The Difference Between Sorcery and Shamanism

The Difference Between Sorcery and Shamanism

Jules Hare

The answer is……



Cuban-born psychologist, medical anthropologist and neo-shamanist author Alberto Villoldo Ph.D was recently interviewed in a podcast I listened to.

Basically (in my own words) he states that a SORCERER locates the disruption in the body or energetic field and manipulates it further. Targeting the already compromised pattern and furthering it’s state of turmoil.

A SHAMAN locates that same disruption, but instead of irritating it, brings compassionate awareness to it. With that awareness comes new perspective and the opportunity to shift and change in relationship to it’s newly remembered potential.

A poignant reminder to each of us to check in on our own intentions, as they so obviously make a huge difference in their results



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