The Characteristics of Integrity

The Characteristics of Integrity

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We all want to believe that we live our lives with integrity. Many of us do our very best to make decisions that are within the values we deem moral and ethical.

Have you ever wondered what it really means to live a life with integrity? Below is a list of qualities and behaviours of people who naturally do this every day

Staying true to their word.

We’ve all heard the adage “actions are louder than words”. When someone follows through on their word, they demonstrate that they can be trusted and value their verbal commitments.

Show respect to service people.

Whether its a waitress, a barber or the person behind the drive-thru window, everyone deserves gratitude and appreciation for providing a service.


Admitting when wrong shows that someone can own up to an error. When the apology comes from a person of “power” (such as a parent apologizes to their child)

Sharing credit.

By deflecting accolades to include the people around them, one demonstrates that regardless of the accomplishment, all are deserving of recognition.

Safe driving.

Being a person who acknowledges the responsibility of driving a motor vehicle safely, shows respect for the lives of other drivers, passengers and pedestrians around them.


Giving up ones time and energy for a greater cause, without expectation of personal or financial gain.

Giving the benefit of the doubt.

Acknowledging that there are multiple perspectives to a situation and taking the time to understand them, is a critical step before making decisions or coming to conclusions.

Hold themselves accountable.

An individual with integrity will live by the same standards and expectations that they wish to see from those around them.


Place importance on truthful, open and honest communication.

They are humble.

People with integrity don’t openly brag about their successes or achievements. While they (should) certainly celebrate, they innately understand the fine line between genuine pride and boastfulness.

Consideration of others.

In any situation, they consider how others may feel or respond prior to acting.

Openly show appreciation and gratitude.

Being thankful is not only a way to increase personal vibration, but it demonstrates respect for the people and environment around you.



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