What are your Road Blocks to your Success?

What are your Road Blocks to your Success?

Olivia Whiteman

No matter what goals you set, at some point you make come across roadblocks. Perhaps you are experiencing one now.

Your journal prompt should you wish to take it on is, “What are your roadblocks to your success?”

You may be wondering, how can journaling help you? The answer is in several ways.

1) Roadblocks often do not just happen without any foreshadowing. By committing to a journal practice that includes your goals, your wins and setbacks, you become more focused on what is happening. The sooner you know the obstacles you may come across, the sooner you can strategize how to deal with them.

2) Unfortunately, family members, spouses, and friends may be the source of your roadblocks, so by paying attention to comments, actions, or lack of actions, you may notice patterns that hold you back in the past, re-emerging. Just remember your past does not define you. Your inability to say, “no,” an hour ago, doesn’t mean you haven’t learned to communicate what you want and need at this moment.

3) Things you fear or give you discomfort at times are hidden from your view, but if you write down your goal for the week which maybe, for example, to make phone calls, yet you don’t, then the next question to answer is, what happened to stop you?

Achieving success is awesome. I want you to have that feeling and this is why I so highly recommend a journaling practice, as it will help you achieve the outcome you deserve.

Happy Journaling.



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