Take a journey into the deeper realms of consciousness. 

Included When You Join the Community

Live Zoom Program by Marbeth Dunn

Welcome to your introduction to A Course In Miracles! Complete this introductory exploration and then join in the Study Group which is meeting weekly. In our overview, we will be studying and discussing the broad concepts of the Course and how you can use them to create miracles.

Live Zoom Program by Nancy Carruba

This course teaches us practical ways to harness our own personal power and feel empowered to live our best life. This course is an excellent step in self – discovery and personal growth. Learn practical everyday strategies to clarify priorities and focus on what’s most important for your own personal wellness.

Recorded Program by Erik M. Roth

Shamanic Astrologer Erik M Roth covers astrology basics in this introductory course designed to provide a glimpse of astrology. Erik shares about the history of astrology, what astrology is, the signs and planets and what they mean. This intro course is not meant to certify anyone in giving readings but to expand one’s view of astrology and the role in plays in our lives.

Live Program by Cheryl Millett

A book club with a lot of good vibes and energy flowing! Are you ready? Get comfy. Open your mind. Join us for a weekly read and engaging discussions! Awakening Book Club is weekly book club gatherings ‘Live on Zoom’ with Cheryl Millett. This book club will include one part listening, one part speaking freely and one part discussion. It makes quite the ‘shake’ for our personal/spiritual growth when mixed with adventure and learning new things. Book One – Anastasia – Mondays 8-9:30 pm EST

Recorded Program by Rev. Barbara Kawa

An inspirational guide to the Archangels in a meditation format. You get to relax, close your eyes and float on your custom cloud to the Archangel’s Garden where you meet the Archangel of your choice. Included in the meditation are descriptions of each Archangel, what they represent, what colours they correspond to, the crystal that represents them, what you can call upon them for, and so much more.

Recorded Program by Alain Jean-Baptiste

Intuitions secrets finally revealed You will learn what the 7 lost senses are and how they can be used in your own personal life. Discover 7 new powerful senses that you have that can help you create more success in your personal and professional life. Learn how to can develop these 7 lost senses to help you in your finance, family, relationship, and health.

Recorded Program by Salona Carlisle

I designed this course to guide you into a deeper understanding of why pleasure is absolutely necessary to live a life of profound happiness and lasting fulfillment. AND how to begin excavating this powerful hidden source of your feminine brilliance.

Recorded Program by Selena Ella Moon

Frequency Upgrade Circles will take you through a journey to hold space for your personal growth evolution. This course develops self-awareness through spirituality and visualizations in order to make the most out of your own journey through life changes.

Recorded Program by Adam & Cherise Kruger

This course is an introduction to the science of Ayurveda, and provides the student with an overview of what Ayurveda is, what the dosas are, and how they affect us daily, hourly and seasonally. This is an overview into Ayurveda, which is the science of life, and the sister science to Yoga. In this free, introductory course, we discuss the basics of Ayurveda, and give some tips on how to live best within your dosa type.

Recorded Program by Karla Lang

Life happened and your relationship went from passionate and exciting to running on automatic. Creating a conscious relationship with your partner means being present and bringing the communication and joy back with a deeper connection than ever. With this course you’ll get the insight and access to take an honest look at how you show up in your relationship and what it will take to make that pivotal shift from automatic to consciously loving and discovering each other newly each day.

Recorded Program by Lara Romero

Learn about the seven chakras within the body and how it pertains to your emotional, physical and spiritual health. There are also practical activities to help balance your chakras, and a healing meditation designed to help activate your emotional well being.

Recorded Program by Rowan Foxx

In this course, you will meet your unique spiritual support team. The lessons will provide you with a working knowledge of spirit guides and their various specialties. You will learn the different categories of guides and when to call on certain guides for specific tasks. This course will focus on getting to know your guides, especially your guardian angel who is with you from the time you take your first breath until you transition to the other side.

Recorded Program by Athenea Gate

Los Oráculos son herramientas poderosas y sencillas para apoyarte en tu despertar emocional y espiritual. Aprenderás qué son los Oráculos, Tipos de Oráculos, Bases para Interpretar un Oráculo y Lectura de Oráculo.

Recorded Program by Rowan Foxx

Learn the basics of the tarot in this course. This course is great for people with no prior knowledge of the cards as well as those who are experienced readers. Once you understand the underlying structure of the tarot as a divination system, you begin to build a personal relationship with the cards. At the end of the course, you will feel very comfortable doing simple spread readings.

Recorded Program by GP Walsh

The Chakras are more than swirling, coloured vortexes of light. That are really aspects of your consciousness. When properly understood the give you a beautiful and practical road map to the depths of your inner being. In this revolutionary course, the deeper ancient meaning of these mysterious energies is revealed in all their power, beauty and humanness.

Recorded Program by Rev. Carrie-Ann Baron

SoleIntending is a spiritual guide to writing goals. You will learn a simple, practical process that will help you create a happier life; a guided way for writing goals using the creative energy of the Tao. This course is the genesis, the beginning of creating the happy life that you desire.

Recorded Program by Mark Romero

Tune into this course that will introduce you to three essential steps you must take to heal your life, expand awareness, and tap you into your unlimited power to compose the life of your dreams.

Recorded Program by Lisa Cybaniak

Empowering others to make the most of their lives by understanding themselves and getting out of their own way to success, is in Lisa’s DNA! A survivor of 10-years of child abuse, Lisa works with people suffering from negative, self-defeating mantras and belief systems standing in their way of building the life they truly deserve. Ready to transform your life?

Recorded Program by Harrison Klein

The Hero’s Journey is really the process of human and spiritual evolution in story form.Rather than being a big mystery known only to a special few, the steps are clear, sequential, elevating and immortal. The results of consciously following this path have been astronomical for thousands of people for decades, centuries and millennia.

Recorded Program by Joy Marcotte

Welcome to a new kind of compass, a life compass that shows you ease, confidence, possibilities and love rather than North, South, East and West. This compass has 7 points that will guide you towards your outer goals and inner growth. They explain how this Universe works and how to work with this Universe to build the life you choose.



Take a journey into the deeper realms of consciousness and awareness.


Taking a whole body approach to healing is what really works using powerful therapeutic methods


Experience qi gong, yoga, rebounding, dance and many other techniques to soothe and heal your body.


From mandalas to sound healing, a joy for the mind and body


Various oils, herbs and potions can heal your body and tantalize your taste buds


Build valuable business and money mastery skills and confidence.


IAUSM Core Value

The IAUSM community respects the wealth of experience, wisdom, and knowledge that our faculty have brought forth in offering empowering courses to our students. Their time, videos, audios, and written work are regarded as valuable pieces of the IAUSM puzzle, and recognized as tools for learning by the student body. In turn, students are respected for their willingness to learn, grow and apply teachings that will result in positive lifestyle and/or business transformations.

Finally, IAUSM respects the confidentiality of our student body and requests that all sensitive and personal information shared between students and instructors be kept private.