Live Zoom Program by Amy Thomson 

This course starts with Creative Manifestation Workshops where we delve deep into the subconscious to clear and reprogram any contradicting thoughts & energy. Then we learn how to draw beautiful and personalized affirmation designs to set up your home and work space to support your dreams and goals.

There is drawing involved, but you don’t have to be an artist! Just have pens/pencils and blank paper handy

Live Interactive Workshops via Zoom

Recorded Program by Desiree Holmes Scherini

Personal Mandala Making is a Fun and Intuitive, Creative Course that combines whatever elements you choose as you create your own unique piece of meditative art! Your instructor, Desiree Holmes Scherini has combined her studies and teachings in ancient history, hypnotherapy, art therapy and intuitive teachings into this special course. With clear instruction, downloadable pdfs and guided meditation to encourage your own intuitive art journey you will find a sweet respite and happy place to go. You can use it over and over again for multiple Personal Mandalas. Whether you choose to focus on Manifesting, Reflection, Meditation or simply having fun creating a pretty design, you will be enjoying your unique process.

Begins Dec 10 @ 7:00 – 8:30 pm EST


Recorded Program by Sohaila Handelsman

Have you ever thought about trying out a belly dance class? If so, then here you go! I have two fun classes that I have added just for you. Belly dancing is an all over dance exercise that will make you feel amazing. Belly dance has been an integral part of Middle Eastern culture and has spread throughout the world wherever that culture is found. It has been appreciated by both sexes and all ages for centuries. Now you will know just why so many people flock to this dance. Enjoy!


Recorded Program by Stephanie Lee

These classes will help you start transforming your body to get a fit and toned in a short time by Increasing your muscle flexibility and stretching your whole body. You will experience how to reduce stress and start you day fresh and feeling great. See and feel the difference in one class.Pop Pilates is a pre choreographed workout to contemporary music.Enjoy!

Mandalas healing is a traditional spiritual art with a deep significance that allow us to remember the symbols of the cosmos, and it represent the wholeness and a show us the organizational structure of life itself.

Recorded Program by Mercedes Michaels

A short online course on breast care, self love and positive body image! It is time to start a conversation, to teach women how to love our breasts as they are! To revolt against the unrealistic imagery that has now become the “norm”! Imagine how it would feel to be completely at home in your own skin? No longer having to compare yourself to the unrealistic standard set by the media!


Recorded Program by Sohaila Handelsman

When you adapt physical movement into your every day healthy lifestyle you begin to feel more alive and invigorating. So give NewVo fitness a try and see how you will feel after. Enjoy these two complimentary classes!



Live Program with Laura Armstrong

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone in everyway: personally, emotionally, professionally, etc. But this doesn’t have to define where we want to be in 2021, that’s all up to you. It’s time to take hold of your future and step into your power.

Over these three days we will go through some fantastic training where you will learn skills, push yourself, and take a look at how to move forward in your business and your leadership. You will have to do the work and implement the changes, but I will be right there with you, guiding you along the way. Everyone will receive worksheets to use designed specifically for what we are covering in the challenge.

You will come out of this challenge with a clear picture of where you want to be in your business and how to overcome some of the things holding you back to make the impact you desire through your business on the world. It will be a great opportunity to get clear on what success looks like for you and the path to achieve it. I work side by side with you to make it happen!

March 22- 24, 2021 from 4:00PM-5:00PM EST


Recorded Program by Dianne Collins

Every one of us would like a great relationship with Money. This is achieved by establishing a conscious relationship with Money. A conscious relationship with Money must be cultivated, with intent.

Strengthen your confidence and command with Money by mastering  a conscious relationship with it.  An enlightening experience of Money in the 7 Dimensions frees you of limiting concepts about Money and integrates new wisdom in you. 

This course is in 3 parts, where I have included specially selected excerpts from my 28-video masterclass, Master Your Mind, Master Your Life – combined with a unique interview with me by a Wealth Consultant during an online Conscious Wealth Summit.

Recorded Program by Melinda Aszatlos

Welcome to a completely different approach to awakening your flow of wealth and prosperity. I would like to invite you to a course that will vibrationally align you to the wealth you are asking for; wealth that goes far deeper than just increasing your alignment and vibration to prosperity. You will learn how to generate, receive and have the joy and peace of wealth in multiple areas of your life.


Recorded Program by Emma Romano

Emma’s mission is to spread the word far and wide that hypnotherapy, mindset and lifestyle are the places people need to address if they are serious about overcoming illness and blockages in life, and in turn, living a life of health and happiness.

Mandalas healing is a traditional spiritual art with a deep significance that allow us to remember the symbols of the cosmos, and it represent the wholeness and a show us the organizational structure of life itself.

Live Zoom Program by Evan Gregor

Using “Inner Reconciliation” and other tools, all of levels of experience will benefit from this unique approach to inner work that goes deep into the underlying emotions and feelings stored in the body around a variety of aspects of money. Join the events live to participate in the live recording of the material!


