Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality and Religion

Dr. Rev. Ayse Hogan

Perhaps it will guide you to make new commitments to yourself or further engrain the commitments you have made. The main things is to offer you unending possibilities of understanding and remembering.  Everything you need to know is already within you, I won’t tell you something that you aren’t already aware of at some level in your consciousness, what my mission is, is to bring in further into your awareness.

I want to hear from you as well, your questions and your comments.  Your struggles and your challenges.

Today, I would like to speak about Spirituality and Religion.  Not Spirituality vs. Religion, simply a 10000-foot overview of Spirituality and Religion.

We are currently in the midst of a massive evolution and involution and have been for quite some time.  I’ve heard it called a massive Quantum Evolutionary Leap.  Those of you that have awakened, regardless of the level of awakening you are at…may have some questions.

When I was running my full-time clinic and seeing clients one on one daily, one of the questions I would hear often was…what is the role of religion in this awareness, is there a place for it?  Families and Friends are still devoted in their chosen religion and those that are awakened and stepping into their awareness are finding themselves in a place of discomfort as they feel they have one foot in two different worlds.

Let me be very clear here…awakening does not mean that you have lost your love for the higher power…quite the opposite, in fact, you are aware more than ever of the connection you have and are becoming better equipped to stand in that power.

One of the main differences I have found is that religion has always segregated people into groups. All the Jewish go here, and all the Christians go here, and all the Muslims stand in this line.  And here is your list of rules and regulations depending on the line that you stand in and if you don’t follow these rules then bad things will happen.

I know that I am really making this basic to illustrate something here, so bear with me for a moment.  In most religions that segregate, they speak about God, Allah, or whatever is the term of choice, as a power that is something outside of us…that we are codependent upon this all-knowing all-seeing creator.  And each has their code of standards to live by in order to live in a place of acceptance of the lord, the creator, or again name of choice.

When we become more aware and more awakened the discomfort becomes the understanding that this creator is not outside of us, but we are each a part of it, that each of us is a cell in the creator’s body so to speak, that this master of all things is not outside of us, but we are interdependent with and that we all make up the “I”.  That we are all part of the creator, not separate from it.  That everything we have learned in our religions was not entirely true.  Not that anyone lied to us, those who preach it certainly believe it to be true however, the awakening, the awareness shows us and in a very undeniable way that we are each connected to each other and to the creator as 1…as is everything and every other entity in the whole universe.  So separation and segregation of any kind is not really possible and is just something we think we can do and causes nothing but fear and hate.

We are connected not only to each other, but each planet and star, each tree and creature, and what does that mean?  The question becomes, have I been living a lie?  The answer to that is also no…you were living what you believed was to be true…no harm, no foul, but now, you have an undeniable sense of inner remembrance, and connecting to your inner wisdom that is for the purpose of the conversation today, God, Allah, the creator, the master of all things.

We spend our lives attempting to live a life that will bring us to salvation, liberation, enlightenment, purpose, and we understand that all we have been doing externally is nice, however the real power is to live in our awareness internally and therefore act appropriately externally, its not the other way around.  We have been living externally first…then trying to find inner salvation…. wrong…it’s the other way.  Inner awareness brings salvation which allows us to more possibilities in our external life.

We look at life as something to be lived in a certain way rather than understanding that we are life.  We are not the dancer; we are the dance.  We are not performing on some stage; we are the stage.

We begin to understand that we must evolve from a “me” mindset to a “we” mindset.  What would happen if our cells did not work in unison in our bodies and each one did its own thing…it would be havoc and cause illness and disease…this is the same thing, on a grander level.

Spirituality is not something you become…everyone is already spiritual and a part of everything, that is fact that cannot be changed…the caveat is our awareness of that, our remembrance of who and what we are.  We will never fully understand in this form what that means exactly, and we don’t have to…that is faith, it is the knowing, the acceptance, the allowing, the remembrance, and the reclaiming of that truth. The more we step into this awareness, this awakening, the more we can sense that in various ways.  Those that have stepped in, know exactly that what I am saying is the true truth and those that are asleep, not aware at this time, may not be open to this or simply hearing these words, may have opened the door to your awareness…your job is to push the door open and allow for all the possibilities.  It’s a choice.

It is a strange time and a blessed time we are living in. I had mentioned this evolution of consciousness and awareness to a colleague, and she said, yes that is where humanity is heading but it won’t happen in our lifetime and my response was, why not in our lifetime, it must happen in some lifetime, why not ours…it simply takes awareness on a grander scale and it already happening.

Now belief on some level in what I am saying here…may mean that your religious leaders will not agree because it is not exactly what they have been teaching…and in some extreme cases, in our history and even today, people have even been killed for not behaving in a certain way.   I implore you to consider this, we are all connected, like branches off the same tree, and we each make up the tree…by killing each other, we kill ourselves and damage our own roots, no creator could possibly want this to happen or be our outcome.

