For those ready to Dive Even Deeper into their mysticism. 

Additional Deeper Dive Courses

Live Zoom Program by Nancy Carruba – $145USD

Learn to improve self-awareness and emotional intelligence through self discovery and mindfulness. This course takes us on a self mastery journey of self discovery, self love and personal transformation. We discover what is unique about our energy and what we need to do to nurture our own energy back to wellness. We learn NLP and CBT techniques to manage our thoughts in a way that allows us to avoid unnecessary emotional pain.

Recorded Program by Athenea Gate – $144 USD

Este curso es para ti si necesitas hacer un Cierre de Ciclos con una Pareja Anterior y abrirte nuevamente al amor sano de la Pareja Sagrada…O si tienes pareja y se aman, pero necesitan cerrar ciclos repetitivos y tóxicos en su relación, para abrir un nuevo ciclo más Sano, y comenzar a caminar juntos el Camino de la Pareja Sagrada.

Recorded Program by Selena Ella Moon – $88 USD

Learn about 6 Universal Laws and how to utilize them in your own reality. Understand how the Universe works in order to better access the Universe’s messages to you. Through these tools, you will be able to improve your daily life and spiritual journey.

Recorded Program by Helen Elisabeth Woodvine – $195USD

Mindfulness has been described as maintaining an in the moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a supportive lens. This course will give you an insight into Mindfulness practices that you can incorporate into your daily life. I am extremely excited to guide you through practices that when practiced regularly will have a lasting effect on your life.

Recorded Program by Salona Carlisle – $50USD

There’s an art to romancing your life. And this is exactly what I am going to show you in this 5-part masterclass, so that you can finally stop waiting to live the life that is burning in your heart. When most people think about building a life they love, they’re convinced that it requires overhauling the life they have… but… the truth is…If you want more fulfilment and satisfaction, the answer is not to go out there and rearrange your entire world. The answer is to rearrange your mind.


Recorded Program by John Tozeland $59.95 USD

What if you really could create the world you wanted? Have the courage and strength to step forward in a new way? Reconnect with yourself. Change your relationships. Release self doubt and follow your Life’s purpose? Join me on a journey to understand the seen and unseen forces of the universe discovering how to create change for yourself and the world around you.

Recorded Program by Ayse Hogan – $495 USD

Taking two ancient healings and creating true magic in the harmonious blend! Let’s create a dance of intention, belief and faith. Reiki is not a religion and requires no set of belief systems, rituals, meditations, incantations or ceremonies for it to work. It simply requires intent and faith! Reiki comes from the heart, not the head!

Please Note – Minimum of Reiki Level 2 is required for this course.

Recorded Program by GP Walsh – $40USD

We don’t practice healing modalities merely to rid ourselves of symptoms. We want a full, rich life. Tapping on the Buddha looks beyond healing to the fullness of life and the discovery of who you truly are. The one that was there before any conditioning ever occurred, the real, true, originally innocent you!

Recorded Program by Amy Thomson – $47USD

I am looking forward to helping you tackle your goals & make your dreams come true. The 12 Days of Finishing is the smallest of The Finisher’s Club™ programs, but don’t let it’s size fool you! You can be a powerhouse in 12 days and accomplish more than you know!

Recorded Program by Salona Carlisle – $50USD

There is nothing more attractive in heaven or on earth than love and, in this powerful 5-part video program, you will be walked through insights, processes, meditations and practices to awaken your own INNER LOVER. Believe me, she is still there, just waiting to come out and play. In this powerful course, you will learn how to awaken her and set her free:

Recorded Program by GP Walsh – $347 USD

Archetypes, metaphors, sacred symbology has always been the visual representatives of humanity’s quest to understand ourselves.In our modern times we have become so literal and materialistically oriented that we miss the deeper meaning of gods and goddesses, heroes and villains and think of these things as some kind of physical thing or historical fact.

Recorded Program by GP Walsh – $67 USD

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God” is one of the most profound, enlightening and hope instilling statements that has ever been made. So what does it mean to be pure in heart? Well that is what we are addressing in this workshop. You will not only be inspired by the timelessness of these insights, you will find a totally new relationship with God and a rebirth of your own faith.

Recorded Program by Salona Carlisle – $50USD

My Greatest Joy is awakening women to their inner magnificence! What if that radiance you so desire was not something you needed to acquire but was already there, deep within you? In this profound 5-part video series I will take you through exercises, meditation and deep insights that will let that inner radiance just explode into full display. Dear friend it is your time to glow with an Inner Fire!

Recorded Program by GP Walsh – $50USD

The Yoga of Allowing is a set of powerful Guided Meditations that retrains your nervous system. It gently guides you out of resistance and inner conflict into the freedom of allowing and total self-acceptance. Whether your focus is on manifestation, spiritual awakening or just living a happier life, the Yoga of Allowing is the most essential practice you can learn.

Recorded Program by Fred DiDomenico – $397USD

A progressive, step by step to awaken your innate Divinity, move beyond your past to discover, live and fulfill your soul purpose, why you are here in this life. You are embarking on a powerful 6 step system to your next level of enlightenment. Follow the steps of H.E.A.L.E.D. and it will take you on a life changing, empowering journey from the inside out. Remember that you can do this – the power is already within you waiting to be uncovered.

Recorded Program by Ayse Hogan – $39.95 USD

Welcome to Usui Reiki Level 1 Certification. Are you ready to take the first step on your Reiki journey? I truly believe that everyone should at least have Reiki 1 for the purposes of self healing. I’d like you to think of this course as more of an experience. Learning and growing as you bring in new pieces of knowledge and then executing each one.

Recorded Program by Ayse Hogan – $54.95 USD

Reiki II Certification is the next step in your journey. If you have Reiki I and are ready for the next step then this is the place to be. This recorded course in their interactive community will take you beyond what you will learn in a classroom. The benefits of Reiki are endless, it is safe, there are no side effects and opens your ability to not only heal yourself but to facilitate healing in others.

Live Course by Ayse Hogan – $395 USD

Are You Ready To Become a Reiki Master? In this Master Level Usui Reiki Certification Class, you will receive a powerful attunement that will allow you to take your skills to the next level. You will receive the Master Level Sacred Symbols which will advance your skills and allow you to supercharge your healing abilities. In addition, at the end of this class you will be able to teach your own Reiki Classes and attune others to the Reiki energy. Please Note – You must have Reiki Level 2.



Take a journey into the deeper realms of consciousness and awareness.


Taking a whole body approach to healing is what really works using powerful therapeutic methods


Experience qi gong, yoga, rebounding, dance and many other techniques to soothe and heal your body.


From mandalas to sound healing, a joy for the mind and body


Various oils, herbs and potions can heal your body and tantalize your taste buds


Build valuable business and money mastery skills and confidence.


IAUSM Core Value

We encourage growth and development of peers by supporting discussions in a constructive way. We also encourage empowerment, the ability to see each other as sovereign and powerful people, within ALL conversations. When we recognize another is at a sticking point, we offer our support and guidance WHEN we are equipped to do so.