Stepping Into Our Sovereign Self

Stepping Into Our Sovereign Self

Patricia Maddalena – NLP Master, Training and Integration Therapist

Your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are reinforcing your reality. Each time you make a choice you are either moving closer to your desired reality or further away. Remembering you have free will and the power to choose is critical right now. Are you choosing to live within the higher vibe? Choosing to live in love and joy and connection or are you choosing to live in the lower vibrational story. Are you buying into project fear that is being pumped out on a daily basis? It’s good to be aware of the narrative to know what you don’t want in your life and then turn your focus of attention on what you do.

In one of my visions I was shown a ladder and humanity is on the top rungs of the lower vibrational field and the lower rungs of the upper vibrational field. Which way we go is truly up to us but spiritual bypassing isn’t an option right now. Being authentic and true to what we are feeling & how we are being is crucial to transmuting and transcending. We need to know where we are in order to know where we are going.

By harnessing the power of mindfulness we can press the pause button as many times as we like throughout the day to reign in our senses, our thoughts, our feelings and focus back into the here and now; whatever that may be. This is in your immediate control. Your body, your thoughts, your feelings are yours and only yours. You are a Sovereign Being who is stepping up and into your life more and more each day by owning who you are and what you are feeling and consciously deciding what you would really like to experience moment to moment.

From this space you will find yourself making the highest vibe choices from the food you eat, to what you watch, the stories you engage in, to the people you hang out with.

Have a sense of that power resting deep inside of you, accessible to you and only you, you decide who enters your mind, your emotional body, your physical body, your spiritual body; you and only you!

The time lines are splitting and you get to choose, in every moment, which one you wish to be on. Ask yourself, what brings you joy, connection, peace, happiness, contentment, fun, laughter, adventure, and do more of that. Fill your heart, fill your mind, fill your day, with more of the good stuff and you will create an unstoppable momentum, a snow ball of exponential love rolling into our beautiful new world.

Yes, it can be as easy as that…



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