As long as we see ourselves as separate, we will not evolve, and without evolution, we will cease to exist.  If we keep looking for some retribution for past transgressions and past inhumane behaviour, we will not move forward.  If we see ourselves as separate from one another, we will live in havoc and dis-ease.  That is fact…that is truth.  If we live dispassionately and without forgiveness for not knowing better during our histories of horrific acts to one another, there will be no moving forward because we are stuck in our past.

Some will hear what I just said and say…this bitch is crazy…does she know what happened to my ancestors and how it effects my life now…yes, I do…of course I do and I am filled with compassion and my heart breaks when I think of our inhumanity. 

The struggle or challenge is, if we cannot move beyond that, if we define our identity because of it, then that hell is still being lived…if we cannot forgive ourselves and each other for not knowing better, for not doing better, for not acting better, for following others bad behaviour and not choosing to stand up in the space of our awareness and consciousness, for acting out of ego…then we will cease to exist…because we will forever be swimming in the past…we have to make different choices now.  I am saying it’s time to look at the bigger picture for all humanity and where we are going…the past has no place in who and what we are becoming.

Fortunately, consciousness and awareness are growing around the globe.  We don’t need to name ourselves as a particular religion, because that would separate us from each other and its not even possible, it is al illusion of separation…there is only we, the universal I.   So, when you become aware of this and seeing others living in personal or cultural or religious segregation, you begin to see the powerlessness of it…it’s like a hamster on a wheel.  I am not taking away from what cultures and races have endured, I am saying we must move forward with courage despite it.  It’s not easy…but nothing worth having is or it would already be done…it takes a conscious commitment and open awareness.

Religion is about hierarchy, levels of power and subordinates.  Awareness is about synarchy, being in our oneness, like cohesive individuals…like a hive, each cell is individual and cohesive with all the others. 

Spirituality has nothing to do what you believe; it has everything to do with your state of consciousness and awareness.  This consciousness and awareness determine how you behave and interact with others.  Its looking beyond this form, this avatar and understanding that we are formless.  Some religions will become open and aware of this, while others will batten down the hatches in their beliefs and become even more entrenched in the separation and the doctrines and structures…. they will fight back…which is all about ego and less about being conscious and aware and awakened and spiritual.

The ego is destined to become extinct…the ego is the mind…and the mind has been conditioned and trained.  The mind has no place in consciousness and awareness. We are in a crisis situation on this planet, in our humanity and the old ways aren’t working, I don’t believe they ever did looking back at our history.  Our survival as a species is our challenge now and being open to all the other possibilities.  This is what will save us.   What is the definition of insanity…doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome…well isn’t that what we have been doing? 

Wake up, Awaken, Become Aware, Open the door and your heart to all the possibilities, listen to your inner wisdom, not your ego, that quiet inner voice of awareness of consciousness of your power, the power of all things., the power that makes you limitless.  It is time to change your commitments, what you have believed to be true that may not be working anymore.

We are facing a choice as humanity…Evolve or Die.

It is time to transcend the thoughts of our mind and rise above them and reclaim and realize that dimension within ourselves that is infinite, that does not require an identity and become liberated from that voice in your head that keeps telling you how to act and be…it has no place anymore and it is fighting to survive. 

That voice…that ego is nothing more than your identification with this avatar, this form and as long as you listen to that voice then…you will not be able to reclaim your limitlessness  You will live small when you can choose to be expansive which has nothing to do with money and power, it has everything to do with your consciousness and awareness of what you have always been, what has always been there waiting for you to sense it.

Finally in the New and Old Testament it speaks of the destruction and collapse of the existing world order and the arising of Heaven on Earth…we are close my friends…we are so close…this chaos we are living now, is the chaos that always comes before order…before a new beginning. 

Our collective consciousness will be heaven on earth as the old “mind” set…ego sense dissolves.  We have all been to hell on this planet…hell is not fire and brimstone…it is our history of mistreatment of each other, it is our mistreatment of ourselves and this planet…it is time to evolve and move into heaven…even the planet is evolving and changing…it is inevitable.  If I were you, I would choose to board this train heading to heaven, to a new earth, to our salvation, our enlightenment, to the end of suffering.  I’m already on the train…I look forward to this trip with all of us

I’d love to hear your comments and questions.  And please, those of you looking for some guidance on your journey, come to iausm.com and join our community for free.  We have many heart-centered mentors that are there to help you and share tips and strategies…it is a collaboration of consciousness to help as many as we can get in touch with their own inner wisdom. 

Now does anyone have any comments?? Any Questions?? Any Shares??



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