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By placing this secure order, you agree to enroll in our annual subscription plan and to our Terms and Conditions.  Your payment method will be charged the annual fee $11/month charged annually for the first year and annually thereafter at the then-current rate.  You can cancel at any time which you will find in your profile under memberships and subscriptions.

Once inside IAUSM, please look at our Welcome and Next Steps page to get you started and you will automatically be enrolled into our Welcome To IAUSM Tutorial which will guide you through making full use of the academy.

You can also reach out to Alessia Minuto, one of our students and also head of Student Council.  Find out how to become part of Student Council, if you like and help IAUSM evolve into a better and better experience for students as they step into their mastery.

Welcome and we look forward to having you here.  See you inside.

Please note there is a 100% Guarantee.  We offer a 15 day money back guarantee if you don’t love the conscious community and all the amazing inclusive content that you can jump into right away.

Feel free to reach out to Visionary and Founder, Ayse Hogan at any time.  You can message her at IAUSM HQ when you enter into the community.

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