Welcome and Next Steps

Join the Welcome Tutorial & Information Group

Join this Campus Public Group.  Once in you will notice that the group has its own Navigation Bar…click on Course.  A Tutorial Course will open up that will show you how to navigate inside IAUSM and everything you need to know about your personal settings etc.

Complete Your Profile

Share your AUSMNESS with us and complete your profile.  Who you are matters to us.  IAUSM is a community that is here to support you on your journey.  WE WANT TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Whenever you end up in IAUSM, you will always land in your profile first…think of this as your IAUSM Home and start decorating your space.

Need Help? There are 2 places you can go on the top Navigation Bar inside IAUSM.  Either Click on Need Help or into our Messenger on the top right and send a message to IAUSM HQ.

Take Part In The Community

  1. Make Posts in the Campus Feed
  2. In The IAUSM Community you can connect and follow anyone and everyone
  3. Take Courses
  4. Come to Events
  5. Ask Questions 

Part of Mastery is TAKING ACTION, you made your first step by joining this community.  

Every step you take, IAUSM is with you!  

The IAUSM Version of Friending is Following

Click on IAUSM Community on the side navigation bar and follow everyone if you like.  If you want to be seen, then follow, follow, follow.

Courses From the IAUSM Faculty

Visit our course area often, because every week new courses are being added.  You will find a combination of inclusive courses that are part of your enrollment and deeper dive courses if you want to delve deeper in certain areas.

Every member of our faculty provides an inclusive course for you.  As we grow, we bring you more and more guidance for every area of your life.  You will find both Live Courses that will be on specific dates on Zoom and Recorded Courses as well.


In the top right corner, you will find your mailbox and your notifications.  

Please explore, email IAUSM HQ with any feedback, suggestions, thoughts, ask for guidance.  

Part of IAUSM’s Core Values  are respect & empowerment, so all communications to anyone should be delivered with that awareness!

Join The Student Council

Inside IAUSM, everyone has a voice and we want to hear you.  Want to be active in IAUSM, then contact Alessia Minuto or Peggy Jo Wilhelm.  They will be more than happy to hear from you!

Join Groups

There are so many groups that are led by our teachers and are available to you as part of your enrolment.  

Interact with the faculty and take your journeys to a new level.