The Courtyard Blog

The Courtyard Blog connects the wisdom and experience of our Faculty to the innate desire to reconnect to our deeper selves.
These articles act as guidance to help us remember who we are, why we are here and our place in this world.

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Foods & Oils

Walnuts and Hoarding

Walnuts and Hoarding  Ayse Hogan One of my favourite nuts in the world is walnuts. Love hearing the sound of cracking them and love the

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Spirituality & Energy Medicine

Muladhara Meditation

Muladhara Meditation Emilee Matthews Welcome beautiful Soul. Today I invite you into a short guided meditation to introduce you to the Root Chakra, Muladhara. Please

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Therapeutic & Holistic Practices

Rainbow Coloured Toolbox

Rainbow Coloured Toolbox A Colourful Series by Brenda Lanigan Have you ever had a moment where you have had to step outside your comfort zone?

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