Resistance is a Powerful Teacher

Resistance is a Powerful Teacher. Don't ditch its class just to fit in

Jules Hare

We’ve all done this right?

I remember being in high school and trying a lot of different things, ANYTHING to ‘fit in’. 

One of the most memorable was shaving my legs.

Those who know me well will laugh about this and understand because I was a ‘tom boy’ of sorts, a skateboarder, a jock. I was more of a chameleon than anything, so I tried on lots of different hats. 

That first time I shaved my legs though, I remember thinking “people spend days of their lives doing this? Not for me thanks”

Resistance is ALWAYS there to teach us something, but so often we make it a finite stopping point.

Whether it’s being lazy, not having energy, getting complacent or just needing a break.

Pushing up against resistance is work, and it’s definitely not always the right time.

Trust your heart though, and drop into your awareness and you’ll KNOW when you’re just taking the easy path so you won’t stand out and ensure you’ll fit in. Or when the resistance truly is there to slow you down, to make you stop and truly take the opportunity to notice things differently.

Our absolute greatest strength is being our weird and wonderful selves. It takes courage but after leaning into it and practicing, it’s SO much easier and well worth it, for YOU and everybody you connect to 😁💞

-Jules Hare



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