Rainbow Coloured Toolbox

Rainbow Coloured Toolbox

A Colourful Series by Brenda Lanigan

Have you ever had a moment where you felt like you didn’t matter or you had thoughts of not being good enough?

You know those thoughts. The ones you would never say to anyone else, but if you tuned in and wrote them down you would be horrified. Unfortunately, many times we aren’t paying attention, so instead they continually run in the background. This gives a very limited lens to view the world, due to the filters these thoughts create.

Do you wish at times like those, that you had a tool kit that could help you change those thoughts about yourself, remove the filters and give you a knowing deep within yourself, that, without a doubt that you DO matter?

Well, let me share something with you. There is such a tool kit available to each and every one of us. It is filled with such wonderful energy and is the stuff that rainbows are made from!

Are you curious? Read on

Questions to ask yourself:

What colours do you wear the most? Are they bright and colourful?

Take a moment to notice the colours in your environment.

Are there any prominent colours that seem to be everywhere? What colours are they?

It’s time to become aware of the impact that these shades and hues have on your body, mind and spirit.

The colour we will be exploring in this article is PINK. PINK represents unconditional love for ourselves as well as others. This loving energy along with the colour green represents the heart chakra.

PINK is a wonderful colour to work with if you need to release past pain and trauma that have left you feeling unworthy or not enough and therefore blocking you from living a life full of love and enjoyment.

A great tool that I like to use to connect with heart energy is a rose quartz crystal. This is wonderful to wear as jewelry, have in your pocket or in the environment.

PINK is a wonderful colour for calming worriers, those who stress about everything or to send love to oneself if you are having difficulties. You can do this through colour breathing. PINK also brings a sense of peace and calm to any situation.

There are some cautions for people who have overactive traits of PINK; this colour may stimulate overactivity for those with anger issues, creating anxiety and additional stress.

If you or someone you know suffers from low self-esteem, isolation or not wanting to be around others, incorporating the colour PINK would be beneficial.

Guava, certain types of seafood or Himalayan salt are some of the wonderful pink foods that vibrate to this specific energy. Also, bringing pink accents into your environment is also a great way to boost the energy of this colour!

When the pink trait is balanced, you are loving, friendly and have a strong sense of self. People also love being around you as you are inclusive and encourage others to be themselves.

If you have children or grandchildren, bringing in a component of self-worth and self-love at an early age will help develop a healthy love of themselves as well as others.

As you can see, PINK is another wonderful colour to add to your rainbow toolbox!

In closing, an affirmation I would like to leave you with for accessing the pink energy is:



Keep an eye for the next issue where we’ll be taking a look at another beautiful colour and the benefits it has for you and your tool box!



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