Stepping Into Your Power

Stepping Into Your Power

Jules Hare, Intuitive Mentor and Transformational Embodiment Coach


Ok, big Jules reveal here….

**first a ‘body-speaking up’ side note:

Right now I can feel that grabbing sensation in the pit of my stomach (and reaching right into my chest too) at the thought of putting this out there….

(Insert big deep space holding breath here) 

I guess you’re truly along on this adventure with me in real time! 😂 Here it goes….

I’ve been working on this big thing below the surface for 9 months now and I’m finally ready to share it, to birth it to life! (As I write this I am only now recognizing the synchronicity of that 9 month timeframe 😜)

And with this new beginning, it’s time to invite all of the powerful repercussions that come with it ✨🤩✨

Funny how opening to our own potential can feel so scary right? Yep the same thing that excites me also leaves remnants of feeling sick to my stomach. Oh the body and it’s fabulous (and often confusing) communication systems.

Anyways, some backstory first.. 

Some of you have known me ‘forever’ 😜 and some of you have just met me or have never even heard of me before possibly (Social Media is so wildly magical for that 🧐🥳🌎🌱😝) 

So here’s what’s important to know in this context:

Starting at age ten I started practicing Craniosacral Therapy (my mom took courses with Dr. John Upledger waaay back in ‘tha day’ and she’d come home and share what she learned with me every time she took a new course). 

I always loved Cranial work and excelled at it, it came so easily to me. So naturally I grew up and took it on as my career when I was 22. 

By then I was a registered massage therapist specializing in Cranial Sacral for Pediatrics (treating people of all ages of course and their inner children too 😉).

For over 20 years now I’ve had a super busy practice working one on one with people in-person and more recently, virtually on the phone/zoom etc.

This practice has been endlessly nourishing for my clients as well as for myself ✨🌱✨ 

The transformative and multidimensional shifts that I’ve been honoured to hold space for have created more impactful ripples in the world than my limited human mind could possibly comprehend 🌎🧠💥🌱✨

But (and I’m sure you could feel this coming) things are changing so rapidly lately in the world. 

The people reaching out to see me are awakening to their own inner wisdom/intuition/gifts at such a rapid rate that it’s often overwhelming, confusing and even downright scary for some!! 

Others who are well versed in the language of their intuition are also being nudged to expand bigger than ever before!! 

We’re all in this together after all, and we ALL are challenged by extreme stretches from our known comfort zones.

The majority of us weren’t even taught how to identify, let alone develop and channel our intuition growing up, it definitely wasn’t something we learned at school.

Anyone who has learned these skills in the past, has often had to do a lot of the ‘hard work’ on their own.

The ‘hard work’? It reminds me of stumbling through the dark in my grandma’s smelly dirt-floor basement as a kid without a flashlight. It took a lot of slow movements with your arms outstretched, breath held, stubbed toes and even some bruised shins to find what you needed down there. You’d do your best to remember where everything was to make it easier for next time but you often just focused on getting out of there as soon as you could 😱

Using that analogy when it comes to our intuition, some of us have had a good guide (or if you’re lucky like me, many) who turn lights on for you or even better, spark your own inner glow so you can orient yourself in that ‘hidden treasure playground’ before the lights fade and you’re back in the dark again.

I’ve always looked at my role as someone who helps facilitate you to find the light within yourself. To help you to locate the ‘on button’ and encourage you to remember to keep your finger on it and pulse it as often as you can, even (and especially after) you get distracted.

Well the lights within so many people are coming alive right now, shining through to the surface from the inside-out! 🤩 It’s truly an amazing time to be on earth 🌎😍✨

But with so little practice understanding what’s going on, a lot of people are confused, overwhelmed and leaking their sensitive new light uncontrollably all over the place!! (Imagine an erratic strobe light, gone rogue 😱💥). 

That light belongs to you.

But it needs YOU to be at the helm, directing its beam, so you can navigate and focus it where YOU want it to go. 

How do you do that though when it’s coming out like a fire hose and you haven’t developed your muscles to control it let alone focus it.

I’ve been continually seeing this struggle within people and asking in my meditations “how can I best be of service?”.

The ‘one off’ session every month, or few months, that once ‘did the trick’ to keep the inner navigational systems on track isn’t working like it used to for everyone. 

This energy coming alive from within seems to require a deeper hold, a stronger container. One that when reinforced, leaned into, and tested enough, can be trusted to become the new scaffolding that’s integral enough to hold the potential that’s ready to be embodied. Only then can you inspire and lead others through your example just by being YOU more.

And finally, (because I know you’ve been waiting for this part and those who made it all the way here I’m deeply grateful for your powerful 💥attention) I have waited til now to announce that I am stepping into this new calling, one that resonates with me most right now, the best way I can be of service moving forward…. I am stepping into my new role as an Intuitive Mentor and Transformational Embodiment Coach.

Let me explain a little about what got me here. Every time I have committed to a process and invited a coach to be my guide on that journey, it has taken me to a deeper level of learning and growth that I would have never gotten to on my own. That accountability and continual reassurance is so powerful for inner AND outer growth (because how could they be mutually exclusive after all 😉). 

The continual investment of time, attention and energy on what I really want has fueled the most profound, in-depth levels of growth that I know I just wouldn’t have been able to discover on my own. 

Those of you who have worked with me in the past have already benefited from these past coaching experiences 😉 

Now I know I’m ready to do that for others in a new way, one that I’ve dipped my toes in before but never fully committed myself to. 

What a truly wild and wondrous adventure life is right?! That we can do this amazing growing together!!🤩💫 I’m so deeply grateful to so many of you who have knowingly AND unknowingly been my coaches along this path of growth. Yet another awesome reminder of what we’re capable of when we help one another 💖💥

So reach out! 

I’m inviting you to please share with me any questions you have. 

Or how this makes you feel reading this.

Let me know what you think about this big step 😁

Maybe this speaks to you and you’re ready to hear more, or you instinctively know someone who will benefit from what I have to offer. For those of you who are serious and ready to commit to yourselves and activate the SuperPower of your intuition…..I will leave a link here to book a free 45 min Intuitive Power Exploration Call with me 😍

Link here:

I am so excited to step firmly onto this soul-aligned path. I can’t wait to see who joins me there for the transformational adventure that has the power to change everything!!

***For those of you who I already work with in-person or virtually please don’t fret, I will still be doing private one on one sessions with you (and for babies and kids as always of course 🥰) but as the demand increases I will have to limit the new clients I can take on that aren’t Mentorship/Coaching clients.



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