The Power of Breath

It is through our breath that we connect with nature. Our intention is manifested through our breath.

There is a natural mystic flow all around us and if you listen carefully you will hear it or feel it or whatever senses that you have that are heightened.  It’s difficult to describe it in words, as words do not do it justice. We are swimming in this flow, yet many of us are not aware of it. There are many names that are used all over the world like life force, bio-electricity, vibes, chi, love, prana, ki, cosmic energy, mystic flow, great spirit, etc. It is that which gives life. In the movie Star Wars, it is described as the Force which is the duality of light and dark, but that is another topic.

Using Biblical reference, it is that which God breathed into the dust to produce Adam. A strong life force makes you vibrant, alert and present while a weak force results in sluggishness and fatigue. We are aware of this energy which is all around us but we are unconscious of it most of the time. We are breathing it in all the time. Are you breathing consciously or unconsciously? The obvious answer is both. We let our system handle the breathing on auto-pilot, but every so often we take control of it and breathe consciously. It is through our breath that we can alter our physiological and emotional state. When you’re stressed or feeling anxious and you want to calm your nerves, what do you do? You Breathe! And that is our secret weapon. That is the secret to changing your life with your breath. What if I told you that each breath that you take is sacred? Each breath that you take is essential to life.

Our intention is manifested through our breath

That is why when we are focused on something with great intent our breathing is slower and more controlled. Now imagine holding that state of heightened awareness, but with everything around you.

You will realize that you are connected to every living thing around you. It’s like an invisible thread that connects you to your surroundings. It is through our thoughts that we are able to influence not just our bodies but our surrounding environment. We are all walking magicians but the majority of us don’t even realize it.

We are always creating, but are we creating consciously or unconsciously? If you recall, I asked the same question about breathing earlier… are you starting to see the connection? We are all creators and all things are created twice. We create with our thoughts before they start to manifest in the physical plane.

We have many subtle layers of energy all around us that create an energetic field around us. It is called an Auric field or an Aura which is all around us that enables energy to circulate through living systems. The aura is made up of several layers of subtle energy; there are seven in total. Each layer acts as a filter for life energy. They exist on the finer gross levels and it is through mindful exercises like Qigong, Yoga and Meditation that you can sharpen your awareness from within. These are senses that we are not trained to use, so we have to start slowly. Like growing a muscle it takes time and patience. So what happens when you increase this awareness?

As you tap into the extrasensory you will start to feel the “oneness” in everything.

You will start to feel more compassion towards everybody because you will see yourself in everyone. You will start to think more outside the box and eventually you will start to ask the questions… questions that may empower you… you will start to take control of your reality. You will start to realize that you’re in a dream world that is called the matrix or in Buddhism its called Maya.

Keep in mind we always have these senses but we don’t utilize these gifts which we all have. It’s not a unique ability which only the few are born with. You can do it. It takes time and a dedicated practice.

We don’t have patience. We live in a world that is fast paced and rewarded by instant gratification. We live in a world that supports dependency. We are constantly stimulated with technology, entertainment, drugs, jobs, food and mild pleasures to pass the time. We are so overwhelmed that we don’t take time for ourselves to just BREATHE.

That’s why there is depression, because we have forgotten… we live in a culture of forgetfulness. There is an imbalance and it’s important that we all become aware and honor the sacred feminine energy or mother nature. That is why we must go inward to honor and appreciate who we truly are. We are all truly beautiful. It’s time that we start to remember and it starts with intention and one breath at a time.

Written By: Hafeez Sumani

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