our lifetimes. They have crossed over the veil to take their place among the ancestors, but remain watchful and protective of us on earth. They offer love, protection, and spiritual guidance. They will also be the friendly faces that we see when it is our time to journey through the veil and cross into the Summerland. 


Totem Animals

Totem animals are spirit animals that aid us from the otherworld. They can travel and gather information for us. They can be attached to a specific family or clan. They share the qualities and attributes of their particular animal with us, as well as the lessons we have to learn. Totem animals generally find you and present themselves to you, either in a dream or vision journey or in actual life. When this meeting occurs, invite them to walk with you. Inquire as to what they offer to you and what you can offer to them in return.


Faeries are also known as the sidhe (pronounced shee). The sidhe are an ancient race of beings who once inhabited Ireland and northern Europe. Descendants of the Tuatha De Danann or children of the Goddess Danu who introduced druidism to Ireland and Britain. It is said they retreated into the natural environment, specifically the faerie mounds. There are numerous species of faerie. Some are benevolent, some are malevolent and some are mischievous. They occupy the same dimension as our ancestors. It is said that most people of Irish descent have faerie blood in them. 

Do your research before working with faeries. Most faeries that are attracted to work with you will be benevolent. However, some can be dangerous. 


An angel is a spiritual being that is closest to the divine. They are superior to humans in power and intelligence. They have never had a human incarnation so it is difficult for them to sympathize with our problems. Angels will bring divinely guided messages. They will intervene on our behalf when called upon to do so.

Ascended Masters 

Ascended Masters are the adepts. They have had past human incarnations and have reached enlightenment through a series of spiritual transformations. They will come in to offer spiritual guidance, especially regarding your life path. The Ascended Masters are assisting with the growth of humanity as a whole. 

How working with Guides can benefit you

As you develop an ongoing relationship with your guides, you will recognize that they are always near you and willing to help you out. No request is too small for them. It is their job to assist us while we are here on the Earth plane.

Ancestor guides have a vested interest in helping us clear family patterns. 

Our soul path guides are with us from the time we take our first breath to our last. They are with us at all times on our life journey. They have a copy of our life map with them at all times, so they know what we set out to accomplish before our birth. They also help us as we cross into the next world at our time of death. 

Totem animals can assist us when working with the animal and the natural world. Our totems can bring us messages through dreams. They also watch over us to protect us and keep us out of dangerous situations. We take on some of the attributes of the animal and we can learn how to shapeshift with them.

Other guides that can be of service to us are runner guides who literally “run” ahead of us to ensure everything is going as planned or to take care of potential obstacles in our path. 

You can call on healing angels when you are sick or injured.  There are spirit guides to help find you parking places and a myriad of guides for different situations. All you have to do is ask.

The more you open up to guides of all types, the more rewarding your life experience will be. It is their job to help us navigate our life path. 

I feel blessed to have such an amazing spirit team to support me.

When I was lost in the woods, I received directions from a dryad. My totem animal, the fox, showed me the way to my hotel when I was hopelessly lost in London. I don’t even have to call upon the parking angels anymore, they are always with me guiding me to the best space. Healing and protection angels are there within minutes of my call. 

Protection Charm 

Instant protection – 10,000 angels

When you require instant protection, use this quick technique to help you. I like to think of this as an angelic 911 call. All you have to do is request the assistance of 10,000 angels NOW! You will be amazed at how quickly intervention arrives!

A Bit Of Glamour Never Hurt Anyone!

When a witch talks about casting a glamour, it usually is not about making themselves appear more glamorous. Well, sometimes it is!  It is about enhancing something about themselves. It can be making yourself appear like the best candidate for the job. A witch would cast a ‘glamour’ in their auric field that exudes the qualities required for the job. 

Here are a few easy ways to craft and cast a glamour.

Cast A Glamour For Health and Radiance

Begin by crafting a chi ball. 

Close your eyes and allow a color to appear in your chi ball. 

Ask that the color represents health and radiance for you. Set the intention that everyone you encounter will see you as a radiantly healthy person. You may want to set other intentions in the chi ball as well. For example, ‘I am at my healthy weight’ or ‘I look 10 years younger. 

Bring the chi ball into your heart chakra and allow it to expand outward flooding your aura with health and radiance.

Glamour For An Event

There are times when you just need to glam up a bit. Maybe it is that class reunion, a friend’s wedding, or any special occasion. Remember, confidence is attractive! 

Begin by crafting the chi ball. 

Let the color come to you and into your ball. 

Infuse the color with sparkles! 

Now, see yourself in the ball at the event. 

Get a solid vision of how good you look. 

Be sure to make it a multi-sensory experience. See yourself. Are you wearing perfume? Listen to the sounds around you. Hear yourself talking to others in a strong confident voice. What are you eating or drinking? Be as detailed as possible.

When the picture feels complete, place the chi ball in your solar plexus. Notice the shift in your energy. Let the energy flood into your auric field. You are ready to go!

To Have An Enchanted Day

This glamour has everything to do with opening up your channels to good fortune. This can also be ‘ Lucky Day’ glamour. The element of enchantment simply adds a bit of magick to it. In essence, it has the magickal feeling of being in between worlds. The atmosphere is a bit otherworldly and you will be prone to messages and encounters with the other realms. If you’re not up for more magick, just do a Lucky Day glamour.

I always use a light purple color for this particular glamour. I set the affirmation into it that today will be an enchanted day with many magickal encounters and surprises. 

When it feels right, place it above your head. Allow it to spiral down around your body and into your auric field. It may shift and change colors as it moves outward and into your auric field. Just notice the colors. 

Pay attention to the subtle things that happen throughout your day. Most of all, pay attention to how you feel when you activate the Enchanted Day glamour.

Enchant An Object

Enchanting an object is not much different than glamouring yourself. You are imbuing the object with an intention. It could be a talisman for protection, a pendant to enhance your intuition, paint brushes for an artist, a particular kitchen utensil, a candle, or your car keys. Any number of items can be magickally enhanced. When working at psychic faires, I always enchant my tip jar! 

Place the object in front of you. Set an intention for the object, ‘ May everyone tip and tip generously’ is the intention I use to enchant my tip jar. Keep your intention simple. I always try for seven words or less. Focus your intention into the object by repeating it several times. See the object soaking up the intention as if it were a sponge. You will sense when the object is fully infused with the intention. I always like to end with ‘ So Mote It Be’ just to seal the spell. It lets the universe know that everything is complete. It also seals the energy into the object. The object is ready to be used!

Living A Magickal Life

Living a magickal life is about being able to shift your circumstances in the moment. Daily life brings many challenges with it and magick in those moments can be extremely helpful. Finding a parking place when you’re running late, making time move faster to get through that office meeting, putting on a glamour before an interview, setting a trigger to help you pass an exam, crafting a shield of safety around your car before a road trip or calling on guides for inspiration while writing a blog. These are just a few examples of how magick can help you move smoothly through your life. 

So, go out and live your amazing magickal life!

I truly hope you have enjoyed this short ebook and I look forward to hearing about your magickal moments.


Blessed Be,



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