Our dynamic council is represented by a team of eight councillors who are committed to the vision of IAUSM, and who live by the Academy’s core values of: Respect, Integrity, Encouragement, Equality, and Open-Mindedness.

Each councillor embodies a specific role, designed to act as a pillar, that supports the foundation and progression of the Academy’s evolving needs.

The number eight is symbolic to us as it represents the concept of infinity, and the constant flow of energy and power. As the world continues to shift and upgrade, we as a community will swiftly move accordingly, to continue to shape and mold our students into the next best version of themselves. Afterall, we believe we are all like Diamonds reflecting light in infinite ways, shaping and re-shaping ourselves to project light in certain trajectories based on our unique life experiences and from what we have learned.

No matter how small, or large, a diamond is pure, strong, and capable of bringing BIG LOVE into each others’ lives.  Not only do our councillors gather as the 8 pillars that hold together the foundation of such a BIG loving platform, but we hold the vision of self-mastery as its’ focal point.

We are the Diamond People; we call forth the continuation of this vision in the radiance of Light while acknowledging the unique sovereignty within ourselves and each other. We believe you too, are the Diamond People, shaped to perfection under life’s pressure to become more centered in your hearts and connected to the higher mind.

It is with great pleasure, that we refract our lights onto each other: the light of awareness, the light of truth, the light of higher thinking, and the light of expansion, where the darkness is absolved and we can enlighten all of humanity, as a community, starting with ourselves. 

Time to Meet the Multi - Faceted IAUSM Council

Visionary & C.H.I.E.F, Ayse Hogan

Her allowance to receive the messages of the highest good and diligence to accompany such visions with passionate action has been the foundation for IAUSM’s development, and she continues to expand in her role as she upholds all others whom she has attracted and will attract to IAUSM. 

Her fiery energy and limitless imagination is invaluable to all she has built, as she is constantly opening new doors and facing whatever challenges arise in order to bring her vision to life. Inspirational would simply be an understatement. 

She will be the first you will meet upon your arrival, and will be there by your side every step of the way to ensure that your journey in self-mastery is met with grace, empowerment, encouragement, and BIG LOVE. A caretaker, teacher, leader, mentor, and friend, she is both the glue and the architect, the visionary and the worker, the teacher and the student. 


IAUSM Developer & IT, Christopher Walsh

We could not have found a better individual to bring the IAUSM vision to light.  His expertise and skill was exactly what SHE needed to be brought into this world.  Matching technology to an intricate vision, without compromise,  is no easy task and beyond most in this field.   Many people can play the piano, but few are truly gifted pianists.  Christopher is that gift to IAUSM.

The Spirit of IAUSM brought Christopher to us, and we are so grateful.  Together with is father, GP Walsh, they form one of the main foundational pillars of IAUSM.


IAUSM Development Team, GP Walsh

Who knew that now Enlightenment Guru, GP Walsh, was once a Tech Guru, and his sons have taken over those reigns.  For the sake of IAUSM, GP reached into his past and pulled forward those resources to assist IAUSM in her mission.   GP spent endless hours, testing all aspects of IAUSM to ensure optimum functionality, and with his son shine a bright light on the academy.

GP is an important part of our council and his wise advice is a blessed part of our lives.  In addition,  you will find many courses inside the virtual walls of IAUSM for students growth and empowerment.  


Public Relations & Media, Lisa Berry

Lisa is truly a divine energizer bunny.  Her constant high-end energy and sense of humour is an amazing addition to the council.  She is an expert in breathing life into dreams and she is always a glass, not just half full, but overflowing kind of soul.   Lisa lives vibrantly, energetically and happily and guides others to do the same.  Her whole life is about finding possibilities and enthusiasm is her fuel.

Lisa wears many hats in her personal career, and her years as a Radio Show Host and Podcast Trainer coupled with her high vibration made her the perfect Councillor of Public Relations & Media.


Compliance & Scribe, Dylan Hunter Olson

Dylan is our youngest council member and our jewel with many facets.  His boundless creativity and willingness to rise above and beyond any challenge has made Dylan, an integral part of IAUSM.  He is our magic scribe, he is filled with music and his appreciation for the quality of life resonates with great potency.  

Where to place a gem like this in IAUSM was not an easy choice, as his talents are many, and his resistance is non existent.  Look for him inside the walls of IAUSM because like tasteful graffiti, you will find him everywhere on our virtual walls.  His purpose is to be an example for men to step into their authenticity, and for all to live their purpose.


IAUSM Relations & Media, Tomás Garza

Tomás continues to surprise with his many talents and skills.  As a member of the IAUSM council, he has one of the most exciting positions.   He gets to shine his light on each faculty member during on interview in a series we call, the “Faculty Spotlight”.   In addition, he has found a home for his legal background, when it comes to assisting in the creation  of policies and procedures for IAUSM as well as heading up Council Relations.  He keeps us guessing with his “stone face”, never knowing what he is thinking, and when asked, it always turns out to be something AUSM.

He is also a dynamic Podcast Host and he works closely with Lisa Berry to find ways to grow our IAUSM Media presence via interviews, our own Podcast Network and Radio Shows.


CHIEF's Liason & Editorial Assistant, Stephanie Carvalho

Ask and Ye Shall Receive !!  Ayse specifically asked for someone like Stephanie to be her right hand in IAUSM, and instead of a someone like her, she was gifted with the original.  Stephanie’s compelling desire to give more to the world and to be the catalyst that will shine greatness on a global scale, is what makes her a positive impact on this council.  

Her strengths are many and she excels in sales, training mentors, team leadership and the list goes on.  She creates an environment the drives people to want to self master and elevate.  We have not even scratched the surface of what Stephanie will bring to IAUSM.


Compliance & Social Media, Hafeez Sumani

Hafeez is an interesting man to describe. He is gentle yet serious, quiet yet always heard, vulnerable yet strong and an observer yet a catalyst.  Passion is evident in him when it comes to personal development and spirituality.   It is his heart based mission to guide others to broadcast their talents and skills to accelerate their lives.  Hafeez states that there is no greater joy, that to be of service.

There are no coincidences, so it was very synchronistic that IAUSM shined her light on him.  He is at home with his multi-hyphenate skills to serve not only this community, but all of humanity.


Join our Faculty

Do you remember why you started doing the work you are doing?  Do you spend more time marketing and less and less time doing what you love? 

At IAUSM we are a collaboration of passionate faculty whose purpose is to bring mastery to those ready to find their true meaning by giving them the the strategies, capabilities, tools and resources to get there.  If you are intrigued and want to learn more, then click the button and book your zoom call with our CHIEF and Founder, Ayse Hogan.