Self-Awareness for Kids

Self-Awareness for Kids

Roisin Bergin, Experienced Kids & Teens Yoga/ Mindset Teacher

EFT stands for the Emotional Freedom Technique and that’s pretty much what it does it releases emotions. It’s a simple, effective tool that you can use to help your kids recognise and manage their feelings. The idea is that by dealing with it at the moment, they won’t be affected by those painful things in the future.

EFT is a simple technique that teaches children to recognise their emotions and understand how they affect them. It also teaches children to think about why they feel the way they do, which helps with self-awareness.

When kids learn to identify their feelings and understand why they have them, they have an easier time managing their emotions and making good decisions. This means that not only do kids learn to understand themselves better but also that they’ll be able to relate better with others as well.

It’s really good because it helps them to separate their behaviour from who they are and it helps us moms see them for the struggling little human that they are rather than the onslaught that they are firing out with. So, they might just start uncontrollably crying and that’s a release of emotions. Tears are a way of rinsing the cortisol (the stress hormone) out of the body.

EFT is so easy to use with children of all ages and on yourself. It works by tapping on the pathways that flow throughout the body. It helps work through those BIG feelings using the meridian points to release all kinds of blockages in the system.

What I really like about EFT is that as a parent it takes the stress out of finding out what’s wrong. As a parent, we want to be there to fix it all though if they don’t know why they’re feeling the way they’re feeling they think they’ve done something wrong. So unlike therapy, it’s not looking at the reasons for what’s wrong. It’s going to the root of it all and releasing the energy from the body. 

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Got questions or looking to find out more, feel free to reach out anytime. More than happy to help~

Big Love,
Roisin x



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