IAUSM – A Modern Day Hogwarts

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IAUSM’s Innovative Platform is a Modern Day Hogwarts
Multi-Faceted Self-Mastery Available on an All-Inclusive Platform

By Dylan Hunter Olson

The International Academy of Universal Self-Mastery (IAUSM), an online learning and social platform, is changing the fabric of online learning and social media with its conscious and tactful approach to a world that is rapidly moving away from individualistic gain, to collective awareness and conscious expansion.

As the energy in the world heightens, much of the folly in our ways are being brought into the light where they can be rectified by collective awareness and massive change. IAUSM presents an avenue where individuals will grow as a collective and bring about a new era of humanship that will be available to everyone across the globe, and a readily available means for self-mastery and transformation that has never been seen before.

With over 130 founding faculty members and counting, as well as a “no marketing or advertising” creed that sets itself apart from other social media and online learning platforms, IAUSM connects students from all over the world with teachers who are ready to share their knowledge on all subjects of self-mastery. From money mastery, Reiki certification, crystal healing and guided meditations, to radical spiritual transformation, life coaching and business monetization, IAUSM is setting the tone for an era where there are no excuses for not being your very best.

The International Academy of Universal Self-Mastery (IAUSM) is developing a platform that will change the game for entrepreneurial teachers all over the world. Through creating an intuitive user interface that is geared toward fostering a safe, confident, and communicative learning environment, IAUSM will provide entrepreneurs who wish to share their knowledge and skills with others the ability to do so without spending two-thirds of their time on marketing and advertising.

“IAUSM is where we are going to help people step out of their pain,” says Ayse Hogan, Caretaker and Founder of IAUSM, “However, it isn’t free because it requires commitment. If it doesn’t have value, then people won’t commit to doing it.” Ayse’s passion for teaching and healing is inspirational, to say the very least, and it shines through in the self-evident truths that radiate forth from the academy and how impressively it has come into fruition in such a short amount of time.

In three months, IAUSM has accrued over 130 founding faculty members, been gifted a powerful web designer and marketers, and has assembled a Council of 8 leaders that are as profoundly committed and exuberantly passionate about their visions for the academy as Ayse is, as well as every one of the faculty members involved, whose numbers only continue to grow.

IAUSM’s purpose is none other than that of providing teachers with a stage where they can teach what they are passionate about, and where students can heal and blossom into their best versions of themselves on a website that is built with their well-being as the centerpiece. If IAUSM is the answer, then what is the question? The question is most agreeably one asked by Ayse Hogan herself, “If I told you that I could help you step out of your darkness, would you want to hear my message?”

You may be asking yourself, “How can all of this knowledge from so many qualified and brilliant teachers be so readily available? It must be expensive.”

IAUSM approaches the development and execution of their online staging like that of other subscription-based applications with a monthly subscription of only $9.99. In doing this, it is made apparent that all students who subscribe are guaranteed an unfiltered and personal learning experience where their growth is the primary focus.

Not only will they have access to paid courses from hundreds of teachers, but they will also have access to a plethora of student-inclusive content made available by each faculty member at IAUSM. They will also be provided with exclusive groups between the students and teachers for each course, allowing for a deep sense of connection and learning that closely resembles that of Hogwarts, the school in Harry Potter: where students and teachers come together to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the magic that lies within themselves.

The International Academy of Universal Self-Mastery is setting the tone for an era of healing that is not solely reserved for those with the highest status and deepest pockets. With a user interface that is as attractive as it is functional, and a faculty that is as dedicated to healing as their students are, IAUSM is a platform that is using the very means which have been capitalized on to distract us from ourselves to connect us more deeply with ourselves and grow beyond our pain. At a low cost to students and with more tools to enable teachers to share their knowledge with more passion, IAUSM is the first academy of its kind that will provide the world with healing that is as much affordable as it is attainable.

In case you missed this amazing article in our first Issue of the Courtyard Magazine, our very own Dylan H. Olson eloquently describes how IAUSM is an Innovative Learning Platform unlike any other.

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