My Wife’s Journey From Burnt-out and Fatigued To Healing Metamorphic Artist!

My Wife's Journey From Burnt-out and Fatigued To Healing Metamorphic Artist!

Sam Neffendorf

When someone is in the depths of their healing journey, it can feel hard to even imagine a way out.

Let alone, how much better their life could be in just a few months’ time.

Yet, that’s exactly what can happen if you move beyond seeing your symptoms as something that has gone wrong. 

Seeing them instead as messages from your body about what you need to change in order to live a more aligned and fulfilling life.

This is the journey that my wife, Star, has been on over the last year or so.

In October 2021, she was virtually bed bound with burn out and chronic fatigue.

There were a few factors that combined to cause her adrenal cortex to stop providing her energy to continue doing what she was doing. As well as developing a range of other symptoms, including muscle pain, sciatica and brain fog.

These included:

👉 Ignoring how past traumatic events from her childhood and teenage years were affecting her life (until they were effectively shouting at her that they needed looking at)

👉 Having a tendency towards people pleasing (due to the above), meaning that she didn’t maintain boundaries when it came to putting her needs first, and getting involved in doing too much for others, even to the point of exhaustion

👉 Anxiety and specific self-worth issues that made it difficult for her to acknowledge how awesome her artwork was and put it out into the world

👉 Plus the tiredness and challenges of unexpectedly (yet wonderfully) becoming a mum for a second time at 42.

Now, you might wonder why she experienced all of these challenges when married to such an incredible EFT practitioner…

As well as being trained in EFT herself.

And, over the years, she has had many great results in many areas of life using tapping techniques.

Whether working with me or with other practitioners. 

But, we’ve been together for 24 years and with so much history together, she can understandably have a lot of resistance to working with me on some areas.

Anyway, this isn’t about me.

It’s about her transformation and the amazing work that she is now doing as an artist, with a focus on metamorphic, healing artwork, under the name of Lunita Loca (Crazy Little Moon). 

You can check out her awesome work here.

Since last October, Star has found these healing practices incredibly valuable:

✨ Plant medicine ceremonies, including Ayahuasca and Psilocybin

✨ Emotional processing with EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and The Journey

✨ Understanding herself through learning Human Design (This really enabled her to see how she had been draining her energy through acting out of alignment with how she operates best in the world)

✨ Ecstatic Dance

✨ Film Medicine creativity programme

As well as dietary and nutritional changes.

However, there was an unexpected event which had a massive effect on her: 


While this led to an incredibly painful and traumatic 24 hours, Star says:

“It gave me a new lease of life, energy, creative passion and a little extra crazy!

After the sting I went 100% onto my creative path with a new direction, confidence and inspiration. There was no looking back.

Who would have thought that the scorpion venom was actually the medicine I really needed?” 

Interestingly, it triggered her complete healing from sciatica – which is about not being able to step forwards from the META perspective.

Following that, Star truly has stepped forwards, sharing her art with the world through two amazing events locally, including a crowd-funding event for a poetry book project she is co-creating with the Creative Cat Cafe and her launch exhibition. 

She has also launched her online presence with this ART SHOP and website.

There’s a lot more to this story and I hope to share more of the information relating to the healing journey, from the META perspective.

However, I wanted to share this today as a beautiful example of how these deep healing journeys, which can seem incredibly dark and painful at the time, can become opportunities for awesome life transformations.

And I also wanted to share Star’s AWESOME WORK for you to enjoy!


With love
Sam x

p.s. Everyone’s healing journey is unique. While Star found psychedelic plant medicines beneficial in her life, this is not recommending them for anyone else. And we certainly don’t recommend the scorpion sting!



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