The Story of The Blusher

The Story of The Blusher

Nikola Ease

Slow down and imagine you’re in the woods.

You walk barefoot, and you feel each and every little leaf, every stone and every needle as they touch your feet and connect you to the ground.

You can see the trees around you standing there so calmly and proud. They evoke in you a feeling of peace, respect and old wisdom. Trees that have been standing here for several decades or hundreds of years.

You walk around them, sometimes you touch their trunk, you feel welcomed, calm, grateful.

You look around, and you see a small pink cap not far from you. Meet her – the Blusher (Amanita rubescens). Her pink cap, studded with beautifully creamy and dark pink buttons on her hat, is unmissable in the dark forest.

You know you don’t have to wonder long, and her cute pinkness will absolutely enchant you. You know, unlike other significant amanitas, this is your friend.

You carefully put her in your basket.

Her hat, which is her most distinctive part, is also the most delicious part to eat. Due to her nutritional composition and delicious taste, this part of her is a very popular meat substitute.

The Blusher also contains many beneficial substances that will help speed up your metabolism and caress your intestines and stomach. It is full of protein that will help with building strong muscles and losing weight. It is thus an ideal partner for vegetarians who are still looking for inspiration on how to add non-animal protein to their plate.

You also know that she will have beneficial effects on your calm soul. She can calm you down beautifully. Whether it’s the substances contained in her or simply the fact that she is a gift from Mother Nature, you are taking her home and looking forward to the end of your forest expedition with a mushroom feast.

Meanwhile, you are enjoying your time in the woods.

You absorb the peace and power of the Earth and the trees. You feel your feet connect to the ground, and you ground yourself. Your feet are connected by invisible strings of energy to the Earth.

You can let go of everything unnecessary. Receive only the pure loving power that the Earth provides you. From the other end, you feel the rays of the sun falling on your head.

You feel the heat and the healing current flowing through the upper half of your body. Both energies – earth and sun – come together in your heart. The two poles connect.

You are here and now. Whole, grateful, charged, infinite with the sun’s energetic rays and the anticipation of the feast of the Blusher



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