IAUSM Values & Commitments

It is important to take a moment and click on each value below and read and understand clearly, what it means to you and to the community of IAUSM


The IAUSM community respects the wealth of experience, wisdom, and knowledge that our mentors, experts & facilitators have brought forth in offering empowering quests, tribes, events and content to our students. Their time, videos, audios, and written work are regarded as valuable pieces of the IAUSM puzzle, and recognized as tools for learning by the student body. In turn, students are respected for their willingness to learn, grow and apply teachings that will result in positive lifestyle and/or business transformations. Finally, IAUSM respects the confidentiality of our student body and requests that all sensitive and personal information shared between students and instructors be kept private. 


We hold self-mastery as the predominant focal point in which all quests, events, tribes and conversations stem. We choose to engage honestly as a community, help people to evolve powerfully, and convey kindness in our interactions as a whole. We recognize and celebrate our differences, and utilize any discordant experiences as an opportunity to master the art of tolerance, and unconditional love, while preserving healthy personal boundaries. 


We encourage growth and development of peers by supporting discussions in a constructive way. We also encourage empowerment, the ability to see each other as sovereign and powerful people, within ALL conversations. When we recognize another is at a sticking point, we offer our support and guidance WHEN we are equipped to do so. 


Above all else, we are all human, and our differences are what make us AUSM. In that light, we are proud of our differences, including; our cultures, our languages and our individual AUSMness. In accordance with this, we treat each other with equal respect across the board, so that all faculty and students are given an undifferentiated opportunity to thrive in this beautiful community. 

Open Mindedness

Perception and belief are very personal things. We are proponents for an open-minded approach, even in cases where we can agree to disagree. We understand that condemning an idea or thought, closes the doors to learning. Additionally, the diversity of knowledge presented on our platform will resonate with our students in accordance with their personal interests. We encourage students to expand their thinking and explore new thought-models that invigorate the mind, body or soul.


It is of paramount importance that every person inside the virtual walls of IAUSM are gracious to one another and commit to our core values.  A major part of being in IAUSM is to learn new strategies, tips, tools and clarity on how to honor ourselves and others.  We will have differences of opinions, thoughts and ideas and that is life, the focus will be to allow all that is different from our personal perceptions to open the door to new perceptions.

IAUSM Boundary

Creating a safe and sacred space for everyone inside IAUSM is paramount in our mission.  In that respect, the following or any variation of will not be accepted and will unfortunately cause immediate removal from the community, this is the only warning.  

  • Negative judgements, disempowering comments, name calling, foul language towards anyone in the community.
  • Students spamming and/or marketing of any goods or services and/or ads of any kind.
  • Posting or messaging porn or nudity to anyone in the community.
  • IAUSM is not a dating app, so no creeping, harassing or sending messages to anyone in the community for the purpose of  such connections. 
  • Political, Highly Controversial and Conspiracy Propaganda

Should you be approached by anyone that creates a feeling of unsafety or is against our mission, please feel free to private message IAUSM HQ inside the community.  Include their profile name,  an image or video of the message and date the message was sent.  Thank you for your co-commitment to create an empowering unity inside IAUSM.

By completing the form below and requesting access, you agree to all of our core values and boundaries. You have chosen to abide by them inside our virtual walls and are in full understanding of them.