The Art of Soul Hacking

The Art of Soul Hacking

A conversation with Ayse Hogan and Mike Popovici

Imagine a world full of living, breathing computers.

These computers aren’t written with any software, but are so incredibly intelligent that they actually begin to write their own software and download programs from other computers soon after they are created. Despite their great intelligence, these walking, talking, living, breathing computers continue to operate out of their initial programming, and seldom write new software that better suits their abilities to operate at optimal efficiency.

Age-old computer systems will still be operating out of outdated software that is no longer relevant to them, and even though their programming is seemingly obsolete, these computers will have no idea that it is, and will continue to compute from an irrelevant matrix that is more often than not riddled with viruses and malware.

Now, imagine that these computers have bones, muscles, flesh, blood, noses, fingers, reproductive organs, hair, beautiful eyes, and countless other features that render them some of the most highly intelligent and insanely beautiful creations to exist on planet earth.

Is this starting to sound familiar? That’s right,

I’m talking about humanity.

Many of us have not done the work, and most aren’t even aware that there is work to be done! The truth is: we all can hack our own systems and write new software that allows us to operate at optimal efficiency, and all with the means of feeling alive, fulfilled, whole, and at-peace with ourselves as we unfold into being as breaths of God.

Walk with me now, as we embark on a journey to discover the hidden truths behind soul hacking, and ultimately, the hidden truths within you.

The Inner Child

Healing our inner child is the key to truly unlocking ourselves and allowing the healing process to take place. So, what is the inner child? You remember all that programming stuff that I mentioned in the beginning? Well, the inner child is the one that is not only responsible for writing and interpreting all that code, but it is also the AI system that is constantly firing off in your subconscious mind and directing all your beliefs (regardless if they are true or false), thoughts, emotions, and actions. Your inner child is the wounded and fragmented part of you that guides you when you aren’t paying attention.

There is no telling how far back the rabbit hole goes. Sometimes the programming of our inner child can go so far back as the womb, wherein we absorb any trauma or stress that our mothers were feeling while we were still in the waiting room.

Considering this, we can go our entire lives and not even be aware that we are carrying baggage that isn’t even ours! However, once we begin to do the work and commit to our own growth, it becomes a way of life in that we never stop healing our inner child. It is a journey of reconciliation and forgiveness between oneself and themselves, and the peace that comes from such deep work is beyond description.

Emotions are Alarms

“To be vulnerable and show emotion is weakness.” This elaborate lie has been rubbed into us for generations, however, it couldn’t be further from the truth. It is particularly true with boys, as when a boy first cries, one of the first things he is told is, “Boys don’t cry.” This is detrimental to human growth, as our emotions are more like car alarms than anything else. Our bodies can’t tell lies. They don’t have the language for it. Yet, they do have a language that grows clearer to understand as one directs their attention to it: sensation.

Our modern culture teaches us to suppress our emotions and rely on our minds for solace. In a mind-dominated world this comes as no surprise, but it does more harm than good when it comes to our own spiritual expansion and contentment in life and success. Since we are taught to rely on the logic and reason of our minds, we are also taught the value of a formulaic approach. One that says, “if I do this and that, then this will surely happen.” This attempt to live out of a state of formulaic calculation actually pulls us out of reality, as we are no longer present in our intuitive state of being, and are relying on isolated examples and he-said-she-said for our frame of reference in regards to our choices, relationships, goals, happiness, and inner-peace.

When we resist our emotions, we are actually resisting ourselves. Our emotions don’t always point the way toward an exact answer, but they allow us to be honest with ourselves and overcome the things we fear, or revel in such things that bring us elation and pleasure. You know those times when your gut closes up and you get that feeling of “bad vibes?” Those are your emotions! And they are telling you that you don’t feel comfortable with the current situation. How is your formula going to be more valuable than that!?

The Power of Will

The funny thing with will, is until we wake up to ourselves, we are all just living out of childhood programming. So what we think is will, is actually just toddler coding running the show. Many of us are sleepwalking around and living out of this automatic system and expecting the world to love us.

It’s not that many of us don’t know that there is something fishy going on with the way we are living, but we don’t know to know. This is why change is an inside job, and one that requires a lot of effort.

Speaking of effort, many in the New Age spiritual communities like to use terms such as “go with the flow” and “path of least resistance.” These tend to be cop-outs and modes of spiritual bypassing, as they imply that being “spiritual” should be an effortless and stressless process. If you just ‘go with the flow,’ then you will never learn the power of will.

In the words of Tony Robbins, “There is no such thing as an effortless approach.” This is particularly true in the realm of spiritual healing and reconciling with one’s shadows in a way that does not remove them from you, but allows you to diminish the power they have over your thought patterns, belief systems, and decisions in life.

You know how you can wake up in a dream and realize you are the creator of your dream? It is exactly like that, but in your waking life.

Know Thyself

Many of us who live out of our egos are constantly determining who we are based on the judgments, opinions, disapprovals and validations of others. Direct perception is a difficult concept to grasp and wield with confidence, but it is at the core of self-mastery. To know thyself apart from the judgments and criticisms of others. To know thyself and all others as God experiencing itself for the sake of experiencing love and creation. This is one of the many hidden truths that lie within you, and these realizations are anxiously awaiting your attention should you choose to know thyself.

Look Within

Let me just say, I commend you for joining me on this wild ride of an article. This is not easy stuff to digest, but then again: who said it’s supposed to be? Whether you are an advanced yogi with a knack for spiritual expansion, or your eyes are beginning to crack open after years of sleepwalking, heed this:

“Do not condemn that which you don’t know or understand. You close the door and close yourself off to your own evolution and progression. Before you close the door, understand what you are saying ‘no’ to. There are two sources of evil: Godlessness and mere opinion. Mere opinion is a choice to extend and proliferate ignorance. Try it first before you condemn it.”

~ Mike Popovici

With that being said, the way to truth is through your own lies. Have the courage to face yourself in the shadows and make the choice to stop believing in your own lies by reconciling with your inner child, and have the determination and discipline to write new software for yourself, especially when the going gets tough. As I have said before, there is no such thing as an effortless approach, and in the realms of spirit and ego, there is no greater victory than to realize that victory has already been had all along. Get out of your own way and allow spirit to exact its will through you, and the way of your unfolding will change the fabric of your life.



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