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IAUSM is the International Academy of Universal Self-Mastery,  It is an interactive social learning community filled with heart based faculty that are here to support you in your personal growth, business growth, relationships.  Its about releasing the triggers, the blocks and barriers and bringing you into a state of awakening and expansion.

This is an online academy and therefore, if you have a device and the access to the internet, you can learn anywhere you are.

These are the courses that are included with your enrollment.  Currently there are 50 courses valued at more that $5000, and more are being added every month by our faculty. 

Join our faculty groups

These are deeper dives into the areas that that speak to you.  Created especially by our faculty to aid and guide you on your journey to self-mastery.

Absolutely, the IAUSM Council is always available to you.  Ayse Hogan, the Visionary and Founder of IAUSM believes in you and will be doing various interactive events to nourish and guide your growth, and you can reach out to her at anytime.  Ayse will always make time for you as will other members of the IAUSM Council.  Email our team at

Until the end of May 2021, the fee for IAUSM is only $11 per month paid annually.  Join Now and Enjoy the Savings!

As the Law of Life states in Human Design and the Gene Keys, “there must be a mutually beneficial exchange in order for a relationship to remain healthy”.  The Law of Economics states that for something to have value for someone, there must be some exchange. 

IAUSM is a safe community which means, students are kept safe from spammers and excessive marketing.  Immediately upon joining, students have access approximately $5K in courses and groups to aid in beginning their journey.

We are happy to provide our students and faculty an exclusive,  supportive, safe, uncensored and empowering community for mutual benefit and growth.

Within 15 days of joining IAUSM, you are entitled to a full refund, if you find the academy is not for you.  Our goal is that you have a nourishing and expansive learning experience.  Take full advantage of all that is available to you.    Send your email to

You can cancel at anytime through your profile page under membership, and subscription, just click “Cancel”.  Select “Stopped” if you want to pause your subscription for a period of time.  Please note that there aren’t any refunds for unused partial membership periods as we have the 15 Day Guarantee policy.