Join Us in "I" Got This with Visionary Ayse Hogan and
Co-Host Dylan Hunter Olson

Monday, April 5th/2021

Have you been feeling a new sense of connectedness with yourself and the world that you can’t rightly explain? Have you been detaching and disidentifying with your otherwise “small” sense of self that no longer serves you in this new human experience?

Monday, April 12th/2021

As a High Channel, I get messages for humanity and I love that I can share them with you…it is time to Remember!

Monday, April 19th/2021

Join us as we explore the nature of beliefs and how many of us operate out of the same human software for most of our lives, as well as where we wane and succeed in our spiritual practices. 

Have you considered that you aren’t genetically predisposed to ANYTHING, and that you can activate your DNA strands and reprogram them simply from exacting your will and power of belief? 

Let’s take a journey into the nature of belief and how the human condition is much more limitless than we have been led to believe. 


Tuesday, May 4th/2021

Today’s Episode of Daily Revelations and Remembrances is called ZEN GARDEN – How to find your peace.

I have been getting messages in my writing and my channelling, it has become overwhelmingly amazing but the biggest message is that I must share it…so I will be doing so daily.

If you are looking for guidance to gain assistance in bringing yourself to a place to move into the spaces I will be speaking of, please reach out to me, I am here for you always.