Taking a whole body approach to healing is what really works using powerful therapeutic methods​

Included When You Join the Community

Recorded Program by Lincoln Stoller

Consciousness doesn’t start with awareness, it starts with frequencies. Before there can be light, there must be rhythm. Brain Frequencies centers on simple, basic themes that will engage your perception. You will find it unusual.

Recorded Program by Kelly Fisher

Masterclass: Learn about reprogramming your triggers from Anxiety with Meditation and Breathwork. Understand the breakdown process of Thoughts, feelings, and emotions to clear stress and anxiety triggers.

Recorded Program by Danielle Proulx

Pourquoi aimons-nous tant notre chien et qu’est-ce qui le rend si spécial? Les chiens peuvent-ils vraiment nous comprendre? Ont-ils des émotions? Comment le lien canin-humain peut-il aider à améliorer notre santé mentale, physique et notre bien-être?


Recorded Program by Nancy Forrester

EFT is one of the most powerful tools we have available today to address emotional stress and its associated symptoms in the areas of health, wealth, relationships and work. Learn about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping) in a safe and trauma-free framework with EFT Master Trainer of Trainers, Nancy Forrester and co-host Jen Cincurak.

Recorded Program by John Tozeland

Join me on a journey of discovery and personal growth. Learn how to connect with the power of the Unconscious Mind to assist yourself and others to create the world you desire. Discover the Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind, and the reasons for our negative emotions.

Recorded Program by Danielle Proulx

Why do we love our dogs so much and what makes them so special? Can dogs really understand us? Do they have emotions? How can the canine-human bond help improve our mental, physical health & Wellbeing?

Recorded Program by Lorena Jara

Connecting Your Waking and Sleeping Lives. In this course you’ll be learn to build a bridge between your waking and sleeping minds! You’ll learn tips and techniques to start remembering your dreams, you’ll also learn about the history of dreaming in different cultures, the sleep cycle and sleep stages, the power of intention, how to dream journal plus an amazing visualization exercise!

Recorded Program by Karen Kan

How To Do Divine Muscle Testing™. In this 90 minute Masterclass, you’ll learn the 4 Steps of Divine Muscle Testing. Connect. Check. Clear. Collect.

Recorded Program by Kelly Fisher

What if you had a system that could completely change the outcome of your day and just 12 minutes? What if you had a system that you could tap into higher levels of knowledge every morning? Simply by just out stretching your ego by 2 to 3% every morning you will attract during the day things that will astonish and amaze you.

Recorded Program by Ayse Hogan

Many people suffer with the inability to relax or have a good nights sleep. They experience discomfort in their body which creates that same inability to relax or sleep. In some cases, because our lives are so wired to everything around us, we have forgotten how to wind down and rest. I have included 3 ways for you to remind your body and mind how to do exactly that…wind down and relax

Recorded Program by Jules Hare

Your kids matter to you. You want to build deep, trusting relationships with your kids that will last through the good times AND the challenging times too. Take action now, this course gives you the tools to activate new connections in all the important relationships in your world. Transformational changes are within your reach, you’re just 3 simple steps away.

Recorded Program by Marybeth Haines

An empowering program brought to you by the animals themselves. Partnered with and channelled through Marybeth Haines with the intention to bring healing to humanity. Animals are here to help us in many ways. Learn their wisdom and unite in the vibration of oneness together. Animals are here to bless us as humans in many ways. In this Soul Healing program, I will be sharing with you special and channeled messages that animals have come forward to share with humanity.

Recorded Program by Jo Ann Gramlich

Did you know it’s important to play and interact with your child starting at birth? Talking and listening to your child is the most positive way to reinforce their developing communication skills. Interactive Activities to Enhance Your Child’s Language Development From Birth to Age Five

Recorded Program by Monique Verpoort

Tapping Through Distressing Emotions for a Happier You! Do you ever feel as though you are going through life on autopilot, not knowing if you are coming or going? Do you sometimes wonder whatever happened to that joyful, centered part of you that yearns to embrace life more fully? This course will provide you with a hands-on experience of how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques to tap through any distressing emotions that interfere with your sense of joy and well-being.

Recorded Program by Gurutej Kalsa

Welcome to Using Your Intuition to Heal. Come into this powerful journey: a series of 6 yoga/ meditation/dance classes that will awaken your intuition and give you power tools for life. It’s not just on your mat. It’s how this CAN serve you in your life. Come this way and see how you can bring this Yoga (to yoke and unite) into your life.



Take a journey into the deeper realms of consciousness and awareness.


Taking a whole body approach to healing is what really works using powerful therapeutic methods


Experience qi gong, yoga, rebounding, dance and many other techniques to soothe and heal your body.


From mandalas to sound healing, a joy for the mind and body


Various oils, herbs and potions can heal your body and tantalize your taste buds


Build valuable business and money mastery skills and confidence.


IAUSM Core Value

We hold self-mastery as the predominant focal point in which all courses, events, groups and conversations stem. We choose to engage honestly as a community, help people to evolve powerfully, and convey kindness in our interactions as a whole. We recognize and celebrate our differences, and utilize any discordant experiences as an opportunity to master the art of tolerance, and unconditional love, while preserving healthy personal boundaries.