Separating a Child from their Behaviour!

Separating a Child from their Behaviour!

Roisin Bergin, Experienced Kids & Teens Yoga/ Mindset Teacher

As a child, we pick up many of our programmes and beliefs from our parents’ and other significant people in our lives. We accept that we are ‘good’ when our parents praise us and punish us when we are ‘bad’. If you’re the parent of a young baby or toddler who is now growing up, it’s time for you to take a look at those one-liners that spill out of your mouth and consider if they are beneficial for your little one. Or whether they are stories that you want to change? The opportunity is here now!

How we speak to our children, the labels we give them, the implied doubt in their abilities, the criticism and shame we use to control them, will become, one day, their inner critic, their limitation, that little voice that will stop them from becoming truly magnificent.

We are not our own thoughts and behavior; they are based on our beliefs and stories. Our language and state of mind are the two largest contributors to how a child will become. Words can be damaging which is why we need to learn how to speak life into our children by changing some of the negative things that may have been said to us in our lifetime or even just by losing ourselves in the moment.

If you are a parent, grandparent, teacher or carer you can help stop the cycle and make a change by focusing on the good. The language that we use and the behavior that we show can make or break a child. By sifting through our own internal world, clearing up our beliefs and shifting our language into the positive will draw the good from each child that you meet. You will have a massive positive impact in how you are with your children and how they will be with themselves, as they grow into confident, loving, caring, adventurous, strong adults of the future!

Being a parent is never easy, but it seems to be getting harder. You can now help change the world and promote peace by changing your own behaviour. Change the way you talk to your children and they will grow up with a whole new outlook on life. By shifting your internal language and beliefs, you will have an amazing positive impact on the future generations.

Be the change you wish to see in the world!



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