Welcome Students & Faculty

We on the council of IAUSM are thrilled that you are here. We have a few ways for you to become more involved in this supportive, interactive social learning community

First of all, make sure that you fill out your profile…let the other students get to know you. This is not just any social community, we want to support you in your journey to Self Mastery and for you to make real connections that are like-minded. You are not alone on an island here so take a moment and fill it out…and a smiling pic and a beautiful cover photo and fill in your About Me Portion

Just a little something to Welcome You to IAUSM

Secondly, go into the Campus Community and connect with everyone, especially me so that I can keep you updated on everything that is going on. Here are the people you want to connect with for sure Ayse Hogan, Lisa Berry, Selena Ella Moon, Tomas Garza, Dylan Hunter Olson, Stephanie Carvalho, Hafeez Sumani and GP Walsh.

Next, on the navigation bar you will see there is an Appreciation Program…join in. Remember to grab your link and to click Account and add in your PayPal account. If your country does not accept Paypal…no worries…put in your email address and contact me directly.

Every time one of your friends, family or following join using your link. You will earn monthly, or annual residual income as our way to show our appreciation. For monthly enrollees, you will receive 50 cents per person per month that they remain students and for annual enrollees, you will receive 4.50 per year.

IAUSM doesn’t just support your Self Mastery but we have chosen to take part in sustaining you as well because here it is WIN WIN WIN for everyone involved.

Welcome and take full advantage of everything we have to offer

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