Perception Plays an Integral Role in Parenting!

Perception Plays an Integral Role in Parenting!

Roisin Bergin, Experienced Kids & Teens Yoga/ Mindset Teacher

Perception is key, how we view our children, the expectations we set, the boundaries we make (or don’t make), the parts of the stories we choose to tune into and tell, how you yourself were brought up, the beliefs you have about yourself, your abilities and your place in this world all helps shape and form the children in your care.

The way we see ourselves as parents has been shaped by what others have told us about what it means to be a parent. It’s important for us to be aware of this so that we can make sure that our actions are based on what we truly feel about ourselves as parents rather than on what others have said or done before us.

There are two ways to approach this: firstly by adjusting your own perception of yourself and secondly by adjusting how you view your child. The first step is easier than you might think; it just requires a little bit of self-reflection.

The second step is more difficult because it requires that you look beyond what is easy for you and consider how others might perceive things differently than you do. This can be especially hard when it comes to raising children because they are so impressionable at such a young age—but it is absolutely necessary if we want them to grow into well-rounded adults who can handle anything life throws at them!

So next time someone asks for advice on raising kids? Try sharing some tips about how perception plays an integral role in parenting! 



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