The Four Pillars of Success

Hello you amazing, AWESOME readers!

Firstly, I would like to introduce you to ME. My name is Emma Romano. I love my life of high frequency, training practitioners and mentoring natural practitioners in their business- to get them back in the black. I have the absolute pleasure of spreading the word of self-healing (in a natural way, with love and light) all over the world.

I’m married to a very gorgeous Italian man and am the Mum of two teenage boys (ok.. I know I’m supposed to say young men but.. they are 17 and 18) My family doesn’t end there though, as I have a huge dog called Teddy who’s over 120 pounds and is such fun. Plus a gorgeous black cat Rodger (ok, so Rodger is a girl, but that’s another story)! But enough about me!

Wooohooo!! So in life, health, career, wealth and spirituality I am WINNING!! BUT….. Yep, here it comes…… Life was not always like this for me. Let me explain

Firstly, let’s use the metaphor of the two colors being:

In the RED = broke & broken

Getting into the BLACK = success, wealth, health etc.

So.. What does “being in the black” actually mean? It means you have money in the bank! Imagine all parts of your life being like bank account.

Now, are you currently in the RED or the BLACK?

Picture this – If you were to open 4 bank accounts and name them:


Ask yourself for each of the accounts: are they in the RED or are they in the BLACK?

For me, ALL of them were in the RED. And I say that with big capital letters because my life was a struggle. EVERY part of it. I was suffering with PTSD, Anxiety, Sick, I was broke AND I didn’t love myself….

Actually, I didn’t even really like myself to be honest. I was living paycheque to paycheque and could not see the light. Sound familiar?

Then things really changed for me. I learnt some amazing things on my journey of self-healing and was able to heal my PTSD, anxiety and Multiple Sclerosis.. Oh yeah, I had that too.

The darkest days of my life were also my best. How can it be both you say? Let me explain why!

It was 2014 and it was at this moment, it was the true turning point of me getting my life back into the BLACK. And you know what… I’m going to share with you right here, right now how I did it.

I discovered that there are FOUR PILLARS. I call them the:


The foundation to getting in the BLACK


Take full responsibility for where you are in life!

This was a hard pill for me to swallow in the beginning, but I soon realized it, there was such huge self-empowerment in this. If I take responsibility, there is an action I can take. If I am blaming old events, circumstances or other people, I am stuck in victim mode and there is no action I can take.

Yes Emma, but HOW?? I hear you asking me.

On a clean piece of paper that is folded straight down the middle: just write down on the left hand column all the ways you are stuck in your business or personal relationships. For example, my money habits are because of my Mother. Or, I was never taught self love. Now on the right hand side you write down how you can take full responsibility for these issues.

Are these issues on your left side of the chart a real reason or just an excuse? As soon as you realized this at a conscious and unconscious level, you will start seeing things in a very different light. You will start seeing the action you can take behind the issue, not the shame, blame and no action way.


This pillar is about the deep belief systems around my 4 bank accounts.

You remember the ones?


I soon found out that by studying the human brain and behaviors, we unconsciously prove our belief systems right day in day out. I know I was communicating to MYSELF, very negative belief systems ie. No one will pay to see me, I’m dumb and so forth.. You get my drift.

So again I hear you saying: Yes, Emma… But how?

With every negative belief ask yourself this question. Is that my belief, or is it someone else’s? Is it true? What if it wasn’t? What’s different now? What’s the new belief? Too easy?? it’s meant to be. You can use these 5 questions for any negative belief system you have.


This pillar was all about my relationship with money.

I am a huge researcher of energy, frequency and quantum physics and I soon discovered that money is just an energy exchange, it’s the meaning you put behind it. Let me explain this in a different way. I had to repair my relationship with money and imagine money was a person or a friend.

Would this Mr. Money want to hang out with me? Was I a good friend to Mr. Money? I very quickly went from being in the RED to the BLACK. In fact, I paid back an $80,000 debt and was able to start saving. Wild right?? But it’s REAL!!

I know I know, you are asking me how again. It’s all good. Here it is.

It is so simplistic you will face palm yourself that you didn’t do this earlier ( I did).

A very wise woman called Shani Faye Chambers taught me this.

Imagine Money is a person. Ask yourself these questions…

  • Is money Male or female?
  • What do they look like?
  • What are they wearing?
  • How are they feeling?
  • Do they feel ignored or used? What have You done to make this Money Person feel this way?
  • What is this Money Person trying to do for you?
  • What do you need to do to allow money to come in more freely? What do you need to action?

If there are more questions that are coming up, go for it.


Now we’ve spoken about getting in the BLACK but this pillar is how to get you there!

Whether you believe in past lives or not, your soul has a memory.

It is scientifically proven that we hold 9 generations of memory (good and bad) in our DNA. I had to clear past patterns and traumas from my heritage from my DNA.

This is a beautiful spiritual cleansing and I suggest you light a wide candle and play some very high vibrational beautiful music and write down…

What in your past lives, in your generational DNA, could be stopping you?

Is it famine, war, illness etc.?

When you have finished writing this, ask for celestial help to release this from you so you can move forward with flow and ease

Burn that peace of paper.

Now in a meditative state write down all the talents, knowledge and magic that you can install and evoke instead.

So you amazing soul reading this…Remember to have a beautiful day and that the BLACK is only 4 steps away. Are you ready to achieve it??

Love and blessings,

Emma Romano

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