Rainbow Coloured Toolbox

Rainbow Coloured Toolbox

A Colourful Series by Brenda Lanigan

Have you ever had a moment where you felt that deep knowing within yourself but, doubted yourself anyways?

That deep knowing that has you smiling and knowing “I’ve got this!” But, then the ego steps in and says “how do you know?” That darn ego that pops it head up at the most inopportune time to ruin a beautiful moment you are having with your inner self.

Do you wish at times like those, that you had a tool kit of extra help that could quiet your ego and give you the inner faith to believe in yourself?

Well, I have a little surprise for you. There is such a tool kit that is available to each and every one of us. It is filled with such wonderful energy and is the stuff that rainbows are made from!

Are you curious? Read on.

Take a moment to notice the colours in your environment.

Notice the colours that are prominent in your wardrobe

Is there a favourite outfit or sweater that you like to wear?

Do you eat a rainbow of colours each day?

It’s time to become aware of the impact that these shades and hues have on your body, mind and spirit.

The colour we will be exploring in this article is Indigo. Indigo represents our higher self. This energy sits on your forehead, right between your eyebrows. It is also known as the 3rd Eye. This is where your intuition resides as well. Indigo is a wonderful colour to work with if you are looking to increase, or to begin accessing your psychic abilities, have clearer insights or have a deeper connection with yourself.

A great tool that I like to use to connect with the 3rd Eye energy is an indigo-coloured crystal placed on the forehead, between the eyes. (My favourite is Labradorite).

Indigo supports the autonomic nervous system; all those wonderful things the body does without you having to think about it! Things such as heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature, to name just a few.

Indigo is a wonderful colour for pain management through colour breathing, as well as being helpful to bring a sense of peace and calm to a situation and to help you sleep.

There are some cautions for people who have overactive traits of indigo; these are people who have serious mental illness or depression, feelings of paranoia, delusions, they may be judgmental or unable to live in the present. In these cases, indigo should not be used. However, incorporating indigo’s complimentary colour of orange is an amazing way to bring balance.

If you or someone you know is timid, has coordination or trust issues, this shows an underactive indigo trait and incorporating indigo colour would be beneficial. Eating foods such as eggplant or any of the dark berries is helpful, bringing indigo into your environment is also a great way to boost the energy of this colour!

A great way to do this is (for anyone who LOVES pillows, this is for you!) Colourful pillows are great! They are easy to change depending on the colour you want to use. Cut flowers is also a wonderful way to bring in colour as well as the feeling of sunshine!

You can incorporate colour in so many ways! Be creative to see what you can come up with! When the indigo trait is balanced, you are friendly, spontaneous, thoughtful and imaginative. People will love to be around you as you bring a sense of peaceful calm to any situation.

Now, a handy tip for those who have children or grandchildren! Using the cool colours of blue, indigo and violet are wonderful for bedding and pajamas as they help bring a sense of peace and calm. These are also known as the sleeping colours which reduce restlessness, and are a signal for the mind to begin to calm and rest. Creating a bedtime ritual of colour breathing will help them fall asleep in no time!

As you can see, Indigo is another wonderful colour to add to your rainbow toolbox!

In closing, an affirmation I would like to leave you with for accessing the indigo energy is: I AM connected to all there is. I AM divinely guided on my journey. I AM loved.

Keep an eye for the next issue where we’ll be taking a look at another beautiful colour and the benefits it has for you and your tool box!



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