Deeper Dive Courses


Recorded Program by Emilee Matthews – $297USD

Welcome Beautiful Soul!  It’s time to slow right down and reconnect with your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul. Embark on a gentle healing journey of Self Love, Self Awareness and Self Discovery using the magical teachings of Traditional Hatha Yoga


Recorded Program by Mike Popovici – $197USD

This is what will help you balance a busy life, to be effective, and to get all the benefits of breath work, mindfulness, meditation, and energy work in one. All made in easy to follow 10 minute exercises that you can do any time and any where. Created by someone who was always too busy to find the time to take care of himself.


Recorded Program by Stephanie Lee – $97USD

This program will be all about one thing: Getting your Core in tip top shape…oh and Fun!!. That means you will have fun learning all about what The Lee Method has to offer for your body, mind and Core. This course is for every fitness level to Experience a new and fun way to stay fit and keep in shape.


Recorded Program by Sohaila Handelsman – $147 USD

NewVo is a researched based program with over 25 years of study. NewVo® is a dance inspired fitness program that is founded on dance styles from around the world, with the enhancement of traditional Middle Eastern and Folkloric dance moves. Weekly classes to inspire, empower and get you that much closer to a new you, PLUS bonus meditations and affirmations between to assure that you stay focused and inspired throughout!


Recorded Program by Cheryl Millett- $88 USD

Y-Dan exercises are for all ages. The Y-Dan exercises are simple and easy to do in the comfort of your home with the luxury of taking this easy to learn routine anywhere you go. Y-Dan exercise classes are learnings to start your day in a relaxed way.



Recorded Program by Alain Jean-Baptiste – $297 USD

This 7-step process, containing revolutionary mental development methodology makes it simple to demonstrate how you, just like the individuals in the training before you, possess the same innate power to unleash your own intuitive and even psychic gifts as you sculpt your own mental awareness. Easy-to-follow course that enhances the video training. Discover the missing elements that hold you back. Finally, take control of your outcomes in business and other aspects


Recorded Program by Sohaila Handelsman – $197USD

Good goal setting can mean the difference between achieving success or not. Taking a long-term vision and setting SMART goals will build a life aligned with your priorities. This course will help you achieve your goals for today, tomorrow and beyond. It’s time to turn your goals into success and today is where you will begin!

Whether you goals is to land that dream job, achieve financial security, take that vacation, pursue that passion you always dreamed, or just get back in shape, this course will assist your endeavours to make those goals your priority and success.

You can do it and I am here to help you get to where you want to be.



Live Zoom Program with Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD $997 USD

It is time for you to get to that place where you are fully aware that in living your dream, your purpose – (the one far bigger than even you can imagine) – you experience a you far larger and more Real than you ever knew was possible.

Energetically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, you can become so much more – claiming a far larger energetic footprint than exists now. There are steps to take – inner growth to be achieved – and permission to be granted that allow you to fly far past the present moment.

THAT is what this course is about.

10 Week Live Course With Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville

Tuesday mornings @ 10am EST

Starting March 30th, 2021


Recorded Program by Bob Doyle – $127USD

A special in-depth, chapter by chapter breakdown of “The Science of Getting Rich,” facilitated by Bob Doyle, featured expert in the film and book “The Secret.” After years of teaching the complexities of the Law of Attraction, Bob is bringing you back to the basics – and it’s really all you need to know.

There are things about the way you think that have brought you to this point. Without new ways of thinking, and constant guidance and “prodding” to make sure your thoughts are serving you, your Ego will simply interpret what you learn in a way that is more likely to keep you where you are, than to inspire growth – because the Ego resists change with everything its got.

This is why this course exists.



Recorded Program by Susannah Juteau

Therapeutic Fasting is a healing technique that has seen massive success when utilized properly for gut healing, decreased inflammation, brain health, weight loss, and increased energy levels. With this quick start course, you will learn how 24-hour fasting can be even more beneficial than the more popular forms of fasting (16:8, 18:6, OMAD that are typically followed for weight loss) due to your body being exposed to longer periods of autophagy. You will learn how to follow a 24-hour therapeutic fasting protocol (sometimes referred to as 5:2) and why increasing fat burning mechanisms are beneficial for overall health. This is a get-started guide that only brushes on the research but gives you a plan for getting started right away.




Take a journey into the deeper realms of consciousness and awareness.


Taking a whole body approach to healing is what really works using powerful therapeutic methods


Experience qi gong, yoga, rebounding, dance and many other techniques to soothe and heal your body.


From mandalas to sound healing, a joy for the mind and body


Various oils, herbs and potions can heal your body and tantalize your taste buds


Build valuable business and money mastery skills and confidence.


IAUSM Core Value

Perception and belief are very personal things. We are proponents for an open-minded approach, even in cases where we can agree to disagree. We understand that condemning an idea or thought, closes the doors to learning. Additionally, the diversity of knowledge presented on our platform will resonate with our students in accordance with their personal interests. We encourage students to expand their thinking and explore new thought-models that invigorate the mind, body or soul.