Moon Manifesting

Moon Manifesting

with Olivia Whiteman

It is always a good time to manifest. However, during a new moon, manifestation rituals are great to do, especially if you want to shift habits and patterns so you can bring forth something new that you desire.

A great way to do this is to ask yourself, where are you now (in your health, relationship, or business)? Then choose one thing that you want and visualize where you would like to be by the new moon or in three months.

The best way to begin is to create an intention. What is your intention? Where do you want growth? Is it in your personal or business life?

If you can set down on paper what you want from the universe, even better.

Decluttering your space also helps in implementing changes. If you cannot declutter your entire home or office, then just create a clutter-free desk to work on. Add flowers or a plant to your space, not necessarily on your desk.

If you can sage your space, it would be wonderful and smell great too.

Once your intention is clear make a list. Limit it to ten things that you want to either do, delete, change or level up.

Daily read your intention and review your list. This should only take a few moments but it is important that you are consistent in your commitment to what you want to manifest.

I am going to suggest that you also use words that show that you are joyful, happy, marvelous, wonderful, excited, and inspired. Do this daily as well.

Lastly, journaling your thoughts and feelings will give you a safe place to release any negative thoughts you are having and also let you review and evaluate how you are doing.

By being clear and focusing on what you want, speaking words that raise your vibration, journaling, and being committed to your intention, you will quickly see that you are on the road to success.

Cleanse your space

Smudge the area you will be performing the ritual in with sage or palo santo. Light a candle. Place crystals such as Citrine, Ameyhyst, Carnelian or Clear Quartz. On a piece of paper, write down everything that you wish to let go of.

Bathe in the Moonlight

Close your eyes and feel the moonlight on your skin. Inhale deeply. Hold your breath to a count of 4, then slowly exhale. Repeat this as many time as necessary until you feel a shift.

Meditate to manifest

Start to visualize what you wish to manifest. What does it look like? How do you feel? What changes do you see in your life? Sit with these images, feel them.

Set your Intention

Set a mantra. Carefully set flame to the paper, symbolically purging the old and making room for the new. Place the burning page in the bowl and repeat your mantra until only ashes remain.



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